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Do You Need An Ergonomic Mouse? | Familiarity With Different Types Of Ergonomic Mouse – Part One

As We Know, Prolonged Use Of The Computer And Sitting At A Computer Desk Can Be Dangerous To Health And Result In Problems Such As Repetitive And Outdated Stress Or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Decreased Visual Acuity, Etc.; Now The Question Arises What Are The Solutions To Prevent These Cases Or Reduce Their Effect?

In response, it should say that the main equipment and accessories used in the general and long term can make very significant changes, so many companies are active in the field of design and development of hardware and ergonomic components and annually thousands, and They even spend millions of dollars on research and development in this area.

Meanwhile, the mouse, which often receives the least attention from users, can have the most impact because the mouse completely controls the computer, and this little mouse is in the hands for hours during the day.

What is an ergonomic mouse?

The word ergonomics, in simple terms, emphasizes comfort and efficiency beyond other things such as beauty and so on. Although many products consider the concept of ergonomics when designing and delivering the final product, parts, devices, devices, etc., designed and developed according to this term have moved several steps forward and unique products.

For example, a standard mouse may be comfortable in hand and convey a pleasant feeling when used. In addition, the position of the keys and rollers may be such that movement is easy. Still, in addition to all the cases, many hidden factors significantly impact the final experience.


For further comparison and understanding, an ergonomic mouse has been completely redesigned from the beginning and end to reduce the likelihood of such damage and has moved away from standard specimens. Hence, its use in some categories is subject to Sometimes, it even requires retraining to work with the mouse! Now that we know the meaning of the word ergonomics, we know that the mouse, as one of the components of the PC body, plays a significant role in this equation; In the following, we will get acquainted with the classification of different types of ergonomic mice and the positive and negative points of each of them.

Horizontal ergonomic mouse

The most common class of ergonomic mice, called Horizontal, does not differ much from standard models and conveys the same feeling to the user when used to switch to. It does not require special and sometimes complicated points; All you have to do is buy a horizontal ergonomic mouse from the market and then use it by connecting it to a personal computer, like the current standard mouse in the system.

The horizontal mouse is designed to provide the best possible way to use a computer for users and consumers.

Everyone knows how to use and work with this class of mice, so sharing them with other family members is not a big deal.

In addition, the lack of speed of action during gaming is on the list of positive features of this group of mice, and the fact is that a significant part of professional mice and existing gaming products also have a horizontal invoice design or form.

Now the question arises that if standard and horizontal mice are very similar, what is the advantage of preparing and buying an ergonomic product in this field?

In response, it should say that the design of horizontal ergonomic mice is done so that it is easier to place in the hand, and there is support for resting the thumb.

In addition, the design of these mice is usually done with one hand (often the right), so if you are in the category of left-handed people, it is better to pay attention to this point when buying. Since standard mice and horizontal ergonomics are very similar and have inherited many features, they have the least advantage in ergonomics and prevention of physical injuries compared to other existing categories.

A wide range of motion of the wrist is still a major drawback. The wrist is still in a horizontal position, so these products are suitable for people who have problems with the placement of standard mice in their hands. . Some of the options in this category include the MX Master 3 and MX Master 2S mice from Logitec.