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How to have a creative advertising banner?

A creative advertising banner is implemented with a pure idea. Designers simultaneously design simple, attractive, and creative banners that attract the audience in this way. Don’t underestimate advertising banner design for small businesses! As a rule, the smaller the business, the more it needs to be introduced and seen. Stay with us to learn how to make and the principles of making a creative advertising banner.

Are banners effective for marketing?

The answer is definitely yes. According to the advertising banner strategy, advertising banners have the task of marketing at affordable prices. Because designing, producing, and sharing advertising banners is cheaper than other forms of advertising. Please publish and share advertising banners in virtual space; it is not expensive and provides more visibility for the brand owner. Advertising banner strategy allows users to see and be attracted to advertising banners in the virtual and online space. Banners are effective for marketing and increasing audience and user awareness of the brand.

Publishing and sharing advertising banners on related websites provide this opportunity to be more visible to the audience. Therefore, the introduced brand becomes more known. Over time, there are many audiences who know the banner advertising brand. It can be said that marketing provides the basis for increasing brand awareness because the audience knows your products and services. Banner advertising strategy is related to a specific group of people. Designed banner ads are published on relevant websites and target specific customers.

According to the advertising banner strategy, the audience should be identified, and the desired product or service presented. When the audience comes across an advertising banner related to their search topic, they curiously follow the advertising banner. Consider an audience that comes across an unrelated ad banner, in which case it is not attracted and gets a conflicting feeling towards that ad. Advertising banner marketing is not short-term and temporary, but a long-term banner advertising strategy is fruitful over time.

How to design a creative advertising banner?

1- Using standard sizes

One of the main things that must be observed in designing a creative advertising banner is the size of the banner. The size of the designed advertising banner should be compatible with the publisher’s website and related websites. The most effective sizes in creative advertising banner design include 600 x 120 pixels, 90 x 728 pixels, 250 x 300 pixels, 250 x 970 pixels, and 100 x 300 pixels. Among the mentioned cases, only the dimensions of 120 x 600 pixels are vertical, and the other dimensions are horizontal.

2- Maintaining order

One of the most basic features of a creative advertising banner is to establish balance in the advertising text. Following the order below will increase brand awareness and increase website traffic.

Company logo: Using the brand logo in advertising banner design is extremely important and necessary. Brand awareness depends on the use of the company logo.

Proposed value: Creatively designed advertising banner should offer a service or product with special conditions. Providing a value proposition impresses the audience and makes the banner ad more popular.

Call To Action button: The call to action button is designed on the advertising banner and connects the audience to the advertiser’s website. The call-to-action button is generally designed under titles such as “Get Started,” “Learn More,” or “See Now.” Basically, the call-to-action button is placed at the central point of the advertising banner to attract the viewer’s attention.

3- Creating a specific framework

Although designing a banner is easy, it is necessary to follow the principles of design. The advertising banner must be in a specific box to have its effect. The specific frame size can vary depending on the designer. The minimum frame size should be 1 inch.

4- Correct and optimal use of buttons

We mentioned earlier that one of the effective factors in creative advertising banner design is the existence of a call to action button. The most important button that is used in creative advertising banner design is the call to action button. The position of the call-to-action button is very important in a way that increases the click-through rate of the landing website.

5- Maintaining the simplicity of the designed banner

Another effective factor in creative advertising banner design is maintaining simplicity in banner design. Cluttered-looking ads aren’t effective, but simple banner ads are incredibly effective. Of course, the simplicity of a creative advertising banner does not necessarily mean that it is soulless, but rather the use of all items while maintaining beauty and simplicity. You can click to learn about the attractive advertising banner.

6- Effective text

The audience should read the advertisement text with one comment. The size and font of the advertisement text are important. The entire text of the creative advertising banner should be written in a few lines (at least four lines). Writing information such as office address, contact number, address of virtual networks, and email in the advertisement text is wrong. Click to learn about the article “Advertising banner strategy.”

7- Use of moving images

Every graphic designer knows a moving advertising banner is more effective than a static one. A static advertising banner, at a glance, has a chance to affect the audience, but a moving advertising banner can have an impact on the audience for a longer time. On the other hand, most of the audience is attracted to animated banner ads. The maximum duration of the animated advertising banner is 15 seconds. To study “social network banner design,” you can proceed through the link.

Linking a creative advertising banner to connect to the landing page of the website

By clicking the call-to-action button, the visitor is not connected to the homepage of the website. Rather, the audience connects to the website’s landing page by clicking the call-to-action button. The home page of the website is a bit confusing at first glance. Therefore, the website’s landing page is highly useful in attracting the audience. You can log in to get to know the raw advertising banner.

Examples of creative advertising banners in the world

You can see the example of the world’s creative advertising banners in foreign (websites and applications) references (in English). External references are all updated and have displayed various examples. All the artists use foreign and English references and follow these references. Foreign websites are unlimited; you can refer to valid foreign and English websites. Basically, to be successful in this field, knowing English is very helpful. Therefore, graphic designers (graphics) fluent in English can easily read the content on the website and get informed about the news and designs of the day.

A great number of creative advertising banners have been designed and produced by the graphic designers in the collection. You can see the principles of proper design and the features of a creative advertising banner in the designed banners. Viewing the portfolio of designers helps the graphic designer to create new and creative ideas. In other words, it gives the designer a line of thought.

The role of attractiveness and creativity in the success of a banner

All the effective items in the creative advertising banner design were mentioned, all for you, dear ones. The advertising banner has a limited time to influence the viewer and attract the viewer. Therefore, the more creative the designed banner is, the faster the audience and viewer will be attracted. An advertising banner is like a shop window. Consider walking past a shop window! You don’t see the work’s quality, but the shop window’s design and decoration attract attention.

The advertising banner has a similar story to the shop window. The audience initially does not see the quality of the products and services, but the banner’s attractiveness and creativity attract the viewer. You can click to learn about fixed and moving banner design services.

Ordering all kinds of creative and professional banner ads

Creative advertising banner design is different depending on the topic and content of the banner. Basically, graphic designers use items related to the subject to design a creative and professional banner. For example, nature and events related to the topic are used, and a new idea is created to design and produce a creative advertising banner. You can click to inquire about the cost of banner design.

The best advertising banner design strategies

The best banner design strategy is to have a clear purpose for the design. Each banner serves a specific purpose. At the time of design, the graphic designer must include the brand’s purpose in the advertising banner. Advertising without a goal does not bring results. Therefore, you should include a specific purpose in the design. The main goal of all advertising banners is to attract customers, but the process of attracting customers should be in accordance with the advertising banner strategy. Each advertising banner with a specific purpose affects its audience and attracts the audience.

The proposed value of the brand should be expressed in the advertising banner. The expression of the proposed value should be completely attractive and transparent so that the audience fully understands the value of the offered products or services. Basically, the audience is not attracted to your products or services! Rather, they are attracted to your offer! This is an indisputable fact. The value proposition provided may be a special discount or a free product.

Every graphic designer (graphics) knows that the advertising banner must be equipped with a CTA button to connect the audience from the advertising banner to the landing brand website. How to design a CTA depends entirely on the designer. You can click to learn about the advertising banner design format. Advertising banners should make eye contact with the audience. Establishing eye contact with the audience (viewer of the advertising banner) depends on the correct design of the banner. You can click to learn more about the enlarging advertising banner.


In order to place an order for advertising banner design, you can enter the website and view samples of graphic designers’ work. For more information, contact the website consultants. After receiving advice, register your order. The price announced in the collection is extremely reasonable and low compared to other colleagues. The quality of creative advertising banners produced is extremely higher than others.