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A Letter To People Who Do Not Yet Have Bitcoin

Gigi, author of Digital Currencies in an article Recently released, it addresses people who do not yet have bitcoins. 

In the letter, Gigi explained in detail why, regardless of the bitcoin price fluctuations, everyone in the community should buy a little bit of bitcoin to avoid this “revolution.” You can read this note below.

All content below is the personal opinion of the author (Gigi).

I am writing this letter to you because I am absolutely convinced of two facts. The first is that the current monetary system is completely broken, and the second is that using superior money in the long run will benefit you in particular and society in general.

Money is a sensitive issue, and most people are reluctant to talk about it, either because they do not have enough money and are ashamed of it or because they have a lot of money and are afraid. The number of people who have information about the nature of money is very small, and given that money is one of the fundamental tools of our civilization, this is very surprising.

Our world, as well as the world of money, has undergone many changes over the past few decades, but what worries me is that the nature of our monetary system infrastructure has not changed for the better. Knowing the simple fact that governments around the world are creating thousands of billions of dollars out of nothing is a testament to how far our monetary system has come from reality.

My hope is that this letter will sow the seeds of a better future in your mind. One of the reasons for writing this letter is my concern about events that have not yet happened. Of course, this time I will not write this letter out of despair, because this time we have a way out of this situation; An alternative solution.

Alternative solution

You have all heard the name Bitcoin. Nowadays, the name of Bitcoin and references to it can be found in many news agencies, television networks and popular culture manifestations such as The Simpsons, Mr. Robot, The Big Bang Theory, Anatomy Gray, Silicon Valley, Family Guy and Like them, heard many times. But the concept of bitcoin is deeper than anything you know or think about bitcoin.

Letters to people who do not have bitcoins yet
CNN headline: Bitcoin is the future of money.

Despite the widespread coverage of Bitcoin in the public media, it must be acknowledged that its nature and role in the world is still unknown to many people.

But these days, even the public media’s view of the phenomenon is changing, thanks to growing interventions in the monetary system by the Federal Reserve and other similar institutions. Bitcoin is no longer considered the equivalent of criminal activity and DarkWeb money. These days Bitcoin is becoming the equivalent of real money, a bulwark against the existing financial system, a vote for freedom and a new belief.

If you are reading this article and do not have any bitcoins yet, it is time to think about buying it. Buy a fewSatoshi It has never been so easy to become the smallest recipient of future digital money.

Of course, keep in mind that in this article I will not talk about how Bitcoin works, its fascinating and mysterious past, its unique design, and its cryptographic system or game theory. I am not talking about economic theories, monetary characteristics, or the history of money. Many sources have already addressed these issues. This is supposed to be a letter, not a book.


For now, I have only one piece of advice for you, and that is to save Satoshi whenever you can.

Start saving Satoshi today

A letter to people who do not yet have Bitcoin

Maybe you are one of those people who think you are late for a party and you have missed an opportunity. This is a wrong idea. The party has not started yet, Bitcoin will continue to move forward, increase its volume and value and swallow the Fiat currencies that currently dominate the world.

You ask, how do I know that bitcoin is still in its infancy? Although many people have heard of bitcoin, the number of people who own and use it is very small. In addition, if we compare the market value of bitcoin with other assets or currencies, we see that bitcoin still has a lot of room for growth.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin market valueIt is about $ 170 billion, while the total value of the gold market is about $ 9 trillion, which is 65 times that of Bitcoin. The value of the global real estate market is $ 227 trillion (equivalent to 1,664 times the total bitcoins). It is possible for Bitcoin to absorb part of the real estate capital or all of the capital in the gold market and oust them and other types of assets. Of course, I repeat that we are still in the early stages of growth of this asset.

We are in the period of Satoshi re-evaluating the world.
Bitcoin Tina

Buying and storing bitcoins is a very sensitive task and there is a possibility of irreparable mistakes, cheating and losing access to your bitcoins forever. Always try to increase your literacy in this field and do not leave the aspect of caution.

Unfortunately, I did not have access to someone with a lot of knowledge about Bitcoin and a good understanding of its issues. I did not have a friend who told me to “trust me and buy some bitcoins” or better yet, to say “trust me and regularly buy only a few bitcoins at a time.”

I want to play this person for you, and this is what I want to say to you as a friend; Start saving Satoshi today. What if you have already started this work? If not here’s a new product just for you! It’s not as difficult as you think.

Why do we need bitcoins?

We and our community need bitcoin more than we need bitcoin. Money is a vital tool for any large-scale partnership. Money is a tool for measuring, a solution to the problem of commodity-to-commodity exchanges, and a tool for storing wealth. In short, having money is critical to the proper functioning of a complex society. But the occurrence of a series of financial crises, as well as events surrounding the outbreak of a particular virus, showed us how dysfunctional and flawed our monetary system is.

The root of the problem with traditional money is the amount of trust it takes to function properly. In this system, it should be possible to trust the central bank so as not to devalue the currency; But the history of Fiat currencies is replete with events in which this trust has been tarnished.
Satoshi Nakamoto

The virus reminded us not only of the fragility of human lives, but also of the fragility of supply chains and other global systems. But most importantly, the virus showed us how ridiculous our monetary system is. In just a few days, we went from printing billions to printing trillions of banknotes, then minting trillions of dollars in platinum coins, and finally to quantitative easing and unlimited cash.

Economists and statesmen talk about saving the economy, injecting liquidity, quantifying facilitation, reverse redemption agreements, and rescuing organizations larger than they are from going bankrupt, and doing everything they can to delay this inevitable collapse. (Quantitative facilitation is the increase in the monetary base by purchasing certain amounts of financial reserves from commercial banks and other private entities.)

The language of these statesmen may seem very elegant and glorious; But their consequences are very simple, and this consequence is nothing but the failure and failure of one of the vital tools of our civilization. When this tool finally breaks under the constant pressure it is subjected to, the result will be nothing but hyperinflation. The consequences of hyperinflation are always the same for everyone in society; Decreased purchasing power and value of money saved. In this case, it does not matter if you have hidden your money under a rug or in a bank deposit account.

The world is crazy and its system is broken.

Ray Dalio

Our debt-based monetary system, as Ray Dalio beautifully explains, is a broken system. Bitcoin will solve this problem; but how?

Bitcoin is not based on debt, its supply is very limited and it is still becoming more limited. Bitcoin cannot be produced arbitrarily and lacks a gatekeeper and a guardian and a central power that can corrupt it.

The Bitcoin is a drug for our modern monetary theory. We must untie this complex bundle of Fiat money from the rest of the world.

The best money we have ever had

Bitcoin monetary features are designed from the beginning to be superior to all other forms of money. Bitcoin is highly portable, quite rare, easily verifiable and durable, and extraordinarily resistant to censorship. According to one of my friends; Bitcoin is like a unique piece of gold that flies into a PayPal account. Bitcoin is the best currency we have ever had.

No central power has given these features to Bitcoin. The fact that these features are naturally born from within the system is just as important as it is beautiful. Bitcoin is the money of the people, for the people and for the people. Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone and anyone can use it and check its records.

Buy land. Such goods are no longer produced.

Will Rogers

Will Rogers’ idea is absolutely correct. Rarity is value . But bitcoin as a value storage tool has many advantages over real estate, land and even gold. None of the other assets can be transferred over the Internet and other communication devices, and since Bitcoin is pure data, it has the highest value density among all assets. You can store a billion dollars in bitcoin in your brain and maintain your wealth even when your clothes are taken off.

There are many misconceptions about Bitcoin, the most prominent of which are:

Let’s look at each of these together.

Bitcoin is too expensive

By no means is this the case. Do not be fooled by the fanatical phrase “I must have a perfect coin”. Bitcoin is still very cheap. But if you have the same mindset, it is good to know that many people think like you. This mindset has existed since the advent of bitcoin. If your view is still based on Fiat money, Bitcoin will always be expensive for you.

Bitcoin is an old technology

First of all, it should be noted that Bitcoin is more of a monetary invention than a technical invention, and its purpose is to replace the monetary layer of our society, not to provide the next popular app for your smartphone. Second, Bitcoin is evolving at an alarming rate, making it almost impossible to keep up with all the general developments and developments that have taken place.

Bitcoin is too complicated

It is true. It cannot be said that understanding bitcoin is easy. But the same can be said for the existing traditional financial system. Fortunately, using Bitcoin, like all other sophisticated technologies, does not require a full understanding. If so, you probably would not be able to use the Internet, your smartphone or your personal car. Bitcoin is becoming easier to use day by day. Just like the Internet, which was not as easy to use a few decades ago, using bitcoin can be challenging at times.

Bitcoin is a risky and speculative asset

You are not looking for business. Be humble and start saving Satoshi. If you think this strategy is not enough for you, note that over the past 6 years, a portfolio of 5% bitcoin and 95% cash has always outperformed the stock market in terms of profit and risk. Do you still think buying bitcoins is a high risk?

Bitcoin will be pulled down by another coin

Bitcoin is the undisputed king and the only serious claimant of digital scarcity. This currency has the best network effects, the highest level of liquidity and the highest level of scarcity, and its security scale is several times larger than other currencies. No other digital currency is a competitor to Bitcoin in this respect, and I have no intention of banning my digital ink from naming other coins. All I can say about these bitcoin copies is that you should not go to them at all. Although it is difficult to resist the deceptive song of the Shitcoins; But note that their registration is not without reason. Bitcoin cannot be copied. It is a path-based invention in which the winners get everything and there is nothing left for the losers.

Bitcoin is on one side of the field and six coins are on the other side.

Warren Davidson

These coins do not get anywhere. It is better not to go to them; Because nothing but pain and sorrow is waiting for you.

Why is Satoshi storage a better strategy ?

At the moment, $ 1 equals approximately 10,600 Satoshi. You will become a Satoshi millionaire for $ 95. Bitcoin may be expensive; But Satoshi is cheap.

As I explained earlier, bitcoin is highly separable. Again, do not be biased towards the shopping unit. There is enough bitcoin to reach everyone. Trying to buy large amounts of bitcoin usually leads to trying to predict the direction of the market. Satoshi storage removes this psychological pressure. There are many services that make your job easier by automating the Satoshi storage process. You can set this service and leave it as it is. Your savings will grow automatically. You no longer have to worry about the exact timing of transactions, frequent checking of prices or the hassle of the institutions and exchanges in charge of your investment.

We have all heard the saying, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. “The best time after that is now.” The same is true of Satoshi’s stock, except that bitcoin did not exist 20 years ago. Bitcoin is only a little over 11 years old and only a few years have passed since it entered the minds of people around the world.

The best time to buy bitcoin was 10 years ago. The best time after that is now.

I mean, don’t blame yourself for your zero percent share of Bitcoin. It is never too late to move away from zero. I repeat that it is not too late to start and there is still time. You now have the opportunity to exchange other currencies with bitcoins; But in the future, you may have to earn it through work and income. It’s a good idea to look at the fact that if Bitcoin continues to move in the right direction, swapping Fiat for Bitcoin would always be the right thing to do.

Bitcoin is a wealth accumulation game. Understanding this fact, you realize that saving Satoshi is the most sensible strategy of this game. Bitcoin’s constant and inflexible inventory and relatively small market value cause it to fluctuate more than other assets. Of course, compared to recent movements in traditional markets, it can be said that Bitcoin has been relatively stable. Satoshi Storage allows you to ignore market fluctuations. Our focus is on passive accumulation, not trading.

Bitcoin is a new type of money that operates digitally and independently of governments and organizations. It is difficult to block and create inflation and it is easy to send it all over the world. Bitcoin is the best currency we have ever had. The more people who understand this fact, the higher the price will be.

Matt Odell

If you raise the price chart of Bitcoin as long as necessary, you will see that its price movements have always been right and up, and there are reasons to believe that this trend will continue; But even if this uptrend remains intact, the price of bitcoin will still fluctuate for a while. My advice is to ignore the price. Increase your share of Bitcoin above zero. Is there still no Satoshi in your name? Stop being lazy and start saving.

Try to remember these points:

  • Avoid trading.
  • Increase your share of Bitcoin above zero.
  • Automate your purchases using the average dollar cost method (Auto-DCA).
  • Everyone, like you, thinks it’s too late to buy; But there is still a chance.
  • You can buy a fraction of a bitcoin.
  • The third-party entities you trust are the security holes in the system.
  • The length of time you are in the market is more important than predicting when the price will rise or fall.
  • Distinguish between real gold and gold mirage and avoid Shitcoins.

Maybe you are one of those people who think that they do not have enough money to buy and store Satoshi; But I do not agree with you at all. As you read this article, it shows that you can set aside one or two dollars a day to do this. Remember that for a few dollars you can buy thousands of satoshi. Of course, there are also indirect ways to store Satoshi; Methods such as using cashback services, by subscribing to which part of your online shopping in the form of Satoshi will be returned to your address. You can use these services to mark with a double arrow.

Satoshi is still stupidly cheap. I promise you that in the near future there will come a time when you can no longer buy tens of thousands of satoshi for a dollar. The purchasing power of the dollar has been steadily declining, while the purchasing power of bitcoin has historically been steadily increasing. But even if the price of bitcoin rises sharply, you can still get a few satoshi for a dollar or less.

I know you are pessimistic about this. I was pessimistic and skeptical like you one day. It took me a long time to fully understand the concept of bitcoin, and it took even longer for me to trust this magical internet money and buy some of it, and after a while I stopped trading And I started accumulating. I hope that my career saves you time and reduces the hassle of doing so. Start saving Satoshi now. The sooner you do this and automate the process, the better your results will be.

However, you should never neglect the precautionary aspect:

  • Start with low amounts. Spend money so that losing it does not bankrupt you.
  • Be humble. Do not be greedy and do not exaggerate yourself.
  • Bitcoins that do not have a password do not belong to you. Do not trust trust institutions and exchange offices and remember that the third parties you trust are the security holes of this system.
  • Do not trust anyone and be sure of the identity of your audience. Always assume that everyone wants to put a hat on your head.
  • Do the research yourself. Bitcoin is inherently open and free, and you are free to study its nature and how it works.

Today is the best time to start bitcoin accumulation. There are many services these days that convert a certain amount of your country’s current currency into a digital currency on a weekly, monthly or daily basis. Of course, I do not offer any special services in this regard; Because these services are likely to find new competitors very soon. It’s up to you to find the right service for you. Contact someone closest to Bitcoin, and if you find that he or she has no knowledge of Satoshi accumulation, look for a more introverted person.

 Owning Bitcoin is one of the most surprising investments that people around the world can make.
Vijay Boyapati

It is true that bitcoin is actually an investment in the future; But I do not necessarily see it as a risky investment. In my opinion, bitcoin is not an asset that should be sold for dollars, euros or Japanese yen.

Remember Morpheus’s answer to Neo in the most famous trilogy of the Matrix?

Are you ready to get started?

Exchanging Fiat money with Bitcoin is a transition from an inherently fragile system to a resilient one. Buying bitcoins guarantees your wealth and the vote to build a more transparent, carefree and vibrant infrastructure for society. I believe that Bitcoin still has a lot of room for growth, so the sooner you become familiar with this emerging currency, the better you can prepare for its increasing purchasing power. So it is better to start saving Satoshi as soon as possible. I also believe that you understand the meaning of bitcoin when you are ready to do so, so that you will have the first bitcoin deduction.

You will soon realize that owning a bitcoin requires personal responsibility. You need to research it yourself and learn how to use and store it and other things that are usually suffer by a third party. Nothing in life is free, and the price of the freedoms that Bitcoin gives you is personal responsibility.

Bitcoin is waiting for you whenever you are ready.

Bitcoin is never losing and no one can stop you if you want to buy it. The Bitcoin, whether you use it or not, is always at your service and this is one of the beauties of Bitcoin.

I agree that Bitcoin is a strange monster. Bitcoin is complex, confusing, and perhaps a little scary; But the sooner you become friends with this strange creature, the better you can equip yourself for the future, and I think the best way to make friends with it is to save Satoshi. as I said before; Buy bitcoins is not as difficult as you think.