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Increase Alexa Rank (Alexa Site Ranking), How To Increase The Ranking Of Our Site In Alexa?

Many people ask us: How can I improve my Alexa rank? We know how important this metric is to you and your business.

 As a general benchmark, advertisers, investors, and potential partners look for Alexa rankings and use them as a way to evaluate the value of your business.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a product from Amazon that maintains the ranking of websites due to their performance. In the case of a website, the number of daily visitors and page views determines the Alexa rank of the websites.

More traffic = increase in Alexa rankings

The most important part of Alexa rankings is giving more value to the search traffic that passes through a website. This means that, when visitors install the Alexa Toolbar in their browser and visit your site, your website ranks higher.

Important points for “increasing Alexa rank” of a site:

1. Write quality content

As you know, content is the main part of any website. If you use non-duplicate content for every website as well as submissions, your Alexa rank will definitely improve.

Unique Content = Improved Search Engine Rankings = Increased Alexa Rank


In fact, the search engine loves the unique content of each website and their submissions as well. If your content is unique, search engine rankings will improve, and if your search engine rankings improve, Alexa will improve. (Content is king)

To improve your site rank in Alexa, you need to work on targeted and relevant keywords


2. Install the Alexa toolbar

This is the best way to increase Alexa rank because all of your website visits are reflected in your rankings. This app includes a pop-up blocker, a search engine login box, a link to, and current Alexa ranking information.

3. Work with relevant keywords that drive traffic to your site

To improve your site ranking in Alexa, you need to work with targeted, relevant, and traffic-generating keywords. It is recommended that you search for keywords before promoting your website.

To develop rich quality content, you need to target keywords. Many free tools (such as Google Ads) are available online to find relevant keywords.

You can even try the Alexa Keyword Difficulty Tool.

4. Post content 

The most useful and important part is sending quality content so that you can use more and more traffic search engines that will help you improve your Alexa ranking.

Good backlinks mean = Dofollow links.

Increase Dofollow link = Increase PR

Increase PR = Website is sufficiently capable of sponsoring, affiliate marketing, and so on.

Use ALT tags in images and links to increase Alexa rank


5. Social networks:

In fact, social media brings the number of visitors to your websites, and as the number of visitors increases, Alexa rank will definitely improve. There are a variety of social networking websites that can help you gain traffic.

6. Work on quality links:

To increase Alexa rank, it is recommended by experts to produce more quality backlinks. Quality backlinks help the search engine to clearly define the strength and quality of your site. As a result, it increases the Alexa rank of your site.

7. Analyze your site for effective errors:

To increase Alexa ranking, you need to make sure that your site is working properly, that all available web pages are available, and that your site does not generate an error that could impede your SEO efforts. Major search engines like Google look for site errors very deeply and if you see any errors on the web page, your site can not be placed in search results.

There is an advanced audit tool at for website analytics.

Try it once and find serious errors and other technical issues that you can correct to improve your Alexa rank.

Ways to Increase Alexa Rank


8. Increase search traffic on your website:

Website traffic is improving due to more and more search engine traffic. If your website is indexed on the first page of search engines, you will get more traffic which will increase your Alexa ranking.

SEO Tips:
  • Use the right keywords (use keywords in each of your webpage titles, descriptions, domain names)
  •  Use ALT tags in images and links.
  •  And Use appropriate Anchor tags.
  •  Also, Use strategic keywords in the meta title.
  • Do proper on-site and off-site optimization.
  • Good backlinks that can rank your site in the top search engines.
  •  With the help of Google Ad words or Microsoft Ad Center get paid traffic.


9. The most important points in the end:

I make this point based on my experience. I recommend that if you have multiple browsers, set your website as a default website in all of them, and install the Alexa widget or Toolbar in all your browsers. Share your content on social media as much as you can and watch the Alexa rankings change week by week.



Alexa is one of the largest and most reputable websites in which the ranking of any website can play an important role in its success.

In this article, we will discuss ways to increase the ranking of the website in Alexa.

1- Write new articles and materials that have a large audience. You should try to have content on your website that benefits all sections of the community.

This will not only improve your site traffic but also improve your website ranking in Alexa and search engines. And this is the most honest and effective thing that can improve your ranking in any website ranking system.

2- Put the favorite pages and posts of webmasters and blogs on your website. This audience uses your Alexa ranking tool more than anyone else in your browser.

As you know this tool is known as Alexa Toolbar.

It plays an important role in ranking sites. And the more people who have this tool installed on their browser and visit your site, the better your site will rank in Alexa.


3. Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser. As we said, Alexa Toolbar is one of the most effective ways to improve the ranking of any website in Alexa. For this purpose, you must download this tool from the Alexa website.

This tool is very small, so be sure to download it from the official Alexa site. Because copies may have security issues.

At first, this tool was one of the most important factors in ranking a site in Alexa, but now its algorithm is more advanced, and more factors are involved in this ranking.