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Artificial Intelligence Came To Instagram Story

Artificial Intelligence Came To Instagram Story

Instagram’s New Feature Makes Users’ Stories More Attractive By Using Artificial Intelligence. Read On For New Details Of This Instagram Feature.

With the ever-increasing development of artificial intelligence, productive tools based on artificial intelligence, which, ironically, are easy to use even for the general public, have entered daily affairs more than ever.

One of the examples should be considered the new feature of Instagram, which you can use during the day to post a story. This feature, called Backdrop, generates a new image for the story’s background according to the user’s description.

Ability to create a background for an Instagram story with artificial intelligence

“Ahmad Al-Dahle,” the director of Instagram’s artificial intelligence department, recently introduced this new feature on Twitter and shared a short tutorial video.

The Backdrop icon appears on the top of the screen when you upload a photo in the story section or take a picture with your phone’s camera. This icon, in the form of a rectangular frame with a dummy, is next to icons such as text and music. Tapping on it removes the background of the uploaded photo, and the user has to describe precisely what background they want for their image.

Of course, Instagram displays stories edited this way with the tag “AI·Backdrop by Instagram.”

It also shows a sticker to other users to encourage them to use this feature to edit their stories.

Creating backgrounds for stories with artificial intelligence is now available to Instagram users in the United States. In mid-December, the Instagram development team introduced 28 artificial intelligence-based characters in all its applications, including Instagram for American users. It even made it possible to use the Bing search engine.