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How To Submit A Location Via Google Map

With The Google Map Location Sharing Feature, You Can Easily Share Your Location With Friends And Acquaintances. In These Two Ways: Share Capital Position In Google Maps To Teach Them .

Submit A Location, One of the features of the application  Google Maps is the ability to share investment in location or locations. With this feature, you can give your exact position to inform friends and acquaintances.

 Google Maps in two different ways you can share your location. The first location is fixed, and the second method lets you specify the location of Live subscription time-sharing users give.

Send a fixed location.

  • Launch the Google Maps application.
  • Hold your finger on the place you want to share. This will create a red pin on the desired location.
  • From the bottom of the app, select the share option.



  • You can send the desired location to your friends through messenger programs or email on the opened page.



You can easily send your exact location to others.


Send location to Google Map live.

  • Open Google Maps.
  •  Open the hamburger menu (three lines in a row) from the top left.
  • Select Location sharing.

  • On the page that opens, select Share location.
  • If access to a location is turned off on your phone, it will ask you for permission. After displaying the message access to your contacts, select the Allow option.
  • Now select the time period when you decide to share your location. If you want to do this for a longer period of time, select the Until you turn this off option.



  • Now select the contact with whom you want your location to be shared. If the contact is not on your list, you can send the link through one of the messaging apps.
  • Tap Share to start sharing.
  • A message is displayed at the bottom of the screen indicating that your location has been shared with the contact you selected.
  • To stop sharing your location, all you have to do is select the menu at the bottom of the page and stop sharing the location.




What do you think about the ability to share locations on Google Maps, and have you ever used this method?