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Detecting plagiarism

Examining how to detect plagiarism and prevent it from happening

Detecting plagiarism has become very important in writing articles and creating content today. It is better to familiarize yourself with the related methods and software to check plagiarism and detect duplicate content in a text or article. In this article, we are going to examine the methods of detecting plagiarism. We recommend that you stay with us in the rest of this article to learn more and better about this category.

What does plagiarism mean?

This name is derived from the Latin word Plagiarism. It can be said that when we say that plagiarism has taken place, a person has published ideas, thoughts, images, music, and generally things related to another person in his name or from those things without obtaining permission. , has been named and used without mentioning the name of its owner. Nowadays, checking the content in terms of copying or detecting plagiarism is considered essential in fields such as writing. Usually, reputable journals use text copy detection software and plagiarism detection sites to check article plagiarism.

Is it possible to detect plagiarism online?

Today, it is possible to detect plagiarism through various methods. One of the main and most widely used methods in today’s digital marketing world is using online methods and plagiarism detection sites. It should be noted that you can detect plagiarism in articles or any text online. For this, it is enough to install the related software. Working with this software is very simple and easy. Using online software to detect plagiarism also increases the speed of your action.

Having the speed of action in such matters is very important for jobs like writing. Many institutions consider such points in hiring a freelance writer. The advancement of technology and the convenience of working with online plagiarism detection software have made many people use this method to check whether articles and contents are not copied. It should be noted that plagiarism-checking software is often known as Plagiarism checker. You can install such software on your smartphone, computer, or laptop and use them easily.

Introduction of plagiarism check software

Today, there are many plagiarism detection software to check content for not being copied. It is possible to check the plagiarism of the English article with the help of such software. In the following, we have mentioned some software or sites to detect plagiarism:

  • Diffchecker site
  • Turnitin site
  • iThenticate software
  • Unicheck software
  • Plagiarism Checker X software

What are the different types of plagiarism?

Today, plagiarism detection, besides becoming easier with the help of software, also includes problems and difficulties. The reason for this is that there are different types of plagiarism. In order for you to be able to examine and identify plagiarism in texts and articles in the best way, it is better first to familiarize yourself with the types of plagiarism. In the following, we have stated a few of these types:

1- Resource oriented

This type of plagiarism occurs when a researcher or an author mistakenly directs readers to an incorrect source or reference. Also, sometimes, it happens that some authors refer the material to a source that does not exist, which is considered a form of source-based theft.

2- Plagiarism by rewriting

This type of plagiarism is one of the most common types of plagiarism. In this type of plagiarism, the author tries to partially change the words or some sentences of an article or writing and then register that article or writing in his own name.

3- Global plagiarism

This plagiarism sometimes occurs behind the scenes of some writing tests. If someone takes the writing test and ends up working for you as a writer, you should not register the articles written by them under your name or anyone else’s name. This work is called global plagiarism.

4- Direct plagiarism

Direct plagiarism means publishing another person’s work without making any changes to it.

How can we prevent plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not a problem that cannot be solved or prevented. There are many solutions to solve this problem. You can prevent plagiarism by mastering these principles and strategies. These solutions are as follows:

If you want to use someone else’s words or ideas in your writing or article, you must do the referencing correctly. For this, it is necessary first to identify the appropriate referencing style for your article and mention the source, person, name, and other elements accordingly.

You should know that translating texts immediately is not everyone’s job. If you need an immediate translation of a text or article, try to get help from expert and professional translators in this field. This increases the quality of your instant translation.

If you intend to use one or more quotations in your article, do not forget to use quotation marks. For example, one of these signs is (()). Placing this mark and writing a quote in the middle of it prevents copying or plagiarism.

You can use relevant free online and offline software to reduce the risk of plagiarism. This software analyzes and checks your texts well and shows you if you have suffered plagiarism in any part.

Examining the concept of duplicate content

Another name for duplicate content is Duplicate content. Duplicate content refers to those types of content that appear in more than one part of the Internet. Usually, committing plagiarism causes such content to appear. It can be said that, generally, if a certain content appears on more than one website, it is considered duplicate content. Using duplicate content on a website causes ranking and SEO problems for that site. According to statistics, about 29% of the contents of different sites are duplicates contents.

In general, duplicate content is content that has been produced and published repeatedly on the Internet. There are many websites that produce content, but most of them copy the same content from other sites, and that is why when you search for a search term, search engines list related content for you, but then, By visiting them, you will notice that most of them had similar texts or content. It is very important in SEO if you produce content that is not repetitive. There are many reasons that lead to the production of duplicate content, which we will examine:


Websites that have no idea of themselves and cannot identify what content is most acceptable to users and satisfy their needs start copying the content of reputable sites. They copy and publish by mentioning the source or the producer, and in fact, they do this with the permission of the producer, but there are other groups of people who copy and paste content without permission. I must say that Copying an article from other sites and putting it on your site will ultimately harm your site’s ranking, and in the worst case, it will result in a penalty from Google.

Duplicate addresses for the same article

For example, one page of your site may have two different addresses. This factor causes Google robots to have problems indexing the content and eventually consider two pages duplicates.

Print version and mobile version

Sometimes, the mobile versions of a web page create two types of addresses for the same page, or users click on the print feature to create a different address for the same page, which ultimately results in duplicate pages with different addresses for your site. So be careful in deleting such pages.

Performance of the content management system

Sometimes, content management systems for a site also create duplicate pages, and this malfunction eventually makes Google feel that you have created duplicate content on your site.

Use different domains

Sometimes, the owners of the sites decide to operate with two domains if the existence of two domains for the same site causes duplicate content for the site and is penalized by Google.

Error using small and capital letters

URLs with or without www

Sometimes websites are accompanied by the www prefix, and without it, in this case, it is better to have only one mode, or if you use two modes for your site, use Redirect with code 301 so that the search engines of the website Recognize the original and the original and do not consider the produced content to be duplicate.

session IDs

Each user who visits your site receives a separate and different session ID, which is stored on the site, creating duplicate content with different IDs.

What problems does duplicate content cause?

  • Duplicate content causes search engines to be unable to identify which content they should display or delete correctly. Or they cannot evaluate pages with certain criteria such as anchor texts, value, and credibility, the number of backlinks, etc.; in this case, search engines cannot distinguish which version they should rank for a particular search query.
  • It causes the site’s ranking to drop among other websites and also reduces traffic to the site.

So what is the solution?

The solution is that you, as a content producer, writer, or site manager, produce new and user-friendly content to improve the SEO quality of the site and increase its traffic and rank while also meeting users’ needs with the content produced. Pay attention to the fact that the more non-repeating content you produce, the more you will be seen by visitors, and ultimately, you will gain more credibility. New and updated content tailored to your business is a great strategy for attracting users. It should be noted. In terms of SEO, fresh content is called fresh content. Finally, I hope that you will always respect the copyright law and the rights of producers, and by making it a culture, we will warn others about this.

Final word

In this article, we examined the important concept of plagiarism. Knowing the tips and solutions for detecting and investigating plagiarism is very important in many jobs, including writing and placing orders for content production. It is better to familiarize yourself with the strategies to prevent plagiarism mentioned in this article as much as possible so that you can create quality content and expand your business or site in this way. We hope that by reading this article, you have obtained useful and practical tips in the field of plagiarism.