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Advantages and disadvantages of Laravel

Before we talk about advantages and disadvantages of Laravel, it is better to say a little about why we should choose framework at all. The PHP programming language is originally for building a small language used in a variety of projects, from personal and small projects to large commercial web applications. PHP is also an open source programming language. So many people help to improve it or so called contribute.

But the problem was that for all projects, all the basic structure as well as application features had to be written from scratch. This is where the frameworks came into play. Frameworks make it very easy to build web applications. Each of them has some kind of ready-made structure and the rest of the web application code can be on the structure. These frameworks impose a kind of order on the coder and to a large extent prevent unusable code from being written. So using them is often a strength.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel framework is the most popular PHP framework in the world today, introduced in 2011 by taylor otwell. Larvel is free and open source and best written based on the MVC architecture. Because of this open source, may people are in this project. Using Laravel will help you avoid wasting hundreds of hours of time and writing safe and standard projects.

Laravel Benefits

We said the Laravel framework helps you to write your projects easily and quickly and save you time. But this is only a small part of the story. Laravel projects are highly secure if written consciously. Due to the very regular and standard structure of Laravel, these projects are a kind of forced order at the initial level. These are just some of the benefits of writing in this popular framework. To choose the right framework for you, it is better to always be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of frameworks and choose consciously.

Open source

Laravel is a free, open source framework. Many people contributed with open source tools. That is, many people contribute to their improvement. For this reason, Laravel bugs are quickly to fix. Laravel versions come quickly, and this is a security advantage, Because security bugs can not last long.

Large user community

we have said that Laravel is the most popular PHP’s framework many times. But how can it be a advantage? We must say that high popularity for a tool means more use. And more use means a larger community of users who can help you solve your problems with that tool. It does not matter what the problem is with using Laravel. By posting it on one of the dozens of Laravel websites and forums, you can get your answer in minutes. One of the most reputable Laravels websites and forums is the Laracasts website.

Use Composer and Autoloading

Do you want to build a sophisticated web application and worry about your time? It is well-known in programming that a previously invented wheel is not re-reinvented. So the ,most logical way for you is to use thousands of ready-made and tested PHP packages that have already there. Composer is a package management tool in PHP that simplifies the installation of these packages for you. The good news is that Laravel and composer are two inseparable friends.

Easy to build site template with Blade template engine

You must have experienced how dirty and illegible the use of PHP code in HTML overhead makes you. This illegibility not only make the coding process tedious and wastes a lot of your time; It makes it very difficult to change the code. To solve this problem, mold motors came. With a template engine you can automatically create large chunks of Front-End code using just a few keywords.

The Laravel framework has very powerful proprietary template engine called the blade. Blade saves you from writing a lot of duplicate code. Using Blade, you can create ready-make and complex forms with a few simple lines of code, or prevent your Front-End code from getting dirty by not entering PHP code.

Ability to reuse codes

Laravel uses the auto loading system. You can easily use the packages you want in your classes. This allows you to write your favorite features in the package and add them to your application. This means you can easily add these projects.

Using the object-oriented model of the database

In Laravel framework you can easily connect to the database and create a query without having advanced knowledge of SQL commands. Laravel uses a powerful ORM called Eloquent to communicate with the database. The ORM (Object Relational Model) is a structure that views the database as object-oriented. That is, each database entity is mapped to a class and each record to an object in that class (Map).

Speed ​​up with the Artisan command line

Previously, you had to create individual classes manually when creating projects. But by introducing its advanced command line called Artisan, Laravel does all of these processes automatically and with just a small command. Just run a half-line command on the command line to automatically create all the models, controllers, and routes of an entity. You can save your watches with Artisan!

Disadvantages of Laravel

You may have heard developers whisper here and there that Laravel is unsuitable for some web projects. There is no doubt that any tool, in addition to having advantages, can also have disadvantages and weaknesses. These weaknesses are exactly what make a framework great for one situation and a terrific option for another! Here are some of Laravel’s weaknesses.

You should be a little familiar with the standards.

Let us give you a warning! Before you start working with Laravel, be sure to familiarize yourself with the mediocre topics of object orientation and MVC architecture. The Laravel framework is based on the most standard rules of object-orientation and design patterns and is beautifully constructed. So if you do not want to just memorize how to use it and reach out to associations and groups for any small challenge, it is better to first get a little familiar with the standards of object-orientation and its concepts.

You have to build with complex documentation before you start!

We said that Laravel has one of the most comprehensive documentation among PHP frameworks. But the important thing about Laravel documentation is that it is not very pleasant for novice users! If you are a novice user who wants to experience the use of a framework for the first time, you will probably have to turn to comprehensive training courses to learn Laravel.


Please be a little more realistic before choosing a framework for your project! It is true that Laravel is currently the most popular framework for PHP. But we must say that popularity does not seem to be a logical reason for choosing a tool! Of course, popularity can be an important factor along with other benefits, but it is certainly not the whole story. In this article, we tried to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of Laravel in a realistic way. What other advantages or disadvantages do you know about this popular framework?