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How To Identify Devices Connected To Our Wi-Fi

How To Identify Devices Connected To Our Wi-Fi

These Days, Many Of Us Use A Personal wifi Network At Home Or Work. On The Other Hand, Many Other People Constantly Try To Use Other People’s wifi Network In Some Way. 

Therefore, one way to increase your network’s security level is to identify unknown devices connected to your wifi and kick them out.

One of the ways to prevent unknown people from connecting to your wifi network is first to check who is using your wifi network and, after identifying unknown devices, prevent them from connecting to the network.

How to expel other unknown devices from your wifi network with a PC

In this method, you use a practical and valuable tool to identify all the devices connected to your wifi network through your computer. After that, you block connecting some selected devices to the network. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1. First, download the wifi guard software and install it on the Windows operating system. During the installation, you can also choose your desired language.

Step 2. Now you need to get the MAC address of all devices currently connected to your wifi network. For this purpose, go to the File menu and select Settings.

Step 3. Select your wifi network card (the same card you are currently connected to) from the network adapter section. Its IP address is usually similar to

Step 4. Now you should start scanning devices and get a list of all devices connected to this network and their MAC address.

Step 5. Now go to your router’s wireless network settings section and enable the MAC filter option and add only the MAC address of the devices you want to connect to your wifi network to the router settings.

Step 6. Now only devices can connect to your network whose MAC address information is available in the MAC filter list of your router.

Using the Netcut tool

If you’ve used an Android device to manage your wifi network, you’re probably familiar with the Netcut tool. Netcut also has a Windows version that helps you kick users out of your wifi network. Although the Windows version of this tool has not been updated for a long time, it still works well and can be considered one of the best wifi blocking software.

First, go to the Netcut website and download the Windows version of this application. After installation, Netcut will ask you to install another application called WinCap. After the installation is complete, restart your computer and open Netcut.

This tool will display a list of all devices connected to your wifi network, along with the MAC address of each one. Select their MAC address and click the Cut button to remove devices connected to the network.