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Check Out The DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Game

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Is A Title Based On A TV Series Of The Same Name That Airs On The Cartoon Network Network. 

DC Super Hero Girls, An action-adventure game with more female DC characters in which they fight with old and new enemies to save their city from evil forces and people like Lex Luthor.

The rivalry between DC and Marvel in all entertainment media is fierce and fierce, and in some of them DC wins, and in some Marvels, and in a few cases, the battle can be considered an equal battle.

Until recently, the video game world belonged entirely to DC with the release of games such as the Batman and Injustice series, and Marvel could not say much about it, but with the release of the new Spider-Man game series, the competition has become a bit tougher.

However, I personally believe that DC “Jam” still has video games in its hands.

The world of DC is a rougher and darker world than Marvel’s stories.

Both of these franchises tried to work on children’s series or even girls’ versions of their heroes and compete with each other in this section as well.

The Marvel Rising animated series was made with the same approach, that is, to target the audience of teenage girls, and to some extent, it was able to achieve success, but the fact is that DC Super Hero Girls started its work earlier and practically competed in this section as well. Has done.

Basically, it can be said that DC has been more successful in creating female characters to this day and has very popular female characters among all sections of society.

A number of these superstar characters in the DC Super Hero Girls animated series came together in a high school and intend to fight the violins and save their city.

Among them, there are also negative characters, who this time in this cartoon, stood next to the superheroes and formed a team together: Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Kat Woman, Supergirl are just a few of this group.

You will also encounter more familiar characters, and of course one or two new characters, and I will also be waiting for you.

The DC Super Hero Girl game immerses you in the form of each of these superheroes.

Of course, you do not have the right to choose which superhero to take with you at the beginning of the game and at the beginning of each stage, and this will not be possible until the end of the game.

In fact, the game is too linear and you have to listen to its command. Throughout the game experience, I wondered how different it would be if we had a light-hearted video game-like Justice League Heroes, which was released on the PlayStation 2 console years ago.

In fact, despite the plethora of superhero characters, the creators preferred to make the game a single-player title without the ability to switch between characters.

Each superhero is supposed to have his own characteristics, for example, one can fly and the other does not.

But these features are also very limited and practically do not make much difference to the gamer when playing with each character. The clothes and of course the weapons change and the game progresses, but if you think that the Harley Quinn hammer, for example, is going to be very different from Diana’s golden whip (our own Wonder Woman), you are sorely mistaken.

The characters can be played in two ways throughout the story.

If you are in the human form of a high school girl, the game will look like Open World, and you can spin in the open world and go through very cool and luscious missions, some of which are mentioned below.

But when you put on a superhero costume and become one of the DC superstars, things change a bit and the game takes on a more active phase that is acceptable with grace.

Of course, superheroes go through very similar missions during the game, and these highly repetitive missions do not bring the necessary excitement for an action game.

The game has underestimated itself in some parts and has practically shifted its audience from high school girls to school girls; Especially when the game has entered the phase of its open world and unfortunately the gameplay time of these scenes is not short at all and it can be said that it is more than the scenes of the presence of superheroes themselves!

 Suppose one of the missions of the game is that you have to cross the street with a kind old woman with a walker!

Or bring down the cat of a city dweller who has climbed a tree or building. Or at best you have to deal with a few thieves trying to steal a car.

These side missions, which are necessary to perform, may seem creative at first glance, but they are very poorly designed and really take the game in a direction that only young children can relate to a little bit.

Of course, the weight of the scales appears on the side of different action missions, and the special comic book mode that the game has taken on is almost remarkable.

 In this case, the appearance of comic book phrases such as Paw!

BOOM! And for example, in the scenes of a fight, an interesting thing comes out of the water and the gamer acquires the feeling of reading a comic book.

The boss fights were also better designed than normal fights, although, in the end, you should know that the game is a simple game even in the most difficult difficulty and does not intend to create a special challenge for its audience.

The story of the game is similarly a watery story, and I don’t know if there was a thinking room behind its design in the production studio.

The story is straightforward and simple, the evil Lex Luthor intends to conquer the metropolis with his new robots, and the superheroes who live in the city’s high school must stand in front of him.

Of course, other evil characters will open their feet to the story to make it a little more interesting, but basically, you should not expect anything special from the game’s story, although it can be said that the actors were able to draw the humor in the dialogues of the series and the voice actors in the realization.

This was not ineffective because they did their job as best they could.

Unfortunately, the game’s graphics, although it has tried to be faithful to the design style of the original series, has turned out very badly and is practically reminiscent of PlayStation 2 games, and in no way fits the size of the new generation.

Many of the sharp criticisms of DC users and fans towards the game originate from the same poor and outdated graphics, which do not contain any positive points, and even fans of Two Fires complain about it.

Truth be told, DC fans did not like the DC Super Hero Girls series very much, and making a special game based on it does not seem like a logical and right decision.

Although this is not the first game adaptation of this series, it can be said that it is the most important and largest of them.

The game development team, TOYBOX inc, does not have a brilliant record, but titles such as Deadly Promotion, which is one of the cult games of history!

Or they made a small but attractive title like Little Dragon Cafe before. In the new game, they designed very simple gameplay that has the potential of a pure action game, and they practically lost that potential despite the super-popular characters.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is a title that has a specific purpose for society, and that is children, children who these days have become superheroes of color and color, and it may be difficult for them to play games like Batman and Spider-Man.

It’s a good idea to head over to DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power to warm up and get started, along with better and simpler games like the Lego Batman series, as almost all of their favorite characters are here.

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In short,…

The game’s graphics are catastrophic, and the missions become very loose and repetitive over time. Making missions so repetitive in a six- or seven-hour storyline is one of the arts created by the production team!

Upgrades and new costumes do not have much effect on the gameplay and practically all superheroes fight in the same way, and this makes the gamer bored of the game in which there is a whole lot of famous superheroes and they have nothing special to say.

I buy it

The game is suitable for children who love DC heroes, a simple and hassle-free gameplay with good color and glaze, which of course is implemented on very old graphics and maybe a little tasteful in this regard.

I will not buy it

I think it is better to refer to the summary section, there is no room for discussion here!