Choosing keywords for site pages

Usually, when we intend to create a page on the website, we consider a series of Choosing keywords for it so that it can attract input from Google or other search engines to the site. We must keep in mind that the way to choose keywords is very important. One of the important points in this regard is to pay attention to the strength of the website, which plays a decisive role in obtaining the desired rank in Google search results. This means that we cannot assign any keyword we want to our target pages. We will explain this issue further, please stay with us.

Important things in choosing keywords

It is better to pay attention to the following things when we are going to determine the desired keywords of a page:

  • Difficulty of the desired word or keywords
  • Suitability of the desired keywords with the content of the page and the thematic activity of the site
  • Attention to the amount of positive feedback of the desired keywords

Explaining the concept of keyword difficulty

The degree of difficulty of keywords, called  Keyword Difficulty, determines the level of competition of that word or keywords. Google raises this issue with the level of spam, so the higher the level of competition, the higher the level of spam of these words. It should be noted that Google uses different levels of sensitivity in its search results. The higher the level of spam words, the higher the sensitivity and the stricter. Usually, as the difficulty level of keywords increases, the possibility of getting a higher rank in Google search results decreases unless the site is in a situation where its standards and conditions are close to the criteria considered in the core of Google’s algorithms. It is also very important to pay attention to the fact that the competition to get a better rank in Google search results is based on the level of competitors and not only on Google’s criteria! This means that the better your site is in comparison with competitors, the better it will rank in Google, even if it is not in a good overall condition.

How to determine the difficulty of keywords

There are several dedicated tools for this, of which the Keyword Difficulty tool of the Ahrefs collection is one of the best. It should be noted that these tools are often paid and not free. You should also note that with a little precision, you can mentally know the difficulty level of keywords. For example, it is clear that the degree of difficulty of the word SEO is higher compared to the word SEO training . As shown in the image below, the Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty tool determines the difficulty level of Choosing keywords from 0 to 100. The closer to 100, the more difficult it is.

Selection of keywords

We suggest that you pay special attention to the level of your competitors when choosing keywords. For example, if your main keyword is SEO and your site does not have enough power to rank in Google search results, it is better to work on terms with less competition. This will allow your site to gain enough credibility and power over time to get the right ranking for hard keywords in Google search engine search results.

Paying attention to the appropriateness in the selection of keywords

Do not exaggerate! This means that if your page is related to a part of a topic, it is not necessary to work on keywords unrelated to the main topic. In this case, even if you manage to get a ranking in Google results, which is very unlikely, because a part of the audience will not reach the topic they want, they will leave your site immediately, which in the long run will increase the bounce rate. Rate) and will damage the site’s SEO!

Attention to the amount of feedback in the selection of keywords

If you plan to make the most of your site visits, you must pay attention to the principle of feedback. In this way, it is better to work on phrases and words that serve your purpose the most