How to Connect to the server remotely with these Applications?

The best mobile apps to connect to the server

Today, with the advancement of computer technology, not only has this technology become a big part of our human lives, but with its increasing growth, its size has also become smaller, and its efficiency and performance have expanded. One of the biggest examples of this is mobile phones, and with the increase in demand and use of them, many programs and games have been made for them, and over time, many tasks that can be done with home computers can be done. It could be done with a smartphone. This article will review the most used applications in connecting to the server through the phone.

Based on our busy schedule, we spend most of our time outside the house and cannot carry a laptop or home system with us!! For this purpose, by having programs on mobile, we can easily connect to our server or computer and do our work. Among the applications of this method, the following can be mentioned:

  • Available most of the time
  • Instant and fast connection
  • No location restrictions (if there is internet)

But this method will also have disadvantages, such as a lack of mastery for people who are new to this work.

Introducing the best Remote Desktop (RDP) programs

Chrome Remote desktop application

One of the widely used programs for Remote Desktop is this program, which, in addition to being able to be installed on other platforms, with an attractive and intelligent appearance and interesting features, can be a good option to choose, and its features are as follows:

  • Having smart access to the server with an attractive appearance
  • Easy file and content sharing through the connection
  • The ability to work with multiple servers simultaneously
  • Support Windows, Mac, Linux, and other popular operating systems
  • Ability to install on an iOS operating system

Download this program for Android and iOS phones

Microsoft Remote Desktop application

Undoubtedly, one of the best and most complete Remote Desktop programs for the mobile platform that has been added to Windows side programs is Microsoft Remote Desktop, which has the following features:

  • Access and connect to all versions of Windows Server and regular Windows
  • Having two mouse options to touch or guide and move the mouse pointer with your finger
  • It transmits audio and video activities with the highest quality for you.
  • It provides you with safe and very simple management
  • Ability to install on an iOS operating system

You can easily download this application for your Android and iOS devices

Introducing the best command line connection programs

Termius app

One of the largest non-graphical server connection programs is the Termius program. In addition to the structure, appearance, and very professional features, this program gives the user a secure and reliable connection, whose features are as follows:

  • Automatic detection of the operating system
  • No advertisements and annoying ads
  • Support for SFTP, fingerprint security, and widgets on the home screen (non-free features)
  • Very stylish and professional appearance
  • Ability to install on iOS operating system

JuiceSSH program

Contrary to the idea of the name of this program, this program does not only use the SSH protocol, but also supports the Telnet protocol, a program with a beautiful yellow appearance that will give you access to the server along with interesting features, which are as follows Is:

  • Very easy to copy and paste
  • Change the font size as desired
  • Attractive and professional appearance

Good luck.