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6 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing

6 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing

Elon Musk once said in one of his speeches, “We have a choice to either stand back and let AI take over our business or find a way to live with AI very peacefully.”

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming more prominent daily if we are left behind, there will be no place for us and our business. But if we learn to use artificial intelligence to our advantage, we will win instead of lose!

Where does artificial intelligence have users? Many places! But in this article, we want to talk about its application in our field, i.e., digital marketing.

In this article, we want to explain how advanced businesses use artificial intelligence in digital marketing these days. We are sure that you will be surprised if you know what you can do with artificial intelligence for your business!


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Why is Artificial Intelligence a hot topic these days?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic everywhere we go these days. Of course, it is not surprising because this lifeless and soulless legacy is increasingly included in our lives daily.

Just yesterday, we had to refer to dictionaries to translate a text. Today, using artificial intelligence and automatic translation tools, we solve our texts into another language with one click.

Previously, weather forecasting required manual review of various maps and data, But today, using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, we can accurately and automatically predict the weather of the coming days.

Until recently, designers and editors spent a lot of time and trouble making the slightest change in a photo, such as removing its background. But now you hand over the image to an artificial intelligence tool and with a few clicks you make any changes you want to the photo.

Don’t think the story ends here; No! This is just the beginning of the story.

Artificial intelligence has progressed to the point where several eBooks are written with artificial intelligence and are sold on Amazon. Isn’t it strange? A book written by artificial intelligence; Maybe, in addition to being unknown, it is also a little scary


Why can’t we live without this technology now?

Artificial intelligence reduces human error in doing things; It automates monotonous tasks such as answering emails, generating invoices, etc. It processes and analyzes data and information that would take hours for humans to read in one minute. It has taken medical science hundreds of steps forward and is even able to perform dangerous tasks such as exploring the sea and helping rescue survivors after natural disasters.

We said all these things were just a drop of the endless sea of artificial intelligence applications! Now, let’s see how this unique invention of human hands makes a stir in the world of digital marketing and makes the work of digital marketers a hundred steps easier.

1. Create unique ads with artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence works magic in advertising! We all know the common uses of artificial intelligence in advertising. For example, artificial intelligence collects users’ information, including their age, gender, and interests, and shows them appropriate advertisements. Until now, Google has used this feature a lot in its ads. But still, many people are unaware of the magic of artificial intelligence and its applications in designing and implementing advertisements.

We used to make our ads, and many of us still do. But now it is much easier.

You can get ideas from artificial intelligence to advertise your product. You can ask what has been the most profitable advertisement in recent years; You can tell AI to design an advertising banner for you.

Instead of going through the trouble of creating ads yourself, let artificial intelligence do part of the process to make the work faster or create your ads for you. That is exactly what big companies like Coca-Cola and Quartz did!

2. Predict the result of your ads with artificial intelligence!

Advertisements are expensive, and we all know this, So if you are not sure of the effectiveness of your ads, you will end up losing money. Even worse than that! Poor quality advertising may turn customers away from your business. Fortunately, here, too, artificial intelligence descends like a savior and helps us ensure that our money is spent wisely. how about

Artificial intelligence has all the ads that have already been done on Google and their results in its memory; That is, it knows very well which types of advertisements have been more successful and which ones have not touched users’ hearts!

So, according to this information, it compares your ad with past ads and tells you how successful your ad will be based on experience.

3. Design your site without the need for human resources

Did you know that an artificial intelligence platform called The Grid will design your site by itself? A place that can create itself without human help is commendable!

Using this site means you no longer need to spend time or money designing your site. You need to know how to use artificial intelligence to do it for you.

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4. Provide a unique shopping experience to the user with artificial intelligence.

Regarding marketing, “personalization” is a critical issue. Every user should have a personalized experience from our site.

For example, imagine Elnaz entering a clothes shopping site. The artificial intelligence on this site guesses her interests and tastes based on the searches she has already made on the Internet and the data available about her (including age, gender, etc.) and suggests clothes that suit her, According to his taste.

5. Provide fast and excellent support

Suppose you ordered a product, but the effect was defective. When you want to call support to return it, you have to wait in line for 15 minutes! Imagine how disappointed you will feel in this situation and how much that store and that brand will lose its credibility,.

What would you say if we told you that artificial intelligence technology is very easy to support? It is enough to have a robot on your site that will quickly ask the customer the problem when he enters the site. The customer easily chooses the option “I have received a defective product and I want to return it” and that’s it! Providing excellent and fast customer support with artificial intelligence is so easy.

6. Create content faster and smarter with artificial intelligence

One of the applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing that has made a lot of noise these days is using artificial intelligence tools in content production. Let’s see how artificial intelligence helps us to create content.

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Staying behind or adapting to artificial intelligence? What is your choice?

Well, now you have reached the end of the article on artificial aquarium applications. Now you have two options, either continue with the previous method and do all your work by yourself, spending a lot of time, or do something that will at least make you more efficient in terms of time and cost of production.

So, now that we are familiar with the miracles of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, it is time to make the decision that Elon Musk proposed and told you at the beginning of this article. It’s 2023 and it’s time to learn how to use artificial intelligence for the benefit of our business and adapt to the world ahead instead of being left behind.