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10 Interesting Applications Of Android Phones That You May Not Know About

10 Interesting Applications Of Android Phones That You May Not Know About

Android Phones Have Attractive Applications Such As Managing Daily Tasks, Turning Into A Car Switch, Charging Other Devices Or Being Used As A Web Server.

Undoubtedly, Android phones are one of the most popular smart gadgets in the world, but probably many users are unaware of the attractive features and applications of Android phones. These smartphones have unknown attractive features that can affect the users’ daily lives.

From turning your phone into a home security system and automatically doing your daily tasks with the help of Google Assistant to navigating social media and chatting with friends, all are possible using phones equipped with the Android platform. Fitness enthusiasts can turn the phone into a fitness tracker by pairing it with biometric scanners.

Attractive application of Android phones

Android’s reverse charging feature can act as a power bank in an emergency. Each feature showcases the compatibility and power of Android phones, making them an essential tool in modern life. To make the most of your phone, here we have presented a list of 10 exciting applications for Android phones that many of you probably do not know about.

1- Versatile remote control

One of the features that most Android users ignore is the ability to turn the phone into a remote control. It doesn’t require an expensive smart home system; many home devices, from TVs to ovens and air conditioners, all work using infrared signals, so they can all be controlled using your smartphone.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

Several apps can turn a smartphone into a remote control, provided your home device supports remote control. Since the number of smart gadgets is increasing day by day, there are many appliances that you can control remotely using your phone. For example, by turning your Android phone into a versatile remote control, you can control the appliances and devices in your kitchen, even when you are away from home.

2- Split screen and multitasking

Many devices offer features such as split screen and multitasking. While these features are helpful, they are sometimes not as efficient as a second display or second device. Even if you don’t have a second monitor, you can watch videos, play music, and access your computer’s webcam with your phone. But for this, you need to use the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature or adjust the size of the windows.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

Using your phone as a webcam or a second monitor frees up the computer’s visual space and processing power. There are even connectors to connect it to a computer monitor or laptop. This method can be beneficial and even better because most webcams offer much lower quality than Android phones.

In addition, the operating system of most Android phones has PiP capability. You can also watch videos on YouTube while using your phone. This feature is excellent and valuable for watching videos while playing games.

3- Tracker for fitness

One of the attractive applications of Android phones is that you can turn your Android phone into a comprehensive fitness tracker by using sports programs and a biometric scanner like a smartwatch or a dedicated device like Fitbit. While many fitness apps work even without a biometric scanner, pairing them with a scanner can provide more comprehensive information about your exercise activity.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

Ten attractive applications for Android phones

Using fitness apps, you can also track the number of steps you take throughout the day to ensure you’re getting the walking you need. These programs can be beneficial if you spend most of your time behind a computer or laptop.

If you care about your health, you can track your calorie intake using these apps and have a healthy and balanced diet plan. Some apps can offer exercise programs based on weight and body type. To download and install these applications, go to Google Play Store and download your favorite sports program based on your wishes.

4- Sound level measurement

If you’ve ever had one of your neighbors complain about the noise of a party you threw at midnight, you can use your Android phone as a sound meter to prevent this from happening. Sound meter apps use your phone’s receivers to read the decibels of their room.

Although this feature is not considered your daily need, measuring the decibel level can be helpful for your hearing health. For example, if you have taken a new office or workspace, determining the noise level of the environment and the conversations of people there will show you whether the walls have good sound insulation.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

In addition, as we mentioned above, sound meters can be effective in your hearing health. Any ambient noise below 70 decibels is safe and does not harm your hearing. So, if you think the noise in your home is too high, you can use this feature to ensure this.

If you are permanently exposed to a sound of more than 70 decibels, it can damage your hearing. In addition, another issue to consider is the percussion sound. A percussive sound of more than 120 decibels can damage people’s hearing. If you feel that the ambient noise is too loud, it is better to check with a sound meter and see if you need hearing protection.

5- Web server

One of the other exciting Android phones uses it as a dedicated web server to host your site or network. Instead of hosting through web hosting, you can use your Android phone to run an entire site.

If your site files are large or you own a professional site, you will have problems with data storage and size. But if you want to use your phone as a server for a mundane personal site or an all-text site, you won’t have a problem.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

Some applications do all the technical aspects in the background. Applications such as Servers Ultimate or Tiny Web are installed directly on your Android phone and provide the necessary items for initial setup with a static or dynamic IP address. Then, it would be best to use DNS to help you get your site up and running. You can’t usually edit your site directly from your phone, but you can upload the files you need to change your website this way.

Using Android as a personal web server is a great way to test your startup projects and ideas. This can initially reduce the cost of buying a server and is an excellent way to publish your desired content online quickly.

6- Security camera or baby monitor

One of the most valuable uses that your old Android phone can have is turning it into a home security system. For this, some applications can turn your old phone into a camera. Converting an Android phone into a simple security camera is not complex and expensive.

For this, you have to choose an application in the Google Play Store and download it. After launching that app, you can give it access to your phone’s camera and speakers to use as a security camera. Although some security camera apps are free, you may need to pay $5 to $25 to install some apps.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

These DIY security systems are versatile and allow you to monitor your home remotely. You can even use this security camera to monitor and protect your child, child or pet. Since your old smartphone has a camera and speaker, you don’t need to spend money and add other hardware. You may eventually need to get a tripod to place the phone.

In addition, you can use your old phone as a dash cam in your car. Some applications have a cloud storage feature that allows you to record several days of data. This information is uploaded to the cloud, so if your old phone is damaged, you can quickly recover its videos and saved data.

7- Reverse charge

Many new Android phones have reverse charging capabilities. Although it is not recommended to use this feature, it can help when necessary. The reverse charging feature turns your phone into an emergency power bank. Instead of needing an outlet or power source, your Android phone’s charging charges things like accessories and…

10 attractive applications of Android phones

Not all phones have this feature, but most new Android phones are limited to reverse charging settings. To find out if your phone supports reverse charging, search for its name and model in your browser or enter the battery settings of that phone. If it has this feature, you can turn it on or off through battery settings.

Some Android phones even offer reverse wireless charging.

It is enough to activate the reverse charging feature through the phone’s battery settings and place your phone on a surface, such as a table, etc., on its back. The wireless charging part is usually located on the back of the phone, so to start charging, you need to place your other device behind the phone that offers reverse wireless charging. Just note that this method of charging is usually slower than wired charging, and you also need to ensure there is nothing between the phone and the device you’re charging.

8- Car starter (digital key)

Those who live in very hot or very cold areas will realize the value and effectiveness of this trick. Using an Android phone to start the car remotely can be very useful and efficient. If it happened to you that you woke up early to go to your workplace on a snowy morning and waited for the car heater to heat up and the ice on the windshield to melt, this trick would be of great help to you.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

Ten attractive applications for Android phones

The digital key lets you start your car remotely or from home. When you are getting ready, you can start your vehicle and turn on the heater using a button. This way, when you enter the car, the interior is heated, and you don’t have to wait. However, this feature is not for everyone. This feature can usually be used in new cars with a digital switch.

9- Easy management of daily tasks with Routines

Android phones do more than you think. For example, Google Assistant is much more advanced than simply answering mundane questions. The Routines feature of Google’s voice assistant can automate any smart device connected to it.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

This automation lets you control appliances such as lights, TVs, etc., through Google’s voice assistant on your Android phone. For example, you can set a routine that when you pick up your phone and say “good morning,” the bright lights in your room will turn on, and the coffee maker will prepare a cup of hot coffee for you.

The automatic routine can be managed in the same way. If you turn on the TV at the set time, this system can adjust the speakers, screen dimming, etc. You can set these to run automatically in certain situations or when you say a specific phrase.

10- typing with one hand

You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to speed up your typing to speed up your writing. It may be difficult for you to learn to type with keyboards, Especially when we are used to typing with our smartphones with one hand.

Phone keyboards have come a long way since the old T9 keyboard (you need to press each critical multiple times to write each letter). For example, Google’s Gboard program has dramatically increased your typing speed thanks to features such as word prediction and Swipe typing on smartphone keyboards.

10 attractive applications of Android phones

Ten attractive applications for Android phones

Instead of hitting each key individually, this method allows you to drag your finger from one letter to another without lifting it and write the desired words smoothly and continuously. Gboard intelligently predicts the word you want based on tracking the movement pattern of your fingers on the keyboard. This method makes writing messages very convenient for you; you can type with one hand while doing other things.