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Python and PHP

Compare Python to PHP: Check out all the features

Python and PHP are both languages ​​used in the development of various programs and applications. Almost all businesses and startups need a website and application, both of which must be connected to a back-end through a server.

So back-end coders have a very good job market, and different companies are interested in spending a lot of money and hiring people who are well versed in back-end, and in this article we want to compare Python and PHP, both of which are languages. Popular programmers pay.

The best back-end programming languages ​​

Many of the programming languages ​​used for development are well marketed.

Python: Python is one of the most popular programming languages. This program is new to the market and has very good library support.

PHP: It has been around for a long time and is still used today. For example, Facebook uses PHP to develop back-end.

JavaScript: Due to strong web frameworks such as Node.JS, JavaScript is one of the most important and popular programming languages ​​in the market.

Ruby: Ruby of the Rails is one of the most popular web development frameworks and is used by many startups today.

.NET: It also has its own special fans. It is one of the proprietary frameworks. .NET is used today to do very important things.

For those who are new to this path, it is difficult to choose which framework to develop. There are many programming languages ​​available today, each with its own characteristics, frameworks, and libraries, so it is difficult to choose one.

In this article, we want to compare two of the most important programming languages, Python and PHP. We will compare them in different sections and discuss their superiority over each other.

Comparison factors

Before we begin the comparison, let us introduce the areas in which we should compare the two and then draw conclusions:

1- Ease of learning:

One of the most important parameters in selecting the framework and programming language is this option. If learning a programming language is difficult, then you should not take the time to learn it. Nowadays, time is very important for a programmer, and if it is a time-consuming program, it is better not to go for it.

2. Online support:

Do not run away from it, we all encounter bugs, everyone encounters problems while programming, to solve which they refer to online support 4 such as Stack over flow and other forums. If you can not use these supports in a programming language, it is better not to move towards learning this language at all.

3 Training resources:

It is very important that the programming language or framework has its own training resources so that the programmer can understand the differences by studying that programming language.

4- Price:

Some tools and frameworks are not free. Some organizations have financial constraints and cannot use all the options. In general, most companies prefer to use open source tools instead of non-free tools.

5- Library support:

If you have a wide range of programming languages, you may prefer to use a number of libraries. These libraries help make programming easier.

6- Speed:

In some software, it is necessary to run the program at high speed. Therefore, it is important to choose a language that has faster execution time.

7- Choosing a web framework:

It is very important that the programming language provides well-designed web frameworks that are easy to use and can be used to create powerful software.

8- Bug fix:

One of the important options in choosing a programming language is its ability to use bug fix tools. If the programming language does not work well in fixing the bug, the programmer will have to spend a lot of time.

Compare Python and PHP

Now we want to compare PHP and Python based on the above factors. Join us for this fascinating comparison:

Easy to learn

Undoubtedly, learning Python is much easier. Python is a general programming language and is easy to learn. In fact, most Python courses are taught, and beginners use Python to learn the basics of programming. Programs in Python are shorter and easier to write than other programming languages, which is why they are used in many apps. The combinations in this language are simpler and the code in it is easier to read than similar programming languages.

PHP, on the other hand, is not a general programming language. The purpose of creating PHP is to design web-specific apps that are very detailed and complex. In general, learning PHP takes more time.

Ease of learning is one of the most important factors in choosing a programming language. For beginners, learning Python is easier. In other words, the PHP language is suitable for professional programmers. There are many programmers available in PHP. However, as mentioned, learning Python is easier than learning PHP. Understanding the compounds and structures in Python is very simple.

online support

Both Python and PHP are fast. PHP has been around for a long time and is dedicated to web development apps. It should be noted that PHP provides extensive support for programmers.

Python is similar to PHP in this regard. Python always uses people who are responsible for developing Python. That’s why Python also has great online support. Python and PHP are very close in this regard, and one cannot be considered superior to the other.

It became very popular when Google used Python for some popular apps like YouTube. Many startups like Python use Instagram, Reddit. Of course, you should note that the largest social network, Facebook, uses PHP back-end.

Educational Resources

Great training resources are available for both programming languages. There are many websites and forums where you can find resources on learning and using Python or PHP. Their competition in this field is very close and like online support, one of them can not be considered superior in this field. In terms of educational resources, both programming languages ​​are in very good condition.


Python and PHP are both completely free and open source. In fact, both programs are superior to non-free programming languages.


PHP 5.X is very slow, and takes a long time to run. However, PHP 7.X is very fast, almost 3 times faster than Python. In some apps, the speed of the program is very important. For example, in banking systems where thousands of transactions are made daily, a three-fold slowdown can have a major negative impact on overall system performance. So in terms of speed, PHP has a huge advantage over Python.

However, you should note that for many simple applications, this speed difference is not very large and does not make much difference. For example, in practice, there is not much difference between 10 milliseconds and 30 milliseconds, and an app cannot be called slow because of this.

Library support

In this respect, Python is far superior to PHP. Python has good library support for different types of apps. PHP is weaker than Python in this respect, but the Packagist section is related to PHP; Provides good support.

Many startups and organizations today use automated learning web apps. Python uses some automated learning libraries such as Flow Tensor, Cross, Skeet Learn, and more. These libraries are very easy to use and, most importantly, integrate well with web frameworks. In general, you can take advantage of better library support in Python.

Select a web framework

The most common web frameworks used are Python, Django, Flask, Pylon, Pyramid, etc. On the other hand, PHP mostly uses codified, Zend, Laravel, and Symphony web frameworks, and so on.

Django is very fast, scalable, safe and easy to use. It is very powerful and is used in many apps. Similarly, Corinthian and Laravel are widely used, and these two frameworks are used in almost all PHP applications.

Python and PHP have similar and similar functions in this regard. However, novices prefer to use Django because it is easier to use and will take less time.

Bug fixes

Python uses a powerful debugger called PDB. PDB is very easy to learn and use even for beginners. PHP, on the other hand, uses the XDebuger to fix bugs. Both have similar bug fixing features. In this regard, Python and PHP have a close performance and neither of them has a special advantage.

In short, Python and PHP are similar. For some people, Python is superior to PHP. Python seems to be slightly superior to PHP. Follow our recommendations in this regard:

If you are a professional programmer in PHP, it is better to focus on PHP, because you will no longer need Python. Or you are an average programmer, learn Python because it can create better career opportunities for you. If you are a beginner programmer and want to learn how to speak, it is best to learn Python.

Introducing the advantages and disadvantages of Python

Benefits of Python

  • It is quick and easy to learn.
  • It supports multiple platforms to run, and the Mac platform is on it by default.
  • Its linguistic textures are well organized and very easy to read.
  • It is a dynamic language and there is no need to define variable data.
  • Python programming language has very good online support.
  • Supports OOP.
  • The Python programming language has many large libraries.

Disadvantages of Python

  • In this programming language, there are restrictions on accessing databases.
  • It is slower than languages ​​like Java.

Introducing the advantages and disadvantages of PHP

Benefits of PHP

  • This is an open source language and it is completely free to use.
  • Those who already have a background in programming can easily learn this language.
  • This programming language is very well supported all over the world.
  • It has great data support.
  • Execute code in a specific environment.
  • Supports all operating systems.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • This programming language can only be used for the web.
  • You can not create a desktop app using this programming language.
  • Finding errors in this programming language is a difficult and time consuming task.
  • In this programming language, call by value method is used by default.
  • Compared to the Python programming language; Python has lower safety.