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7 Things I Learned From The Digital Currency Industry Over The Past Five Years

In Today’s World, There Are Different Definitions Of Digital Currencies, And Everyone Looks At Them In Terms Of What Is Important To Them. Just Ask A Few Relatives, Acquaintances, Friends Or Neighbors, “What Is Digital Currency?”

Many of them will probably say that digital currency is money that is not physical in nature, to have it in the device MinerNeeded, its price goes up a lot over time and it is a better tool for long-term investment than gold and dollars. Some may even believe that digital currency is illegal money that will sooner or later disappear.

Probably a few of them also say that digital currency is a decentralized currency that is not under the control of governments, is transferred in a peer-to-peer manner, has no physical support, and its value is determined by supply and demand.

However, with a little care, you realize that the only thing that is common to all these definitions is the concept of ” money “. The truth is that digital currencies, for all their complexity, are ultimately a form of money.

Money is one of the most important concepts in human life.

The importance of this phenomenon is so great that if we say that in the modern world there is nothing more important than money, we are not wrong. But the problem is that most people’s definition of money is limited to the money that the traditional financial system has introduced to them.

People recognize any piece of paper that looks like a US dollar or a 50,000 Toman traveler’s check as money and do not even suspect that it is fake; But they hardly accept a phenomenon like digital currency, which is a new form of money and different from their traditional mentality.

This is why the most common questions people face when dealing with digital currencies are: What is the validity of these currencies?

Why should we use such currencies?

How do you know that these currencies are not illegal and, like GoldQuest, will not disappear all at once? In a world where we have money today and that money does all our work, why should we move to digital currencies?

Noelle Acheson, research director at Kevin Desk’s website and author of the Crypto Long & Short series of articles, examines this issue in the latest in a series of articles and answers the questions posed.

He has been Kevin Desk’s research director for 5 years and now intends to leave this position, summarizing his teachings in these 5 years in the last ArticleCrypto Long & Short has stated that its study is recommended to all lovers of digital currencies.

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This is kind of emotional for me because it is the last part of the “Crypto Long & Short” series of articles published under my name. Before starting the article, I would like to make a personal note: After 5 exciting years at Kevin Desk, I think it’s time to make a change in my work.

At the end of June, after a few weeks off, I will join Genesis Trading, Kevin Desk’s sister company, and continue my research at the company.

That’s why I decided to publish the introductory part of this article in a different format from other articles and share my main impressions of the last 5 years with you.

Of course, it was difficult to summarize all these impressions in a text that was not too long, and there are definitely many things that I had to delete.

 I do not know, maybe one day I will publish the second part of this article.

Finally, thank you all for your unique audience, and I will miss writing for you; Although I’m not going to go far and I will definitely visit Kevin Desk from time to time.

Listen carefully; If the events of the last 5 years have been interesting and exciting for you, I must say that there are still many things that you do not know about.

Introduction: What I have learned in the last 5 years

There is a well-known joke among members of the digital currency community that, if we take a closer look, we realize that it is not just a joke but a fact.

The joke says that a month in the digital currency market is like a year in normal terms in terms of the changes that take place, and like a week in terms of the passage of time.

So you will surely understand how difficult it is for me to review the experiences of the past 5 years and select the important parts of it.

On the other hand, distinguishing new knowledge from the information we already have is a challenge in itself; Especially in an area like digital currencies that incorporates many basic concepts and their teachings are quickly becoming a reality in the human mind.

Concepts related to digital currencies are so basic that once you learn them, you think you always knew them and you wonder how you never thought about them before.

Therefore, it seems impossible to even imagine being able to summarize everything I have learned in these 5 years at Kevin Desk. So instead, I will suffice to mention only the points that came to my mind at the time of writing this article.

These points can be summarized in 7 cases:

1. Most people do not understand money

In the early days of my career, the most common question that traditional finance fans asked me was, “Well, backing up.” BitcoinWhat is?” I always answered this question with another question:

“What is the backing of the dollar?” The responses I received included a wide range; From “US GDP” to “the military.”

Very few responses indicated the faith we have in the US dollar and the credit we place on it. However, our faith and trust is the biggest reason for the value of national currencies, including the dollar.

Interestingly, even the US dollar itself bears the words “We trust God”; But these people did not mention this sentence either, and considered the government and the army and GDP to be the only backers of the dollar.

After asking them a few more questions and challenging them, they finally realized that:

“Faith” supports the dollar; Belief in GDP, the military, and ultimately the US government.

Once they got to this point, accepting a faith-based digital currency was no longer a difficult or ridiculous task for them.

What always amazed me was that those who had studied economics and the principles of investing resisted this concept the most. My conclusion from this was that it is more difficult to give up beliefs that one strongly believes in. This brings me to the second point:

2. Questions are more important than answers

The advancement of science owes much to the search to understand the cause of phenomena. In fact, it was this need to understand that created something called faith. We humans cannot tolerate not knowing and understanding any phenomenon.

So if we can not find a scientific and logical reason for an event, we refer it to a higher being with absolute knowledge and control to meet our need for understanding.

The same is true in all aspects of human life, including economics and politics. The result is an acceptance of the belief that has been passed down to us from generation to generation through books.

The traditional education system has taught us to memorize the answers that are given to us until we question them.

In the meantime, from time to time there is a tool that allows us to look deeper than ever. China blockchain technology is one of those tools that force us to ask questions we never thought possible; Questions like: What is money? What is consensus? Why is something like consensus important?

To what extent should the authorities of each country have the power to restrict the financial freedoms of the citizens? Why do capital markets deprive people of many opportunities?

When you ask yourself these questions, you realize that they are like the tip of an iceberg, and the point is far beyond that. Here is the third point:

3. Our industry needs more philosophers

The digital currency industry already has several great philosophers. Craig Warmke and Andrew Bailey are just two examples, and I’m sure there are others, But it is not enough.

The more thinkers and thinkers in this field, the more it will benefit us; Because the first step, we need to take to understand the true potential of digital assets is to challenge the concepts we mistakenly think we know.

This may seem difficult at first, but it is only possible.

For example, we know that bitcoin is a carrier asset; Just like the cash, you own when you have it. When you have a banknote in your hand, no one will ask you if it is yours. Or he does not ask you to prove the ownership of this money with a document. Bitcoin is the same. Whoever owns Bitcoin owns it.

If you remind a large number of people of this simple matter, you will most likely encounter two reactions: either they are excited and happy to remember it, or they take it so obvious that they do not understand why it must be so important…

Both reactions stem from one premise: private ownership of assets.

We humans in today’s world consider ourselves entitled to own our property. So when someone reminds us (that bitcoin is a carrier asset like paper money), we either rejoice in it or take it for granted that we see no reason to be happy.

However, in the history of mankind, the situation has not always been like this. At various points in history, humans have not had the right to private ownership of their property; But today we consider it our inalienable right.

With this interpretation, just think for a moment that in a hundred years, what will human beings consider as their inalienable right, which is far from our minds today?

 And which of the things we take for granted today will humans lose a hundred years from now?

There are many assumptions and beliefs that we are not even aware of in our minds; But when they are questioned, they lead us to many questions, and you know that a new question is equal to a new idea.

For example, many projects seek to address human identity problems; The result is a plethora of self-awareness seminars, motivational lectures, and prescribing behavioral psychology to all.

But few ask themselves what “identity” is.

Who decides on that? Does our identity depend on our job, income, and social status? If one day we lose everything we have today, will our identity be affected?

To what extent do our friends, acquaintances, and relatives play a role in defining our identity? What is the role of society in defining the identity of individuals?

Can a concept call social work if everyone sets the task for themselves?

Or is a central power needed to explain the criteria for human interaction?

Such basic questions cannot be eliminated with simple answers or superficial solutions. This is why sometimes we humans think we have beliefs and adhere to them, But these same beliefs are shaken by the first question and the slightest challenge, and we are incapable of defending them.

These beliefs are either untrue or not deep enough to protect us in a crisis.

The only thing that can help us to answer these questions and solve these problems is philosophy. This brings us to the next point:

4. “Why” is more important than “how”

Digital Currency

What are the meaning of this sentence and the phrases “why” and “how”? What I mean by this advice is that instead of focusing on how to do something and trying to get it done, people should wait and think about why they are doing it at all. Why did they start it? And what is the purpose of doing it?

Questions that begin with “why” are of great importance in philosophy.

The mechanism of philosophy is not such that you ask yourself a question and are satisfied with the first answer that comes to your mind and thinks that you have found the answer.

This will lead you to convenience; While philosophy has nothing in common with convenience and laziness. If you want to really understand the philosophy of anything, the first thing you need to do is ” practice patience ” and ” think hard.”

Let’s look at this with an example. Imagine asking yourself, “Who am I and why am I in this world?” After thinking for a few minutes, you concluded that I am a creature called a human being with these physical and moral qualities and that I was born to enjoy this world.

Then, satisfied with your answer, you stop thinking and do the rest of your daily work.

Do you think this kind of thinking could be the basis of scientific philosophy, and if all the philosophers of the world were convinced of the same results, what we have today as philosophy would emerge?

Much of our modernity and culture today owes much to Cartesian philosophy. Descartes is one of the greatest philosophers in the world and his philosophy is considered one of the most influential ideas in the Renaissance.

 Do you know what the whole philosophy of Descartes was based on? Based on ” Cartesian Doubt “.

Descartes doubted everything in this world and even his own existence, and for a long time, he wondered how it was known that I was in this world and that everything was not just a dream? Eventually, after much deliberation, he came to the famous conclusion that “I think, then I am,” and considered his thinking as a reason for his existence.

The same can be seen in all aspects of human life.
Everything we know to be absolutely true today may be wrong, and everything we think will always be true may disappear one day. It is enough to have a critical view and instead of sanctifying the concepts, review them. The same money today and the traditional financial system that some people think will replace nothing may one day be lost in a way that you can only find in history books.

Therefore, I recommend that you broaden your horizons and look at things more openly. Small successes are good, But great progress is better, and the best kind of progress can be measured by great goals.

Of course, do not forget that the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles, and this is the subject of my next recommendation:

5. Barriers are constructive; Make them opportunities

Digital Currency

There is an old saying that everyone’s position can be distinguished from the position of their enemies. The same is true of innovative projects. In fact, the value of any new idea or any creativity can be seen in the obstacles it faces.

Every creative, entrepreneur, innovator, and the progressive person you ask will tell you how difficult it is to come up with an idea or start a new business. There are no exceptions. The only difference between the two is the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.

We digital currency enthusiasts can clearly see the same thing with bitcoins and digital currencies. Although some 13 years have passed since the birth of Bitcoin, it is still difficult for some people to explain its nature and prove its value. Now it’s our situation that we are the only proponents of this digital currency, not its developer. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl.

So instead of dwelling on despair, it is better to be active and avoid worry; Because someone who has logical reasons and strong arguments for his work, will finally convey his message to those who should. In addition, every difficulty and derivative brings with it lessons that become valuable experiences; Experiences that are so valuable that they can not be exchanged for anything. Finally, do not forget that the only thing that matters is your goal, and the only thing that strengthens your endurance in this path is your inner passion to achieve this goal. Throughout history, there has been nothing of value that has been easily obtained.

My advice to this advice is not just for new business owners; Rather, they are all people who have different thoughts than other people in society, and because of these differences, they are sometimes excluded from society. Know that you are not alone and that your difference is not a reason to go wrong.

So continue on your path with strength and hope and stop comparing yourself to the usual standards of society. If everyone wanted to meet these standards and live by them, there would be no Descartes, Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, Tesla, and Satoshi Nakamoto.

The interesting thing is that the world is led by these seemingly different people, not the obedient public.

6. There is nothing wrong with having a happy, serious time

Digital Currency

For the next recommendation, I intend to take a little distance from the space of the previous cases and raise a new topic.

In recent months, things have happened in the world of digital currencies that have made many people think that everything in this world is a joke and that digital currencies still have a long way to go to reach the maturity they need.

Of course, they may be right; Because things like irrational increases dodge Coin price, Sale of unique tokens (NFTH) With exorbitant prices, the entry of rappers and athletes into the field, and the shift in the price of bitcoin with the tweet of a billionaire may create the same mentality for everyone.

Even members of the digital currency community themselves were unhappy with many of these events and had many concerns about them.

But with all these interpretations, applying the adjective “superficial” to any phenomenon, without allocating enough time and energy to understand its truth, is a convenient reaction that takes away the opportunity to see the bigger picture.

The world of digital currencies is a free world in which everyone has the right to express themselves. What may seem pointless to you and a tool to attract attention could be someone else’s personal taste or the start of a new trend. In this respect, this world is exactly the opposite of the real world. In the real world and the ruling system, there were always criteria for filtering artists’ works and censoring ideas; But the China Bloc, with its non-censorship nature, has allowed all those who have been repressed in these systems for years, and unfortunately, this is unpleasant for many.

When a person can sell a work of art in the form of a unique token for thousands of dollars, why not do it? Surely there was another person who was willing to pay this amount in return and must have had a reason for his work, otherwise who is willing to spend his valuable money for no reason?

Now this reason can be anything; From genuine interest in the work to efforts to expand decentralized finance (Defi), Or conveying a message to the global community. In that case, there seems to be no room for you and me to be upset, even if we are really upset.

Or as for the effect of a person’s tweet on the price of a digital currency, yes, it is possible. As I mentioned earlier, the value of digital currencies lies in the credibility that their holders give them.

In other words, the collective opinion and feelings of investors about digital currencies such as bitcoin determine their price.

So it makes sense for the collective concern of Bitcoin investors to lower the price of this digital currency and raise the good news that makes them optimistic about the future.

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Such things will always happen in our society, and I do not deny that some of them may be profiteering scams or scams; But if we look at it on a larger scale, these same events can help us understand the nature of these currencies.

Some believe that even an unfortunate event in the digital currency community could call into question its credibility and destroy all behind-the-scenes efforts to date, But I do not agree.

In my opinion, the potential of the digital currency industry is so great that any dissenting opinion not only challenges it but also explores new aspects and better understands it. in other words:

It is this “diversity of ideas” that contributes to the growth and development of this fledgling industry.

For this reason, I would like to end this article with the topic “Diversity of users of digital currencies” and talk about their valuable role in the development of these currencies.

7. The success of this industry is due to its users

Digital Currency

Yes, you are the key to the success of digital currencies! You are a wonderful and unique user who, by your presence, gave value and credibility to these currencies and made them more and more successful.

Fortunately, I have to say that today, users of digital currencies are not limited to a specific category and group, and different people from different walks of life work in this field.

Entrepreneurs, regulators, artists, analysts, athletes, lawyers, designers, economists, traders, investors, developers, and writers are just some of the people who have appeared on the Kevin Desk stage in recent years and contributed to training videos and reports.

Even if you do not fall into any of these categories, or if you have not yet worked in our industry or on a related project, the fact that you are reading this article means that you are part of the change that digital currencies are seeking.

No matter how much you contribute to this change, your presence in this world is invaluable and effective.

Digital currencies belong to everyone, and the more people use them from different geographies, different ages, different races, and different specialties, the closer these currencies are to their ultimate goal.

Of course, this is not limited to digital currencies and applies to almost all areas of life. Diversity increases the flexibility of human life. It does not matter if we are working together, arguing, or competing.

In any case, it is the presence of all of us together that enhances the quality of the world in which we live.

So do not be afraid to enter the world of digital currencies, do not consider this world to belong to special people, do not separate yourself from this society, and be sure that your presence will be accepted with open arms.


Understanding the nature of digital currencies takes time and is not so easy; especially for those who are used to the traditional financial system. We understand that this system has been in operation for a long time and it is hard to imagine its destruction. We realize that the number of scam projects is so large that we can not easily trust anything new

. Though We understand that digital currency price fluctuations may be of concern to you. And We understand that you are worried about the capital that you have gained after years of work and effort.

But do not forget that change and progress are always achieved by valuing new phenomena and giving them a chance to prove themselves.

Everything new that man encounters is like a scary monster standing in the dark from a distance and must be escaped as quickly as possible. Only by approaching and touching it can you understand what this creature is, where it came from, and what its use is.

So we are not saying that no criticism should be leveled at digital currencies.

As you have read many times throughout the article, a person who has worked for a relatively long time in a company like Kevin Desk and is an experienced investor accepts criticism of these currencies as a factor in the development of the industry.

But the truth is that criticism is different from unreasonable and blind opposition. To criticize anything, you must first know it and be aware of all its angles; But destruction and humiliation are exactly the opposite and do not require any knowledge.

So rest assured that as much as deliberate destruction is met with a backlash from members of this community, constructive criticism will be welcomed.

If you are new to this field and interested in learning about digital currencies, we suggest Basic Concepts” And “Learn» Follow the digital exchange site and stay informed of the latest events in the world by following the news.