Google Adsense

Full tutorial on how to make money from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the free advertising services. Get the full tutorial on making money from Google AdSense so you can use the system optimally. You can act as an ad displayer in this service.

However, if you are a blogger and have the conditions to do it, getting more familiar with this Google service is better. This free service gives Google ads that are images, text, videos, etc. You can put any advertisement on your site. If you visit websites in English, you will notice video ads, banners, etc.

These ads are known as Google Adsense ads, which we discuss in the full tutorial on how to make money from Google Adsense. Ads of this service are managed and categorized by Google. Earning from this Google service is based on the average number of clicks and pay per visitor. The first method will consider the number of clicks on the ad. In the first method, website visitors are checked. Both methods are very effective for increasing income. Based on the experience of many website managers, they pay attention to the second method.

Full training on how to earn money from Google Adsense and how to earn money from Google Adsense

By focusing on this Google system, you will increase your website traffic. Also, your site’s rank will be improved in Google results by receiving complete training on how to earn money from Google Adsense. The income earned from displaying ads in Google AdSense will be deposited into your account that you entered during registration by online deposit and check.

According to Google statistics, Google earned three billion dollars from this service in the first three months of the year. This figure is somewhat complicated and strange for people who use this service for the first time. But you should know that earning money using this Google advertising service is divided into three stages. One of the steps is to set up an English website.

You can attract more visitors by creating engaging content and following SEO principles. In the third stage, earning money starts with registration and placement of display ads in this service. Currently, about 15 million websites display their ads through this service.

All kinds of ads in Google Adsense service and complete training on earning money from Google Adsense

They are divided into different categories. This Google service will provide all types of advertising samples to its users. Each of these advertisements considers the place of the display as its own. The amount of payment is different for each publisher. The types of advertisements in this service are:

1. Content oriented

One of Google’s display ads is content-based ads. These ads are used to target users who are looking for specific content and topics. This targeting is based on pay-per-click and pay-per-view systems. In advertisements, payment is not made based on each visit.

Rather, the payment is calculated based on every thousand visits. It is the reason for the popularity of this ad. Advertisements that are content-oriented have different sizes in this system. This ad example has an image, text, flash, video, etc. In these ads, each user can display content based on video selection.

2. Page Level Ads

Another type of Google display ad is this ad example. These examples of ads are a group of ads that use unique optimization technology. When you put this example of ads on your desired pages, Google’s advertising service will automatically show ads to users only when they have used a good user experience.

3. Search-oriented

Another type of Google display ad is search ads. In this example of advertising, the Google system will allow the publisher to display relevant ads on their website. 51% of the advertisement amount is received for publication. The amount received from content advertising is about 68%. But since the click rate of search ads is high, this type of ad is increasing in popularity daily.

4. Video oriented

Video-based ads are another type of Google Adsense ad we discuss in the complete tutorial on how to make money from Google Adsense. In this example, the Google ad system will allow viewers to place their video ads on the website. The publisher who has done the advertisement can choose the advertisements related to his website in the best possible way. Be careful that this advertising method is for those who make many videos on their page and do not use YouTube for advertising.

Which websites in Google Adsense are more successful in the complete training of making money from Google Adsense?

In the full tutorial on how to make money from Google AdSense, you will be told that this system has an intelligent engine and can suggest specialized advertisements according to the website’s content. People who want their ads to be shown to Google want them to be shown only to people who want to buy their products.

For this reason, the more your websites focus on specialized topics, the more chances you will have in this Google system and receive good advertisements. For example, a website that wants to specialize in mobile phones has a higher chance of receiving advertisements.

With a specialized site, you can get more ads than a site that is related to sports. However, these topics do not have a general rule in the Google advertising service. From Google’s point of view, many topics are more attractive. For this reason, these sample topics will receive more ads. For example, a subject such as a mortgage in the United States and European countries has many applicants.

The importance of content in the Google advertising system

Apart from this issue in the complete training of making money from Google AdSense, they say that AdSense is very interested in specialized content; other important points should be considered for content production. Google search engines are among the engines that operate intelligently. These engines will usually remove duplicate and duplicate content from the search results. Authors of different websites sometimes use special software.

The software picks up duplicate content and replaces many phrases and words with similar ones. This method of Google advertising service has many problems. The first drawback is that the replaced expressions are sometimes meaningless and do not convey the exact meaning. For this reason, website users are decreasing day by day. Also, Google’s search engine is smarter than copy software.