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Ergonomic Mouse

Do You Need An Ergonomic Mouse? | Familiarity With Different Types Of Ergonomic Mouse – Part Two

In The Previous Part Of The Article ” Introduction To Ergonomic Mouse Types, “We Became More Familiar With The Meaning Of The Word Ergonomics And Learned That A Mouse-Based On Ergonomic Design Compared To Standard Models Can Provide Much Higher Ease And Efficiency In Using A Personal Computer And Physical Injuries.

Ergonomic Mouse, With a significant reduction in the long run, we also became acquainted with the first class of ergonomic mice, the horizontal specimens; Now, we will introduce other mice fields in the second part of expanding the article.

Vertical ergonomic mouse

Opposite the horizontal ergonomic mice are the vertical mice, which, as their name implies, place the hand in a vertical position that is more similar to the freedom of movement of the joints.

These ergonomic mice are designed to convey the feeling of holding a mug or cup when held in hand, forcing the person to move the wrist joint up and down to move the mouse pointer left and right on the screen.

(Compared to the left and right movements of standard and horizontal mice). Because the wrist joint has much more freedom of movement when moving up and down and can provide a wider range of motion, this design inherently significantly reduces the pressure on this joint, followed by the complete anatomy of the wrist.

Forearm in long-term use; try it, like when you are shaking hands with someone else.

 Do you feel more pressure if you place your arms horizontally or vertically?

The downside of vertical ergonomic mice is the need for more time to adapt to how they work. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, up and down movements by a vertical mouse lead to left and right movements of the mouse pointer on the screen, and the position of the keys for ease of use compared to standard and horizontal models almost completely changed.

Have; So if your PC is shared at home or work, other people may be surprised by your weird mouse! One of the options in this category is the Logitec MX Vertical mouse.

Pen-like ergonomics

As their name implies, these ergonomic mice are held in your hand just like a pen or pen, and your fingers control the keys and rollers. You can consider smartpens for tablets or mobile phones for more insight, except that a smartpen is much thinner due to integrating most of the hardware required in the device, while mice are not.

This class of mice targets most people in the digital and professional arts, but an extensive range of audiences can not define them! If you feel that you are more comfortable writing on paper with a pen than when using a mouse, all you have to do is go to your local store and buy a suitable product, one of XP-PEN’s leading choices StartG640 noted.

Trackball ergonomic mice

Trackball mice first appeared in the post-World War II era and have been the home of users and consumers since the 1980s. These mice are widely used in traffic and aircraft control radar systems and seen in arcade cabinets.

Trackball mice are designed to minimize wrist movement to near zero. Most of their control is done with the thumb or middle finger and middle finger, and other keys for additional commands such as zoom, scroll, etc., are also included in their structure.

However, it should note that products designed for two-finger control usually have a symmetrical design and can be used by both hands, but this may not be the case for control samples with the thumb.

One of the advantages of Trackball mice is that they can use them in almost any place and at any possible angle, and the dependence on a smooth, motionless surface has reached zero. In addition, their operation is simple and does not require training, but if a person is accustomed to using a standard mouse, at first, it may be a little difficult to slow down with practice and over time.

It can regain its former performance.

Ball mice are a great option for people who suffer from wounds or injuries to the wrist and forearm, and other users can create a unique experience while using them. Once again, Logitech has covered this category with its Wireless MX Ergo mouse.

Joystick ergonomic mice


A joystick ergonomic mouse is equipped with a joystick handle for full movement. These mice are often referred to as devices for ease of use but are a good choice for anyone who finds their structural shape comfortable to hold and place in their hand.

Like vertical ergonomics mice, the motion detection sensor is discussed at the bottom of the mice, requiring full movement of the mouse, resulting in more force and involvement of the forearm muscles than full pressure on the wrist. The hand leads.

Hybrid mice

Hybrid mice combine the performance of standard mice and laptop touch screens, known as trackpads, to provide a unique and engaging experience. In the design of most products in this category, the left and right-click keys, which are usually located on the front of the mouse, have been replaced with a multi-touch screen, and functions such as tapping, scrolling, etc. can perform with just a flick of the fingers and no physical force They have brought.


In the design of hybrid mice, the points related to ergonomics are not widely observed, like vertical mice, and use the same structure as standard models. Audiences attracted to hybrid mice often consider the ease of combining two devices into one device and offer ease of transport as an option, as most hybrid mice can be placed completely horizontally on the surface and easily Also be transported in a pocket or bag.

Unfortunately, almost all products in this category are ancient and the only option available to users of the Microsoft Arc product (for some reason, companies active in the design and production of computer mice are not interested in developing hybrid mice).