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Why Every Software Expert Should Know Website Design

The Role Of The Internet In Our Lives Is Becoming More And More Every Day And More Needs Can Be Met With The Internet. Gone Are The Days When The Community Did Not Know About The Work And Education Of A Software Specialist.

With the increasing penetration of the Internet and the rise of public awareness, having skills such as website design, however simple and small, is like English for knowledge activists; Necessary.

Of course, this does not mean that every software specialist should be a Laravel or React master! In this article, we will introduce a faster method that requires minimal knowledge of web programming.

Demand for site design has grown.

One of the needs that has a relationship with Internet penetration is the need to be seen and present virtually. Many respond to this need with social networks such as Instagram. But another way of this virtual presence is to have a site for which the demand is increasing.

According to jobs academy, between 2018 and 2028, the largest increase in demand for jobs in computer-related fields will be in Web development. The first question that comes to mind is, do we have to learn a web programming language? Access to web design tools is becoming easier every day, and not every software professional may need to be proficient in web programming.

This high demand for website design has other effects as well. The number of people seeking to learn this field is increasing. On the other hand, more and more employers expect web design professionals to specialize in other areas, such as networking, security, or hardware. In other words, people who understand web design will want more!

But not every IT activist needs to be a full-fledged web designer! There are tools like showcases that can help you meet the basic needs of site design. However, having more programming skills will help you build a better website.

What is a showcase?

Showcase, in general, can be considered a site builder that provides you with various tools for site design. The purpose of the showcase is to facilitate the site design process and increase businesses access to the tools of this work. Of course, anyone can create a basic site for themselves with the help of a showcase, but what is the difference between a site created by a software expert who has information in related fields and a site created by other people?

The most important difference is that people with programming knowledge can make changes to the site page code, making each site completely different from the other. For example, with the showcase, you can put different tags on the head pages.

You can also use your favorite body scripts. For example, suppose you have a custom pop-up that you like to display on the first page. Put the code in the head, and that’s it!

On the other hand, to connect various measurement tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to the site, you can put Google tags in the head. Do the same for all ad platforms that give you site retargeting capabilities.

Another important issue that every IT professional should be familiar with is implementing SEO on a website. The showcase is designed in such a way that you are comfortable in terms of technical SEO.

For example, you do not need to set a Canonical tag for each page, and the robots.txt file will not bother you, and sitemap.xml will work properly. But other important points related to the content of the page should be set separately for each page.

This is very easy to do using the showcase SEO tool. Just enter the SEO title, slug, meta description, and other details to get each page of your site properly indexed by Google. You can also do this quickly if you need to redirect some pages.

Why use a showcase?

As we said, the demand for site design is increasing. If you are a web developer right now, you probably agree that everyone needs a different website design. However, every day, the number of customers who can not wait for a month or two to design a completely dedicated and coded site from the ground up is increasing.

The showcase helps these people and experts in other fields to use a dedicated infrastructure for site design. The showcase is written in the background with Python and uses Next.js on the front. Here are the main differences between Showcase and WordPress, and there is really no need for further explanation.

If you are not a web developer but have lost some job opportunities due to unfamiliarity with web design techniques, you will agree that spending a lot of time and money learning and mastering web programming languages ​​may not be cost-effective. Instead, we suggest that you work with a site design tool such as a showcase (which requires minimal technical knowledge). Also, be familiar with the basics of CSS and HTML. There are many free courses like W3Schools that you can use.