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Mouse Acceleration

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10

More You Can Not Control The Mouse Pointer Well On The Windows 10 Desktop, And The Mouse Does Not Seem To Follow Your Command, You Should Blame The Mouse Acceleration Feature.

Have you ever noticed that the speed of the mouse pointer is faster than the distance you move it, and it disobeys your commands on the screen? Mouse acceleration in Windows 10 can be a pointer to a pointer. Disabling this feature can increase the accuracy of the pointer and allow you to place the pointer exactly where you want it.

What is mouse acceleration?

The mouse accelerating feature increases the distance and speed of the pointer on the screen in response to the speed of the mouse. If the mouse acceleration is active and you move it 6 cm, the pointer can travel from one side of the screen to the other; But if you move the mouse the same but much slower, the pointer will only scroll half the screen.

This feature is set to enable by default to increase the accuracy of the pointer on Windows 10 devices. For many Windows users, especially gamers, enabling mouse acceleration has the opposite effect, confusing the user by reducing pointer accuracy if you have ever encountered this or accidentally sat behind a system whose mouse pointer was difficult to control.

Disable mouse acceleration

Type Mouse Settings in the Windows search bar and click on the result to turn the acceleration feature.


The mouse settings window will open. Find the Related Settings section at the bottom right of the window and click Additional Mouse Options below it.

Mouse Acceleration


The Mouse Properties window will open. Click the Pointer Options tab.

Mouse Acceleration

In the Motion group, by checking the option Enhance Pointer Precision, activate it. To apply the changes at the bottom of the window, click the Apply button and then OK.

Mouse Acceleration

The mouse accelerating feature is set to disable, and you can enjoy your mouse controllability.