Full tutorial on disavow backlinks

As you know, links have a huge impact on the ranking of Google results. Links can have a positive effect and improve the site’s keyword ranking, or vice versa, cause a drop in ranking or a fine. The issue that should be noted is that Google is trying to deal with links that are unnatural and spam through the Penguin algorithm. The tool that Google has provided to site owners, especially SEO and site optimization specialists, to reject the influence of links (both positive and negative) is the Disavow links tool, which can be used to remove links from different sites or their particular pages. it worked It means that by placing the list of links of sites or its pages in Disavow links, we inform Google to ignore the effect of these links on our site. If this is done correctly by an SEO specialist, it can improve the SEO status of the site or at least prevent the site from being damaged by the negative impact of spam links.

Introducing the Disavow backlinks tool from Google

On the introduction and training page of how to work with Disavow backlinks , Google states that if unnatural and spam links that violate Google’s rules have been created by you or other people for your website, you should remove them. But if you are not able to delete them, you can use the Disavow links tool to neutralize the effects of those links.

It also conveys a serious and important message with the following content:

This is an advanced feature and should only be used with caution. If used incorrectly, this feature can potentially harm your site’s performance in Google’s search results.

This means that this is an advanced tool and feature and should be used with caution. If it is used incorrectly, it can damage your site’s SEO and your site’s total or partial drop in Google search results.

Learning to disavow spam links

For this, you have to do three things, which will be fully explained below. Items include:

  • Checking the backlinks of the site and making a general decision to use or not use the disavow links tool
  • Creating a list of spam links as URL or Domain or both
  • Introducing spam links to Google by uploading them in Disavow links

Zero step!!! Using or not using disavow links

In most cases, Google is easily able to recognize which links to trust without guidance. Therefore, in most cases, there is no need to use the Disavow links tool. But if you recognize that there are a number of spam backlinks and their existence causes your site’s SEO to be damaged, you can use this tool.

It is interesting to know that Google suggests using this tool only in two situations:

  1. You are sure that a significant number of spam, artificial and low quality links have been given to your site.
  2. You are sure that some harmful actions have been done to your site by spam links.

The result of these cases is as follows:

  • If the spam links are created by yourself, delete them and there is no need to introduce them to Google.
  • If the number of spam links is low, except for rare cases, often their impact is not enough to leave an impact on the overall ranking of the site.

If you still insist on using this tool despite the above issues, or even if you don’t use it and want to learn how to use this tool, we invite you to stay with us.

First step: Preparing a list of spam links

After deciding to use the Disavow links tool, you need to follow the following standards to prepare a list of links:

  • Each URL or Domain in one line. It is not possible to disavow a route altogether.
  • Before the domain or subdomain, the :domain value should be placed. For example domain:example.com
  • The list should be prepared in a file with txt extension and UTF-8 Unicode.
  • You can have descriptions in the file that you must specify with the character # before.

An example of the list is given below:

# Two pages to disavow

# One domain to disavow

After preparing the list, it is time to introduce the list to Google, which we will discuss further.

Second step: Introducing spam links to Google

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the page for this tool. Link: Disavow links tool page
  2. Select your desired website and click on DISAVOW LINKS on the page that appears from the list.
  3. On the page that appears, click on the word “Disavow links” to display the special environment for this.
  4. Click on Choose file and introduce the spam link list file and click on Submit.

Here are the points that you should pay attention to:

  • If the list already exists, the new file will replace the previous file.
  • The effect of this lasts for several weeks.
  • After the work is done, an email will be sent to you with the number and details of the links.

Conclusion and summary of the topic

If you decide to use Google’s Disavow backlinks tool, be sure to do it with complete study and mastery. If you have any questions, doubts or comments in this regard, share it with us through the comments section. Also, you should not have great expectations of the effect of this because Google can analyze links in most cases and recognize good links and transfer their effect. Also note that if you have deleted spam links, there is no need to re-introduce them to Google. By doing this, you have actually done a futile action. Finally, we invite you to read the following content:

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