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How To Encrypt The Chrome And Edge Browser In Windows 10

Our Web Browsers Probably Know Us Better Than Our Families. It Does Not Matter If We Are Trying To Find The Latest News, Trends, Technology, Or Solutions To Our Problems, The Browser Sees And Knows Everything. 

If you share your computer or laptop with someone, you will undoubtedly prefer them not to see your tabs and open websites. This tutorial will teach you how to encrypt the Chrome and Edge browsers in Windows 10, and we hope you find it useful.

Of course, password protection is not built into both browsers, but there is a free plugin to ensure no one has access to your open tabs.

Learn how to encrypt the Chrome and Edge browser in Windows 10

Install Chrome Plugin

1: First, open the Google Chrome Web Store and search for the Browser Lock plugin. You can also go directly to the plugin page via this link.

2: Click Add to Chrome.

3: When you get a message, select Add Extension.

4: Now, you can define your password.

Edge plugin installation

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Edge browser and click on this link.

Step 2: Click Get.

Then Step 3: Select the Add Extension option.

And Step 4: Now, you can define your password.

How to use the plugin to lock Edge or Chrome with a password

There are two ways to use this plugin after installing it.

The first method

  • Right-click on a web page and hover over Browser Lock I Lock Your Browser.
  • Select Lock Browser.

When you lock the browser, all your open tabs will close. Of course, do not worry. They are not completely closed, and you can open them all again by entering the password again.

The second method

  • You can also lock your browser by clicking on the plugin visible icon at the top right after the address bar.

Important Note: Do not worry if you do not see the Browser Lock icon in Chrome. This means the plugin is not the only pin. Click on the puzzle icon and look for Browser Lock and then select the pin next to it.

We suggest that you use this plugin so that no one has access to your personal affairs.