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Application of Microcontroller in Industry – Microcontrollers in industry

Electronics is a field that has its own enthusiasts and fans; The application of microcontrollers in industry has a special appeal for people who enter this field and encounter different concepts and components. 

A Microcontroller can be thought of as a small computer that consists of a processor, small memory, and input and output devices housed in a single chip.

Microcontrollers are installed in devices used for automatic control; Microcontrollers are manufactured in different models and bases, so due to industrial automation, there is a need for microcontrollers in equipment and devices to significantly reduce the cost of the product produced in addition to reducing the size.

Application of microcontroller in industry
Application of microcontroller in industry

In this article, we want to introduce different types of microcontrollers and introduce you to their application in industry.

Application of microcontroller in industry

Today, due to the development of various industries and the shift to automation in industries, microcontrollers are used more than ever; Their scope of application can not be limited to a specific part because even the simplest components and equipment use these processors in their structure.

The application of microcontrollers in the industry covers various sectors and has even affected daily life.

Types of microcontroller applications

Types of applications of microcontrollers
Types of applications of microcontrollers

As mentioned, microcontrollers have found their place in everyday life, except in industry and other areas, for example, they can be used in control devices in modern homes such as fire detection and safety, light measuring and control devices, burglar tracking sensors. د Alarms, parking lot control devices, electrical kitchen appliances, TVs, and so on.

The use of microcontrollers in the healthcare industry is also significant, with the use of these microprocessors in critical hospital devices, heart rate monitors, pressure monitors, and so on.

Microcontrollers are widely used in the manufacture of control machines available in factories and tracking systems, intelligent production line and automation, conveyors, diagnostic sensors.

It can be said that 70% of factories, especially advanced factories, which, of course, have a higher percentage, microcontrollers play a key role in them.

In factories with mass production, the use of microcontrollers is more prominent in the industry due to the use of fully automatic devices.

Due to the expansion of the IoT industry in agricultural, security and automotive projects, the use of microcontrollers is used to implement the concepts in this area, so that the implementation of IoT programs depends on the correct installation of these processors in equipment and devices.

Due to its simplicity, low cost and high security, the use of microcontrollers in IoT is recommended.

Microcontrollers are used as circuit breakers due to their application in the construction of electrical circuits,

which must be programmed by a special program for a specific application. Using hybrid and advanced microcontrollers and controlling LEDs, they can also be used in the design of wearable devices.

Known applications of microcontrollers include telephones, cameras, televisions, copiers and fax machines,

and industrial control systems, which are summarized in the design of automation-based electrical circuits.

Types of microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are known as the core of electrical devices that are used in various electrical projects such as the construction of robots and training boards.

The use of microcontrollers in industry is interpreted as microcontrollers used in the processing and operation of data and have the ability not to involve the user in difficult and complex physical connections;

Different companies such as Microchip, ARM, Atmel, Renesas, Texas Instruments, Nxp Semiconductors

and Freescale produce different microcontrollers with different characteristics such as flash size,

supply voltage, speed and input and output jets.

Microcontrollers have several families. The least popular ones include: AVR and ARM microcontroller, PIC microcontroller, 8051 microcontroller, etc. ARM is the most widely used. Here are the most common types of them:

Application of microcontroller in industry
Introducing different types of microcontrollers

PIC16F877 microcontroller

This microcontroller is one of the basic microcontrollers of architectural microcontrollers, which is made with MICROCHIP technology, which is one of the most widely used microcontrollers. This type of microcontroller can program high-level languages ​​such as C and C ++.

Parallela Micro ServerBoard

It has a dual-core processor FPGA, ARM and Adapteva16. This microcontroller is one of the most widely used types of microcontrollers due to the fact that both Android and Linux operating systems can run simultaneously.

EFM32 Giant Gecko Starter Kitm, Energy micro

The microcontroller is mounted on extended 32-bit boards with ambient light sensor, LCD and 20 header pins for I / O pins and is used in sensor cameras.

Nanode Windoe4 microcontroller

It is used in functions such as Arduino boards and uses the Atmega processor, while it is used in projects with Internet use.

Microcontroller MSP430 Launch Pad

They are part of the category of low-consumption and cost boards and its feature is Arduino UNO. This microcontroller has a lower position than Arduino boards by storing 512 bytes of RAM.

STM32 F3 Discovery microcontroller

A microcontroller based on the ARM Cortex-m4 used in hardware programming testing.

This type of microcontroller is more difficult to learn than other microcontrollers, although it is more common than other microcontrollers.

Microcontroller Mbed LPC1768 Development Board

This online IDE microcontroller for hardware provides a library for GPIO-based tasks and built-in LEDs,

one of the most widely used microcontrollers in the industry.

Aedafruit Gemma microcontroller

Due to its small size, this board is used to connect to LEDs and is loaded for Python circuit and its programming and USB connection, because other boards are not used in this field.

According to the mentioned examples, it can be concluded that ARM microcontrollers are more useful than other microcontrollers, especially AVR microcontrollers .

The final word

The application of microcontrollers in the industry has brought many advantages that have led to its use in a wide range of products.

These small components act like a small computer that are produced to control the performance of systems embedded in various devices.

There are people in various fields, especially electrical and electronics,

who are interested in learning programming languages ​​for these chips that can be programmed by referring to the courses available in the library.