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Firefox Monitor Warns You If Your Personal Information Is Hacked

Firefox Monitor Warns You If Your Personal Information Is Hacked

In The Past Few Days, Mozilla Released A Free Service Called “Firefox Monitor,” Whose Task Is To Help Users To Be Aware Of Hacking And Theft Of Personal Information. An Event That Happens Every Year In Different Ways.

To use this service, enter your email username on the “Firefox Monitor” website so that the entire mailbox will be scanned, and you will be notified if there is a problem with your account.

To increase security, register for this service so that you will be notified quickly as soon as your email username or password is involved in information theft.

This service is an external interface to the HIBP database that notifies registered users in case of any possibility of hacking or data theft.

It should be noted that this service is entirely secure, and Mozilla has assured users that email addresses entered in Firefox Monitor will not be shared with any third party company or group or even with their partners in HIBP.

Mozilla does this by hashing the email username and sending the first few characters as a query.

HIBP then matches these characters against all the entries in its database and returns a series of hashed suffixes corresponding to the attacked accounts.

But apart from this issue, avoiding choosing bad and weak passwords is recommended, such as changing passwords regularly, activating the two-step authentication system, and using strong and unique passwords when creating an account.