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Do Not Buy Bitcoins, If You Do Not Have These 5 Basic Features!

Discuss Bitcoin It is getting hotter day by day and the sharp criticism of it is steadily decreasing, which could be a sign of the impact of the promising currents in 2020.

Buy Bitcoins, Sylvain Saurel, Bitcoin researcher and investor, in an article Recently published, while highlighting the importance and importance of bitcoin in the face of the current US financial system, it points out five key characteristics that every bitcoin investor must institutionalize in order to succeed.

Every day, more and more people are turning to bitcoin. People who have not yet taken action are more sensitive than ever because they now have serious doubts about the current monetary and financial system.

 Finally, these people also open their eyes to the shortcomings of the current financial system, which will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in August 2021 (August 1400). 

The system, which was temporarily run by then-President Richard Nixon, could be seen as an experiment that did not work out well. The imbalance in this system is becoming more apparent every day, and worse, it is causing more devastation every day, with financial losses to millions of people around the globe.

Bitcoin; The only alternative to the financial system in the future

The credibility of Bitcoin as the only reliable alternative to get out of the vicious circle of the current system in which we are stuck is growing day by day.

This vision is true and it’s good for many people Buy Bitcoin leads to. If you are in a situation where you feel ready to buy Bitcoin, I have to remind you for the last time that your entry into the Bitcoin revolution is truly exceptional.

To be successful and have complete fun in the world of Bitcoin, you must have 5 basic features. If you do not have these features, I can tell you right now that buying bitcoins is not for you.

Since I (author: Sylvain Charles) is a Bitcoin fan, my goal is definitely not to discourage you from buying this digital currency for life. On the contrary, I believe that buying bitcoin and entering this unique revolution will change your life.

However, in order for the Bitcoin revolution to change your life, you have to get in the right way. This means increasing your awareness of your current limitations. If you have weaknesses in this area, it is better to work on them by increasing your level of knowledge and awareness.

Then, you can take action and get the best opportunities. Let’s look at the basic features of a successful Bitcoin investor:

1. Motivate to learn more

The traditional education system has probably captured your mind in a certain way. You never learned anything special about money or economics in this system. Everything in the education system goes in such a way that you are completely unaware of such issues.

The famous Henry Ford explained the reason for this very well:

Do not buy bitcoins, if you do not have these 5 basic features!

It is very good that the people of the country do not know anything about our monetary system and banking, because if they did, I am sure that there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

Henry Ford – Legendary Entrepreneur

Before buying Bitcoin, you should find out for yourself why the current system is full of flaws. You have to do enough research to finally open your eyes to this ugly fact: the current system is not reformable.

You can only reach this level of understanding if you are always eager to learn more. 

This is possible through further study. You need to be able to read a lot. Bitcoin encourages you to think about different issues and make decisions. The success of Bitcoin lies in the fact that with Bitcoin, everyone is free to have any opinion about the truth.

If you do not have this basic feature, it is better not to buy bitcoin at all; Because, sooner or later, you will regret it.

2. Real confidence in bitcoin

Do not buy bitcoins, if you do not have these 5 basic features!

People who do not have enough desire to learn and regret choosing bitcoin do not have real confidence in the bitcoin revolution.

In March 2020 (March 98), when The price of Bitcoin reached $ 3,800 And it lost 50% of its value, you had to have full confidence in the revolution of this digital currency.

People who do not trust bitcoin sell and lose whatever bitcoins they have when the price drops.

You have to accept the fact that Bitcoin is a real financial revolution. Bitcoin is more money than technology. Do not be afraid to introduce another digital currency with seemingly better technology to replace bitcoin.

The main competition is not about technology, but about monetary and financial features, and in this area, the real revolution has already taken place with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a unique innovation in human history. From now on, bitcoin will gradually improve to become a better and more complete version each time.

This complete trust and confidence in Bitcoin will help you to adopt the best possible strategy. The best possible strategy is, of course, the simplest:A HODLer Become a bitcoin and keep this digital currency for a long time.

3. being patient

To be a bitcoin handler, you have to be able to wait. Many find bitcoin hoodling a tedious strategy. They are right! And that’s exactly why bitcoin hoodling works so well.

Billionaire George Source once said:

Do not buy bitcoins, if you do not have these 5 basic features!

If investing is fun and if you enjoy investing, you probably have no income. Good investment is boring.

George Source – Great Investor

Bitcoin is not a game, but bitcoin is a very serious issue; A real revolution that is happening in front of your eyes. By buying bitcoin, you are consciously supporting a revolution that aims to create a better world for all in the future.

It takes time for the Bitcoin revolution to reach its full potential. If you can not be patient enough, do not buy bitcoins; Because you may make bad decisions because of your impatience.

Some of the wrong decisions that may tempt you are:

  • Buying a worthless digital currency that claims to be the next bitcoin. It is better to remember that bitcoin itself is actually the next bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin trading (continuous trading) without having the necessary trading skills
  • Selling bitcoins when prices fall, for fear that the price of bitcoins will reach zero.

Therefore, it is better to think more before buying bitcoin. If you’re not patient enough, you may not know enough about bitcoin and money in general. In this case, re-read the first point of this article.

The day you are ready to enter the Bitcoin revolution, you will be pleased that bitcoin biting is a tedious strategy. This will give you more opportunities to increase your knowledge of Bitcoin.

4. Emotion control

In a previous quote from Source Source, he explained why investing should not be fun. A successful investment is a tedious investment. The fun part of streaming is the search for something to invest in. This search accounts for only 1% of the time required for a successful investment.

The other 99% of the time investing, you have to be patient and wait for the right decision.

With Bitcoin, you have found your successful investment. If you have complete confidence in the Bitcoin revolution, you can be sure of the success of your investment. The rest depends only on your patience. If you are patient, you can control your emotions.

An interesting example of mistakes people make because they have no control over their emotions:

Recently, Internet celebrity David Portnoy released a very popular video stating that he bought more than $ 250,000 worth of bitcoins. Known for his excitement, he explained that he intends to make millions of dollars in this investment.

Do not buy bitcoins, if you do not have these 5 basic features!
David Portnoy among the Winklows brothers, bitcoin millionaires

Less than 15 days later, when the price rose from $ 12,400 to $ 11,200, David Portnoy sold his bitcoin stock for fear of losing capital. This bitcoin fluctuation in a few hours is not a strange thing.

People who spend their time studying bitcoin and how it works are well aware that bitcoin fluctuations are just a feature of this digital currency and not a flaw.

You can turn fluctuations into the best way to make a profit, but only if you have real confidence in Bitcoin. Unfortunately, bitcoin price fluctuations became David Portnoy’s worst enemy, and he sold his bitcoins at a loss. In the process, Portnoy lost more than $ 25,000.

The interesting thing is that Portnoy went back to the stock market because of his excitement Announced That the stock market is much better than Bitcoin.

For me (the author), this is an example of someone who bought Bitcoin without understanding the Bitcoin revolution. When the price of bitcoin fell, David Portnoy allowed his emotions to overwhelm him and he suffered.

Bitcoin is not for you if you can not control your emotions and make decisions based solely on your instincts.

5. Having a long-term vision

Do not buy bitcoins, if you do not have these 5 basic features!

The four basic characteristics we have reviewed also provide you with the fifth characteristic: Having a long-term vision.

In the bitcoin market, you have to have a long-term perspective.

If you buy bitcoin and think that you can make a significant profit from it within the next year, you are wrong and you will soon be in a state of great frustration. Bitcoin is more than just an overnight plan to make money. Bitcoin saves you from the vicious circle of poverty in which your current financial system is drowning.

Second, Bitcoin aims to create a better world for all, a fairer world in which everyone has equal opportunities.

This does not happen overnight. When buying bitcoin, you need to be able to take a long-term view. This way, you can adopt the best bitcoin strategy in the world:

  • Buy Bitcoin
  • Hoodle bitcoin
  • Repeat the previous two steps

This strategy may seem simple, but it has worked since the advent of bitcoin. Usually, the simplest strategies are the best strategies. The same is true of bitcoin.

If you apply this strategy in full detail, you will find your way in the long run.

The more time passes, the more you realize how bitcoin has given your life an extraordinary quality in this chaotic world: the possibility of foresight rather than just a short time.


Bitcoin changes the lives of people who realize its potential for the world to come and are staunch supporters of the Bitcoin revolution. All Bitcoin fans will tell you that Bitcoin has changed their lives. Given the shortcomings of the current financial system, we now have an alternative to Bitcoin.

If you have the above 5 basic features, you can buy bitcoin and enjoy the pleasure of participating in the revolution of this digital currency. Of course, if you have not already bought bitcoin, I strongly advise you not to rush.

Learn more, and when the time comes, you will see that Bitcoin is our only alternative in the world today.