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How To Wirelessly Transfer Files From Windows To Android

How To Wirelessly Transfer Files From Windows To Android

File Transfer Between Smart Devices Is A Common Task, And There Are Many Ways To Do It. In This Article, We Will Teach You How To Wirelessly Transfer Files From Windows To Android.

Transfer Files, There are many different ways to transfer files between two smart devices, But the simplest method is always the one that can be done with what you have. If your Windows PC and Android device have Bluetooth, you can use it for wireless file transfer without hassle.

File transfer with Bluetooth

To transfer a file via Bluetooth, you must first pair your computer and mobile phone. Once the devices are paired once, there is no need to do this again.

Enter the Windows settings, go to  Devices, and then  Bluetooth & Other Devices. Before doing this, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and the computer is detectable.

Then go to Settings on your Android phone. Sign in to Connected Devices or go to  Bluetooth and tap Pair New Device.

From the list, find the computer name and touch it to pair the phone with Windows.

On the screen of both devices, you will see a notification asking you to specify that the code displayed on both devices is the same. If the code is the same on both devices, confirm the message to complete the pairing process.

Once the two devices are paired, you can start transferring the file via Bluetooth. The process of sending a file with Bluetooth is time-consuming and time-consuming, But one of the best ways to send files wirelessly between two devices is not to install additional external programs.

Return to the Windows computer and re-enter the Bluetooth & Other Devices settings menu. From the Related Settings sidebar, select  Send or Recieve Files via Bluetooth.

A new window will open in which you must select the  Send Files button.

In the next step, you will see a list of Bluetooth devices connected to your computer. Select your Android device from this list and click  Next.

To select the file you want to send, select the Browse option on the next page.

After selecting the file,  click Next to start transferring it.

This will make a pop-up message appear on the screen of your Android phone. You must confirm the file to continue; Then tap  Accept.

After this process, the file transfer starts, and after a while, the file will be visible on the Android device.

File transfer using cloud storage

If you do not like sending files via Bluetooth or one of your devices does not have Bluetooth, there are other ways to share files between Windows and Android. One of the most popular ways to transfer files is to use the cloud storage service, which allows you to upload files to a Windows computer and download them to an Android device.

Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are popular cloud storage services that seem to do just that. Both of these services work similarly, but in this tutorial, we will show you how to work with Vandrive.

First, download the OneDrive app for your Android device from Play Store. Make sure you log in to the OneDrive program using a Microsoft Windows computer account.

Log in to the OneDrive website using a custom browser such as Google Chrome or Edge.

Click the Upload drop-down menu and select  Files.

This will open the file manager, and you can select the files to send through it.

Now log in to the OneDrive app from your Android device and select the files you have just uploaded.

Click Save to download the files to your Android device.

If this is your first time using Vandrive, you will be asked to allow the app to access your photos and media. Click Allow to continue.

By default, OneDrive saves files in the Download folder on your Android phone or tablet. Click Save to save the files in this folder and left-click on the left arrow to return.

After this, the files will be saved in the selected folder after being downloaded.