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Images That Show The Strange And Sometimes Accurate Predictions Of Our Predecessors From Our World Today!

Images That Show The Strange And Sometimes Accurate Predictions Of Our Predecessors From Our World Today!

Anticipation and foresight is a high-level skill. On the one hand, you have to have access to a lot of raw information from decades ago and now, on the other hand, you have the intelligence and foresight to analyze and observe trends, to be able to see what the potential sources are and the intensity of needs, tastes and obstacles.

Guess and considering all this, for example, guess what the face of the world will look like 100 years from now.

If you do not have one of these skills and information categories and your imagination does not work well, you can not make good guesses about the future.

In this post, we will review the images that show what the latter thought of our current world. Some of these images, with a little negligence, have a great prediction of the present world.

The year 1400 has arrived and a numerical change from 1399 to 1400 is dramatic in appearance. 

But what is your guess in Iran 1500 that we will not see well?

Do you think there is any hope for a technological Iran ?! Take a look at the interesting photo below, which was obtained from the digitized archive of the German news agency and has been colored and modified:

Market (photos are digital and color). Date of photo: 1910 AD.

We had this look 110 years ago. What will be our appearance and interior a hundred years from now?

A futuristic image drawn in the 1930s that predicted video calling.

An artist’s idea of ​​a navigation system drawn in the 1950s. Very interesting and somewhat accurate!

This one, however, has no definition, and the artist thought that this is how we move on the rivers with a balloon!

An artist in the 1940s expects how food will be distributed in the coming decades:

Predicting self-driving cars in the 1960s

Predicting 2022 in 1962 – Interestingly, this image seemed silly to us before the Corona epidemic. But now we think that it may have been correctly predicted!

TV Newspaper – Once upon a time, people dreamed of being able to watch the front pages of newspapers on TV every morning.

It is interesting that before the advent of the Internet in Iran, my personal dream was once such a thing! But now not only the front pages but also the detailed archives of the newspapers can be seen. Now either free or paid:

A picture taken in the 1970s showing what awaits Jetliner Airlines tomorrow.

But such a thing was never possible, and incidentally, in terms of comfort and space for passengers to save airlines, was greatly reduced, and in fact many knew the golden age of air travel at the time and not now!

When it comes to the “golden age of air travel”, the memory of the Boeing 747, the Pan American World Airways and the terminals with modern architecture of the mid-20th century and the passengers who wore their best clothes comes to mind. There is also talk that food and beverages at that time were not comparable to the present.

Predicting the future of Teflon in 1956

Japanese Imagination of the Classroom Future in 1969: See a robot punishing a student in the air!

This is how James Bond received a text message in the movie Spy Who Loved Me!

Augmented reality in 1989

There were many beautiful sci-fi images, and most of them imagined the routine of space travel in the near future and more easily.

An old NASA image of human life in space. Interestingly, we saw a similar picture in Nolan’s Interstellar movie:

Future road trips:

2000 Olympics – This imagination did not come true

Russian Imagination of the Soviet Union in the 1930s:

The 1940s and the Imagination of Shopping in the Future – Online shopping and Instagram are becoming more routine these days.

1970s and the future of the Netherlands:

Cities of the Future – as imagined in 1908, and of course this image is similar to the movie Metropolis:

Smartwatch in 1984:

1962 – It’s interesting that a company really wanted to sell this space suit to NASA!

1969 – Manhattan nuclear weapons shelter