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10 chrome flags you should activate in your browser

chrome flags

Reader Mode

If you are one of who those search a lot on web this ability can help you .

Reader Mode deletes all visual items that can distract you .

this ability can be used when you are reading a long content because deleting extra items can cause extra focus .

Focus Mode

Sometimes you intend to survey a specific page more accurate . Focus Mode offers a cleaner interface to you by opening a new tab and delete items like search bar .

Impulse – Style Scroll Animation

The main idea is every mouse scroll movement imitates based on physics .

moving mouse scroll , the content moves faster but after a while gets slower because of friction .

Tab groups

Has it ever occurred to you when you open multiple tabs and you cannot focus ?

Tab groups item is an ability that helps to grouping and managing multiple tabs better .

PDF Two-Up View

If you are interested in reading PDF , this flag can help you so much .

PDF Two-UP View helps user to view two PDF page together .

Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

This ability forces websites to show their content in dark mode . by activating this flag , even the websites don’t support dark mode are forced to show this feature .

Quieter notification permission prompts

This flag with a simple feature is for reducing notices which want verification from users .

with enabling it , you do not deal with messages that show you frequently .

Tab Hover Cards

Tab Hover Cards flag is an ability which helps you view all content without opening tab .

it seems that its fine ability when you opened 30 tabs at a time and you can not view its name .

Sharing page via QR Code

This flag allow you to share web pages via QR code .

by this ability , you can transfer your content to your smartphone really quick .

warning : this flag can only be used in chrome canary browser .

Parallel Downloading

By enabling this flag you can divide your downloads to make your downloading faster .

Notice : Not all flags may be compatible with your device’s current operating system. Before activating, pay attention to the description of each flag; Because in that section is the name of the supported operating system.