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How To Lock Whatsapp ?! The Best Whatsapp Lock Apps In 2021

Many Of The Messages Exchanged On Whatsapp That Contain Files, Photos, And Private Correspondence Are Important To All Of Us And We Do Not Want Them To Be Viewed By Anyone Else. 

Many apps are designed to lock WhatsApp on Android phones. It goes without saying that Huawei, Samsung and even Xiaomi phones in the new versions of their operating system have a program for locking software inside, but sometimes you need to use an additional program for this purpose in your phone.

In this article, we will introduce you to several applications for WhatsApp lock on Android phones. Stay with us.

All around us, there are curious and gossipy people whose only purpose is to spread rumors. As WhatsApp has become a place to exchange our personal and professional conversations, it is the best place for profiteers who try to gossip and roam the lives of others.

Therefore, protecting your personal life and using the best WhatsApp software locks will be inevitable.

All of these apps have passwords, so make sure no one but you can access them.

In addition, if you do not feel like locking your apps at any time, we have to say that there are WhatsApp lock software that allows you to lock only chats and hide them from prying eyes.

We examined these programs from different dimensions such as security level, user interface, etc., and concluded that each of these applications in turn is very useful. We are sure that you will agree with us after trying these programs.

The best WhatsApp lock apps in 2020

The programs presented in this article are the only thing that will save your life from becoming a trend among rumor-mongers. With these programs, you can set a password for your chats or, if you wish, lock the entire application until it is reused.

CM Security – Master of Cleaner & Antivirus

This program is actually a full-fledged application that not only saves you from curious people but also protects your phone from hackers. It is a security lock for WhatsApp and an antivirus, memory cleaner, and even a battery booster.

Another feature of this program is that due to its WIFI security feature, it protects your phone from phishing attacks within WIFI networks, although these are not all features of this program.

Other features of this program, which include intruder selfies, anti-theft alert, message security, etc., make CM Security the best software lock currently.

Lockdown Pro-AppLock & Vault

Our next choice after CM Security will be this program. One of the reasons that make Lockdown Pro a WhatsApp lock app is the cool feature of encrypting images and videos that you do not want others to see on your phone.

 In addition, this program has an interesting feature that whenever someone tries to access the locked items without your permission and against your will, he will encounter a fake error message.

It will also email you a message containing information and a picture of someone trying to sneak into your phone.

This feature helps you identify the thief before he damages your phone or person. Lockdown Pro has other features such as smart lock, backup, recovery, etc. that will be worth trying.

Messenger and Chat Lock (ChatLock +)

ChatLock + is the best WhatsApp chat lock app for Android and locks other apps like Facebook with a PIN. In addition, you can hide special photos and videos that you do not want others to see with this program.

 It also has an auto-lock feature for those who do not like to unlock their apps at any time, allowing you to customize when apps are locked. And that’s not all, this app takes selfies of curious people trying to sneak into your phone so you can easily identify them.

 The lightweight of this program, the simple user interface, and the attractive design of ChatLock + have made this program one of the most popular WhatsApp chat lock applications.

App Lock-Fingerprint

If your phone has a fingerprint sensor, this app is the best app you can find for WhatsApp lock on Android. In addition to using passwords and templates, App Lock allows you to use your fingerprint to secure your phone applications.

Every time someone picks up your phone and tries to log in to your WhatsApp, a photo will be emailed to you. The best part about this program is that no one can understand that you lock your WhatsApp have the locks of WhatsApp by showing a fake error message hides.

In addition, L App Lock prevents your phone screen from turning off when you work with it. We suggest that you try this fast, light, and multi-featured program.

Private App Lock

The next application that we will introduce in this section is the best WhatsApp lock application, namely Private App Lock. With this app, you can not only chat WhatsApp to locking but also other applications such as Facebook, WeChat, Line, Snapchat, Instagram, and other messaging can be locked.

As with other apps on this list, when you log in to a locked app, intruders receive a fake error message from the app, and as soon as they try to open it, they are photographed through a selfie camera.

 In fact, for those who are looking for a lightweight program with a user-friendly interface that takes up little memory, this program will be the most complete option.

App Lock

This program is included in the list of WhatsApp lock programs due to its interesting and beautiful themes. In addition, this program provides a high level of security for social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., so that no one can hack into your private chats.

You can also use this application to protect your gallery, messages, contact list, and incoming calls from unauthorized access.

DoMobile Lab’s App Lock

The popularity of this app among all its users is because App Lock from the DoMobile company has the ability to lock all Android apps. Another reason that made this app popular among its 450 million users is that it uses a separate storage area to lock videos and pictures inside the phone so that no one can guess that you have used the lock on your phone.

In addition, App Lock uses an invisible lock pattern so that no one can see the entered PIN.

Vault-Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

What makes this WhatsApp lock app unique for Android, which is one of the best options in this area, is that it searches for incoming calls through the Inquiry box. In addition, the app lets you place WhatsApp photos in a location that only you can access.

Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

The function of this program is the same as its name and proves that it is one of the ideal programs for WhatsApp lock. In addition to WhatsApp, it allows you to lock other applications. But what sets this app apart from other apps are the following:

Rotation Lock support: Prevents unwanted rotations in applications.

Screen Filter Support: Manages screen brightness in specific applications.

Remote startup: Using a command in SMS, this program will activate remotely.

Smart AppLock (App Protect)

This application is a smart application that due to low memory consumption and interesting features such as software market lock as well as incoming call lock, is the best WhatsApp lock application in the list of applications in this category.

In addition, like all WhatsApp Android lock apps, it has other features that include locking gallery photos, ، displaying alerts when unauthorized people have access to the phone, and using the fingerprint feature to unlock apps.

Norton App Lock

This app is one of the most popular WhatsApp lock apps because it provides an extra layer of security for when your phone is lost or stolen. In addition, برنامه This WhatsApp Lock app is accessible remotely and also allows you to lock any app with a 4-digit PIN code.

The above applications are among the best applications in the field of WhatsApp locks. These apps will definitely help you to protect your personal information from intruders, children, and anyone else who wants to access your phone without permission. After reading this article, choose one of the programs that best suit your needs.

We suggest starting with CM Security or App Lock-Fingerprint. Thank you very much for your support, dear ones.