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Mobile internet business ideas

With the expansion of the Internet and the development of the world of technology, earning money with a mobile phone has become very popular. The important advantage of a mobile business is that you don’t need any special initial expenses. Today, all people have a smartphone and can reach an acceptable income by means of this mobile phone.

Here we are going to fully review the methods of making money with mobile phones. Pay attention that making money with mobile phones is not a difficult task and you just need to be familiar with the right methods of doing this and earn money in the right and basic way. Please stay with us until the end of the article.

Why should we think about doing business with mobile despite having a traditional job?

You may ask why it is necessary to have an internet business despite having a traditional job and acceptable income. It’s great that you have a decent income in this economic climate, but keep in mind that if you go on a seven-day trip, you have no resources to replace the lost business profits during that one week. But in the mobile internet business, you can earn money anywhere and anytime.

Bill Gates says that if traditional businesses do not find a way to enter the Internet, they will soon fail. In order to prevent failure and promote your traditional business, it is better to think about reviving your traditional business in virtual spaces.


Mobile business without initial capital

Is it possible to earn money with mobile without initial investment? In answer to this question, it should be said yes, you can earn money through your mobile phone with the lowest cost. If you have a special talent or skill and you can make interesting videos and posts with it, you can work and earn money through different social networks such as Instagram.

For example, if you have a special talent and can become a comedian, you can find your audience by making comedy and attractive clips and uploading them on Instagram. You and those around you may believe that you are doing your job well, but you don’t have high views on Instagram; To solve this problem, you can start with proper and basic advertisements with low costs to increase your page views.

Do we need to get a license for mobile business?

There is usually no need to get a license to do business with a mobile phone. Licensing is usually done after Internet businesses grow. Note that if you get involved in obtaining various and colorful licenses from the beginning, your company may not be profitable after a while and you will have to liquidate it, which will result in heavy costs for you.

Also, by getting a license, you will have to pay taxes at the very beginning. We recommend that you delay getting a license until your company grows and develops. But if you want to make a contract with the post company, for example, the cost of the shipment will be charged after delivery to the customer, then you have to get permission.
Ideas for mobile business

Making money with mobile by making an application

Making useful and functional applications has generated a lot of income for people in recent years. For this reason, many people today are busy learning the knowledge of making applications, so that after learning it, they can produce their desired applications.

One of the best places to sell your apps is Cafe Bazaar. Of course, your sales are not limited to this program and there are more ways to sell your developed applications.

Making money with mobile by cooperating with application developers

If you don’t have the knowledge to make an app, but you have a very good and practical idea in mind, you can share this idea with an app developer. If the developer likes your idea and works on it, after the idea comes to fruition and it is profitable, you will receive a commission from this application.

Earn money with mobile through advertising

Business owners tend to increase their sales and develop their business by advertising on online platforms. In mobile business, you can start advertising by setting up an Instagram or Telegram page and increasing the number of members and followers. By placing each ad on your page, you will receive a decent amount, but it may take some time to increase the number of followers, so you can choose another way.

For example, you can be an intermediary between an advertiser and an advertiser. Because business owners usually don’t have time to look for advertising pages. For this reason, a person as an intermediary receives the desired advertisement and gives it to various advertising channels and pages and takes some of the advertising cost for himself.


Making money with mobile through content creation

Owners of large pages and channels with a large number of followers need to produce constant content. But they may not be able to produce continuous and quality content. For this reason, there are some people who do these things in exchange for receiving a certain amount.

Content production in mobile business may be in the form of images, audio, text or video. So to do this you usually need photo editing skills, editing skills, etc. Of course, today there are various applications that do these things. Therefore, it is better to learn how to work with these applications.

Making money through social media management

Owners of big and famous channels and pages may need to hand over their entire page and channel to other people, except for handing over content production. In this case, the person in question must have the ability to use and work professionally with Telegram and Instagram social networks. These people produce content on a daily basis and do the management work of Pitch.

Making money by creating a second-hand goods market

For mobile business, you can buy other people’s second-hand goods at a low and reasonable price using the Telegram or Instagram application; Then sell them at higher prices by sharing their images on social media.

Earn money by selling Instagram likes and followers

Professional sections in the Instagram application are activated only for pages with at least ten thousand followers. For this reason, many people tend to increase their followers to over ten thousand people as soon as possible to access these facilities. As a result, they need to buy followers.

Some other people also like to increase their page likes; That’s why they buy likes. For this, there are systems by which you can increase the likes and followers of the pages and receive an amount from the owners of these pages.

Earn money through online brokerage

Another way to do business with mobile is online samsari. If you have a samsari, you can sell them by posting a picture of samsari items on social networks. But if you don’t have enough capital to create a samsari, you can talk to the samsaris in your city and if they want, take pictures of the available items and publish them on social networks. Every customer who makes a purchase from Samsari through your published images will also receive a commission.

Earn money through consulting and training

If you have a special university education, or you have a special skill, you can teach them to others through social networks and receive tuition in return. You can also use Telegram and Instagram social networks for this. In this way, first you publish basic training on your pages, then you get paid for training more practical and complex skills and methods.



Earn money by installing the application

Today, there are companies that deposit money into your account for installing the application.
In fact, the purpose of these companies is to check the functionality of mobile applications. As a result, if you are interested in working with new applications, you can cooperate with these companies and receive a payment from them for installing these applications.