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Most popular e-mail providers

What is E-mail?

E-mail providers or e-mail is the method of sending letters using the Internet. E-mail stands for Electronic Mail. What does Email Mean? The word mail means e-mail. E-mail means e-mail, which translates to e-mail and e-mail.

Using e-mail, you can send any message in different text, audio, and video formats. To have e-mail, you must use the services of e-mail providers.

The amount of content sent by e-mail is limited. You can add and send the desired files to the e-mail using an attachment. To read incoming e-mails, you can also view all e-mails by entering the inbox section or the same Inbox.

For the first time, an e-mail was sent over the Internet from Roy Tomlinson, using the Etsin logo (@) and specifying the recipient’s name.

What is an email?

What is the use of e-mail?

What can be done with e-mail? In general, you can use e-mail for any correspondence and message. Most people find e-mail a useful way to communicate with individuals or small groups of friends or colleagues. e-mail providers allow users to easily send and receive documents, images, links, and other files. In addition, it provides users with the flexibility to communicate with others at different times.

In addition, different companies and organizations can use e-mail providersto convey information to a large number of employees, customers, and others. E-mail is mostly used for newsletters, where subscribers receive specific and advertised content from a company. In e-mail marketing campaigns, an ad or advertisement is sent to a target group of customers.

E-mail lets us connect with anyone in the world in seconds. All paper correspondence is now done via e-mail with less time and speed.

Email application

There are several types of e-mail service providers available today that you can use. Using these services will save your message quickly and save you time and money. What can be done with e-mail? Some of the most important uses of e-mails are as follows:

  • Performing all correspondence activities between different companies and organizations
  • People communicate with each other
  • Correspondence with professors, such as sending various assignments and requests
  • Using E-mail to Do Marketing and E-mail Marketing Activities ( What is Email Marketing )
  • Use of public services and platforms such as Google, Instagram, and ‌ services

How do we know what our e-mail is?

If you already have an e-mail, sometimes you forget your e-mail address over time or do not know if you have an account with your e-mail services. To find out and get your e-mail address, go to the login page or login of the e-mail server and select Forgot e-mail. At this point, you may enter a contact number that you have already entered or a backup e-mail, if any. A verification code has been sent for this item, which will display your e-mail address if you enter it.

What is an E-mail Address?

An address or e-mail address is a unique identifier given to the person or e-mail providersthat creates the account for the first time. This address is used to identify people and can be used to send or receive e-mails.

This address is unique to each person and is similar to other addresses. For example, is an e-mail address received from the Gmail service. You must have this address when you want to e-mail someone.

How to identify an e-mail address from a website? The e-mail address can be identified by the @ in it.


Introducing different sections of the e-mail

Several service providers provide e-mail services, and you can use them to create an e-mail and use it to perform various activities. For example, one of the most powerful and popular e-mail services among users is the Gmail service provided by Google.

It does not matter which e-mail server you use. All e-mails have almost the same sections that you should be familiar with to work with e-mail. The following are the most important sections of the e-mail.

What are the different parts of email?

  1. E-mail Sender: This section shows you who received the e-mail.
  2. Recipient of the e-mail: Note that in the recipient or recipient of the e-mail, you can enter from one to several e-mails. This section is marked as “To” or “To.”
  3. Cc in e-mail? This section is used when you want to send an e-mail to several different addresses. Of course, these people may not be other than each other’s audience.
  4. Bcc in e-mail? This section is the same as cc, except that people do not see other recipients’ e-mail addresses. You send e-mails to several people, but you do not want them to be notified when others receive e-mails.
  5. What is the subject of the e-mail? To create an e-mail, you need to enter the title or subject of the e-mail. This helps the recipient or recipients of the e-mail to be informed of the subject of the e-mail at a glance.
  6. E-mail text: In this section, you can enter your e-mail text.
  7. Attachments: If your e-mail contains a specific file other than text, such as multimedia files or Word and Excel files,… you can attach it to the e-mail using this section.
  8. What is a Mailbox? Mailbox or Inbox is the space in which e-mails are displayed.

Where is the e-mail inbox?

Inbox stands for Inbox. All e-mails sent to your address are in this section in all the different e-mail servers that you can use to manage your incoming messages.

Where is the Inbox or Inbox? To view this section, you can easily access it in the toolbar next to the e-mail. This is usually one of the most important parts of an e-mail placed at the beginning.

Where is the email inbox?

Types of e-mail servers

SMTP server in e-mail

Whenever you send an e-mail, your e-mail client communicates with the SMTP server to send the e-mail. Your SMTP server may communicate with other SMTP servers to deliver e-mail.

POP3 and IMAP servers

In the simplest case of implementing POP3, the server maintains a collection of text files, each for an e-mail account. When a message arrives, the POP3 server only attaches the message to the end of the recipient file.

When you check your e-mail, your client communicates with the POP3 server using port 110. The POP3 server requires a username and password. When you log in, POP3 opens your text file and allows you to access it.

IMAP server in e-mail

As you can see, the POP3 protocol is very simple. This protocol allows you to save a set of sorted messages as a text file on the server. Your client (for example, Outlook Express) connects to the POP3 server and copies messages from POP3 text files to your computer. This is all the service that POP3 offers us.

Many users want more than just their e-mails; they expect their e-mails to stay on the server. Accessing e-mails from different computers is the main reason for keeping e-mails on the server. With POP3, your e-mails will remain on the same computer as the one you saved, and you will not be able to access the e-mails from both your desktop and laptop, for example.

POP3 and IMAP servers

IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) is a more complex protocol that solves this problem. Using the IMAP protocol, your e-mails remain on the server. You can have folders on the server and organize your e-mails in them.

When we search for an e-mail, it is done on the server instead of on your computer. This method allows you to access e-mails from any machine, and you have access to messages in all your folders, no matter what machine you use.

What does it mean to be in line for an e-mail?

Sometimes you try to send an e-mail, but the server can not deliver the e-mail to the destination for various reasons. This will keep your e-mail providers in the queue, and try to send it again every few minutes. After a certain amount of time (the server sets these times), it takes it out of the queue and shows you a message that it was unsuccessful.

Some of the cases in which your e-mail is queued are if the entered e-mail address is invalid, the attachment file size is large, or if several e-mails are set to be sent and are queued to be sent in order. To be.


Attachments in Email

How to recover deleted e-mail?

When you receive an e-mail, you can delete it by selecting the Delete option among the various options. This e-mail will be placed in your e-mail bin after it is deleted. All deleted e-mails will remain in this section for 30 days. (In Google e-mail service) After this time, the e-mails will be deleted forever.

If you notice that you have deleted an e-mail by mistake, go to the trash or bin, find the e-mail, and return it to the Inbox by selecting the Move to option.

Factors to consider when choosing an e-mail service

  • Reliability: This factor is especially important if you choose e-service for professional use. Because you may need to e-mail your customers frequently, you may want your e-mail service to be active at all times; Therefore, ensuring the reliability of the e-mail service.
  • Advanced features: Depending on the type of business you are considering, advanced features such as calling e-mails, scheduling tasks via e-mail, autoresponders, templates, etc., can be very useful; Therefore, choose an e-mail that allows you to access such advanced features.
  • Spam filter: Spam e-mail is known as the most annoying thing in e-mail services, especially free e-mail providers; So when it comes to filtering spam e-mails, make sure the e-mail services are effective.
  • Security: Because e-mail accounts are always at the top of the list of cybercriminals to infiltrate, security measures play an important role in an e-mail service; Therefore, learn about security tools and technology integrated with e-mail service.
  • Ease of use: As your business grows, you may have more employees in your organization, and then you may need to create more e-mail accounts. So, try to choose an e-mail service that is easy to use and has a good user interface.

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1- OutLook

OutLook, introduced by Microsoft, was formerly known as Hotmail. It can be said that the OutLook service is an updated version of the previous service provided by Microsoft, namely Hotmail. This service is one of the most popular services in companies and administrative organizations, so in 2016 it surpassed Yahoo’s popular service. This service is popular among companies and organizations because of better management than other services. Of course, to access all the features of this service, you can subscribe.


Features of this service include:

  • Having organizational security
  • Using this service, you can enter your daily schedules into the calendar of these e-mail providers and create a daily or monthly schedule for yourself.
  • You can easily see the details of the people who sent us the e-mail by going to their names.


2- Proton Mail

Proton Mail is a secure open-source service provided by the CERN Research Center in 2014 with the help of MIT researchers. Also, the data encryption policies in this service are user-friendly and cause the sent information to be encrypted before entering the proton-mail servers, and its security is doubled.

Poroton Mail
Proton Mail

Features of this service include:

  • Do not ask for any personal information when creating an account
  • You can access your account on any device without installing the software of this service.
  • Send and receive e-mails with the highest security.

3- iCloud Mail

This service is essentially a cloud storage space introduced in 2011 by Apple’s development and research team. This service is created by default for any user who uses Apple-branded devices when creating an Apple ID. According to statistics published in 2012, this service shows that 125 million people use its service.
Of course, the space for receiving and storing this service is limited, and you have to buy space for more space.

iCloud Mail
iCloud Mail

Features of this service include:

  • Allow IMAP access
  • Automatically finds new e-mails and sorts them.
  • Due to the cloud storage space, you can always access the information in your e-mail.


4- HubSpot

HubSpot was introduced in 2006 by the MIT Research Center. This service has an extraordinary application in digital marketing, and most of its audience are people active in digital marketing.

e-mail providers

Features of this service include:

  • This service allows you to send your e-mails to your liking.
  • Send high-security e-mail
  • Simple and attractive environment

5- AOL Mail 

In the continuation of the article introducing the best Iranian and foreign e-mail providers in 2021, we will introduce AOL Mail, one of the oldest services in this field. This service was introduced in 1993 and can attract many users. Interestingly, this service is 40 years older than Yahoo and ten years older than the popular Gmail service. However, due to the passage of time and the emergence of new services, this popular service was partially forgotten. Still, due to the old age of this service, its interesting features should not be overlooked.

e-mail providers
AOL Mail

Features of this service include:

  • Ability to manage and schedule within the service calendar
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Personalize the list of incoming e-mails
  • Ability to personalize the worksheet
  • Create an account in the simplest possible way
  • High security and strong data encryption

6- GMX

Although this service is somewhat anonymous and has only 11 million active users per month, this statistic shows its popularity. This service has been operating since 1997 and has maintained its popularity among users.

e-mail providers

Features of this service include:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Ability to manage and integrate e-mails
  • Ability to send files up to 50MB

7- Yandex

To continue introducing the top mail servers, we can also introduce the Yandex service made by a Russian company. This service is known as one of the most secure e-mail services, and it should also be noted that this service is one of the largest e-mail services in Russia.

e-mail providers

Features of this service include:

  • Ability to set the time to send e-mails
  • Check all e-mails for viruses and danger
  • High protection against Spam

8- Lycos

We will introduce the best mail servers to one of the most secure services known in the following. The service was introduced in 1995 and quickly became one of the most popular e-mail services. This is a web-based service that protects you from dangerous e-mails.

e-mail providers

Features of this service include:

  • Complete protection against SPAM
  • Ability to set the default message to send it to the e-mails you receive
  • Having 3GB of storage space

9- Mihan mail

Mihan Mill service, with more than 600 thousand e-mail addresses, is one of Iran’s oldest and most popular free e-mail services.

e-mail providers
Mihan mail

This service has 1 GB of space to use as their mailbox. This service is also compatible with e-mail management software such as Microsoft’s OUTLOOK software.

Features of this service include:

  • One GB of free space (600 MB for e-mails and 400 MB for webspace)
  • Ability to check e-mails through software such as Outlook
  • Ability to have multiple e-mail addresses for one user



There are many types of e-mail service providers. This article introduced the best Iranian and foreign e-mail servers in 2021. All of these e-mail servers that we have introduced are the best of their kind because they have different and unique features and capabilities. Also, when choosing an e-mail server, please pay attention to its security tools. Like many active devices such as modems that hackers compromise, e-mail accounts are always at the top of the list of cybercriminals, so make security your priority. I want to make a point about creating an account for each of these e-mail servers that you can easily create your account through your smartphone, laptop, and computer by entering information and going through simple steps. Thank you for being with us until the end of the article; I hope this article has been useful for you