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Images That Are A Combination Of Photography And Architecture

Images That Are A Combination Of Photography And Architecture

The “Photography Of Building” Competition Is Closely Linked To The Theme Of Mixed Arts, And Every Year Many Images With The Aim Of Combining Architectural Art And Photography Participate In This Competition.

Art has different shapes and sizes, including visual, auditory, experimental, digital, physical, written, etc. Interestingly, this list is not limited to written things and can be as broad as human imagination and ambition.

Parts of art can also appear inside other art. A kind of hybrid art that adds a whole new dimension to our way of life. For example, consider the art of architecture and the art of photography; both are considered a form of art and can coexist in a single environment and create an incredibly unique experience.

Mixed arts occur when different art forms interact and create new and exciting results by appealing to other art disciplines. Mixed arts go beyond the boundaries of old-style art forms and icons and lead to the creation of unique and original works.

The “Building Photography” contest is closely linked to the theme of mixed arts. Photographers worldwide are encouraged by this competition to photograph fascinating buildings and structures with particular architectures.

CIOB has just held its 10th annual Art of Building photography competition.

The competition is organized annually as an international showcase for the best digital photography of the environment by the Chartered Institute of Building ( CIOB), the world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management.

CIOB members work worldwide to develop, protect and improve the built environment. The topic of this competition is the art of building. In this competition, the creativity of this industry, the enthusiasm of the people who work in it, and the impact of their work on those who use the final construction of these structures are depicted.

Each person can participate in this contest with a maximum of three photos. All submissions must include a 50-word summary, 50 words describing why the participant feels their image fits the theme of building art. There is no entry fee, and it is entirely free to participate.

Participation in this competition is open to professional and amateur photographers from all over the world aged 18 and above. Two types of prizes have been considered for this competition, one of which is awarded by the jury and the other by public choice, and the amount of both tips is 1500 pounds.

(Click on the images to view them in full size)

“Fish” by Pedro Luis Ajuriagora Saiz, winner of the Jury Prize

This photo was taken in Valencia Park, which is a 10-hectare zoo. The park is owned by the Valencia City Council and is designed and managed by Rainforest. This zoo and extensive collection is the place of many African animals.

Pedro Luis Ajuriagora Saiz  (the photographer of this photo) made a lot of effort to record this image; Because he had to consider many factors in planning his picture. According to Soyez, conditions greatly influence photography; For example, this photo had to be taken at night, and finding a clear, rain-free night with little wind that could clearly show the water’s reflection was not easy.

He also noted that the inspiration behind this photo is the same as any other photo he takes of an architectural structure. He added, “Inspiration lies within us and what we expect from that place.” Pedro explained that winning this award in the Art of Building competition feels excellent for several reasons. He stated that the acceptance of his work by experts in the judging department brought him more and greater satisfaction.

Pedro Luis Ajuriagora Saiz continues to work on similar architecture-based projects.

He is now doing a similar project that won him the Jury Prize. Pedro Luis says: “I am currently working on a project called bionics, in which I intend to see symmetrical repetitions of the architectural characters of hidden creatures, Something similar to the image that won me the grand prize, but with more creativity.”

In response to the question that he has another favorite option among the winning images, he replied: “My favorite option was the image that I took myself. This creativity acquired an architectural concept, so the photo I captured was my favorite idea.” He further added that when he received the critics’ award for this picture, the architect of the Fish Building (Santiago Calatrava) congratulated him; it was a pleasure to have the great satisfaction of the architect of this building with his work.

“Metro Station” by Alexander Burmutin, winner of the Public Choice Award

According to Saul Townsend, head of content and communications for the contest, this year, they had more than 3,500 photo submissions from over 100 countries worldwide. He announced that about 40,000 participants participated in this competition this year. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all,” says Townsend, “something comes along and surprises you.”

“Murala Roya” by Agnes Sanvito

This image is of a postmodern apartment complex in Calpe, Spain, designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bufil in 1968.

“Axonometry” by Gerzgorz Tatar

“Sea and Humans” by David Martin Homani Badoya

Most of the images of the participants in this competition (with a few exceptions) were urban and modern in style, and this causes people to ask why there is no news of what we have been through. “What we don’t often see are more humble buildings, like the homes we’ve lived in most of our lives,” Townsend explained.

Unfortunately, none of this year’s winners photographed the humble, vernacular architecture Mr. Townsend was talking about. Except for a few modest structures surrounded by nature, most of the winning entries were magnificent facilities in a setting. They are urban. Despite this, this unique and beautiful match can shake many viewers’ emotions—the Sky” by Debdata Chakraborty.

“Bazil’s Refuge and Resort” by Adam Regan

“The Bank” by Jonathan Walland

“Eiffel Bridge” by Jose Pesua Neto

“Colorful Mixture” by Volker Sander

“Busy Work” by Volker Sander

“Trust” by Pegwa Olya

According to Saul Townsend, there is speculation about which buildings might win next year’s photography award. He predicted that in the coming years, there will be a lot of pictures of buildings with animal themes, and of course, this is an exciting thing; Because one subject can be seen from many cameras with different creativity. He added that contest entrants look to previous years’ winners to capture similar photos over the years. For example, one year, an image of a staircase that appeared to be the eye of a building won, and many pictures of spiral staircases were submitted to the contest.

Which image did you enjoy the most, and which was your favorite?