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A Gift Card Is A Type Of Digital Credit Card That Can Be Purchased Physically Or Virtually, But It Can Only Be Used On The Internet And On A Special Platform.

For Which Computer Games Is It Necessary To Use A Gift Card?

A Gift Card Is A Type Of Digital Credit Card That Can Be Purchased Physically Or Virtually, But It Can Only Be Used On The Internet And A Special Platform. 

In The Rest Of This Article, We Will Examine The Types Of Gift Cards And Their Target Communities.

One of the most popular types of these cards is the Game Gift Card, which helps you to access game streaming services more easily and benefit from their full features.

Nowadays, exciting and beautiful games are designed, which sometimes can only be used by purchasing a Gift Card. For this reason, these cards have many fans all over the world.

In general, it should be said that to access non-free games on platforms and stores or in-app purchases that make different parts of a game available to us, it is necessary to purchase a Gift Card. In the following, we will learn more about these cards and their types, so stay with us until the end of the article.

Who is the gaming gift card suitable for?

This Gift Card suits gamers and has an important and special place. If you are a fan of computer games or someone around you spends most of his time playing games, make it a priority to buy these digital credit cards for yourself or your friend.

Be sure that fewer gifts for a gamer will be as exciting and lovely as buying a Gift Card. Of course, before doing this, you should know which platform the person you are looking for uses the most.

There are many types of gift cards, of which special game cards are one of their examples. Also, you must buy a special Gift Card to buy the game from different platforms, such as PlayStation or Xbox Card.

Buying a gift card brings attractive features for a gamer, among which one can mention the possibility of benefiting from the special discounts provided by the development companies for gamers, buying updated and new games, the possibility of in-app purchases at a lower cost, activating games and buying various items.

All kinds of gift card games

Various platforms and services that offer all kinds of games to their users today are usually only a part of their services for free, and to access other facilities, a special Gift Card must be used.

It should also be said that direct purchase of games can incur costs such as user fees, which is not an issue in Gift Card. Of course, buying directly for Iranian gamers is impossible because of the effect of sanctions.

There are different types of game gift cards, and below we will introduce some of the most popular ones so that you can decide to buy a suitable kind of gift card by knowing them.

PlayStation gift card

The most popular game console can be considered PlayStation. This console, the first model launched by Sony in 2000, has gained fame and popularity worldwide by providing various high-quality services.

Today, various games are offered by Sony and the PlayStation platform, some of which can be accessed, downloaded, and in-app purchases only by purchasing a PlayStation gift card.

These cards can be purchased in different amounts, and considering that they do not have an expiration date, they are regarded as the best gift for a gamer. Also, buying this Gift Card at the first opportunity is better if you are interested in the latest and exciting PlayStation games.

Buy a gift card

Steam gift card

Steam is another popular platform worldwide where many gamers are active in Iran. You will face a world of different and exciting games on this platform.

Steam can run on different devices, but the best way to experience a great game and fully benefit from the beautiful environment created by this platform is to install it on a computer system or laptop and see the game environment through the desktop.

On Steam, there are various online games, individually or in groups, where you can choose one of the thousands of games according to your taste. To prepare fun and use the non-free services of this platform, you must purchase its gift card.

By buying a Gift Card, you can also benefit from the discounts offered by the Steam company and pay less for in-app purchases or new games.

Microsoft Xbox Gift Card

Along with its various services, Microsoft always offers attractive games and tries to win in the market competition with Sony. Of course, it has not yet succeeded. But providing some services and offers has made Xbox very popular in Iran and among Iranian gamers. For this reason, its Gift Card is always associated with significant sales.

By purchasing an Xbox Gift Card, in addition to access to non-free sections, access to the movie and music section, pre-purchase of new games, and in-app purchases, services such as access to other Microsoft services are also provided to you.

Google Play gift card

Google Play is one of the popular platforms that all Android phone users are familiar with. There are many programs and games on this platform, some of which are offered for free, and others are not free or with in-app payment.

Android users can purchase various games and programs in this service by buying a Google Play Gift Card. One of the advantages of this platform is the possibility of running on different operating systems and Android smart TVs.

Nintendo Gift Card

Among other platforms that always try to compare themselves with big consoles like Microsoft and Sony and are competing in this direction, we can mention the Japanese console Nintendo.

Nintendo consoles have interesting features such as connecting to small screens and portability. These characteristics have led to the popularity of these consoles.

This company has released various consoles to the market, and to benefit from all its services, you must purchase a Gift Card as the first step. With this, you can get the digital version of the games or make in-app purchases easily.

Where to get a gift card?

Buying a game gift card can always become a fundamental problem for gamers. It can be difficult to find a store with enough credit in this area that doesn’t offer hacked and fake cards instead of authentic ones.

By purchasing a Steam gift card from G-Steam, which has enough experience and credit in this field, you no longer need to worry about this card being fake. Just get it for yourself or your friend and enjoy the unique services of game providers.


A gift card is a credit that can only be used virtually. Companies and banks offer These cards in different models, and people should get the right type according to their needs.

One of their most popular is the Game Gift Card, offered separately for each platform and service. Among the types of game gift cards, we can mention PlayStation, Steam Wallet, Xbox, Google Play, and Nintendo gift cards.

By purchasing a Game Gift Card, you can easily download the digital version of games, make in-app purchases with a discount, pre-purchase new games, and you will also be able to download games.