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8 Best AI SEO Software Tools in 2023

Did you know how much time, energy and money you can save by using SEO tools with artificial intelligence?

All of us, when we publish a content on our site, our wish is that Google will take a look at it and include the status of our content! If our content is liked by Google, it will be ranked first and will go to the first pages of Google search. But if our content is not to Google’s liking, the search engine will throw it deep into the well, where even a mosquito wouldn’t fill! It means the last pages of search results!

Based on SEO principles, Google decides which content to rank first and which content to relegate. That’s why many businesses spend so much money and spend so much time to improve their site’s SEO. But in this article, we want to introduce you a shortcut to make your content the top of Google with less cost and effort!

A huge revolution with artificial intelligence: is the fate of SEO changing?

Artificial intelligence entered our lives like an uninvited guest, but it has become our best companion! This companion has placed himself in our daily taropod and expresses his presence everywhere. From the voice guide of our mobile phone to using the navigation app to find the roads and paths with heavy traffic. In fact, artificial intelligence is transforming our lives and all industries; It is obvious that the SEO industry and content production have not remained idle in the meantime.

Let’s take a look at an interesting statistic. Famous YouTuber Mat Diggiti asked users, “Do you use AI tools for your SEO and content creation?” The result of this survey is very interesting! 68% of users answered “yes”; 19% of users answered: “I’m going to start using AI in SEO soon.” And only 13% of users answered “No!” was given to this vote. Only 13%!

Join us in the next title to see what new doors will be opened for us by stepping into the world of SEO with artificial intelligence.


Meet SEO Wizards: The Best AI Tools for SEO!

Let’s start by introducing these 8 awesome SEO tools with AI. But remember that to activate the magic of these tools and use them, you must first be familiar with SEO.

1. Surfer SEO, hunter of top ranks!

Surfer SEO is a tool that many leading companies around the world use to boost their site’s SEO. including Lenovo, ClickUP, Opera, Shopify and Thomson Reuters.

Let’s take a look at the features offered by the free version of this tool:

  • Identify high ranking keywords
  • Discover new ideas for creating content related to your field of work
  • Content editing and optimization
  • Discover relevant internal links (This tool tells you which of your previous content to internally link to when you publish new content.)
  • Identifying your site’s SEO issues (for example, identifying broken links, checking your site’s loading speed, and checking the standard keyword density.)

2. Alli AI: Smart Guide to Top Rankings!

The big advantage of Alli AI as one of the best artificial intelligence tools for SEO is that its algorithms are customizable. We understand that Google’s SEO standards change from time to time. Fortunately, Alli AI allows you to modify its automated processes according to the most up-to-date SEO practices.

Some of the interesting features of this tool, which you can use for 10 days for free, are:

  • Automate meta tags
  • Writing link descriptions automatically
  • Find alts for alternative tags or Alt tags
  • Live editor and content optimization
  • Providing suggestions for link building (linking to related sites)
  • Find smart keywords with high rankings
  • Providing reports of site sales

Alli AI tool, which is one of the best SEO tools with artificial intelligence, gives you the possibility of free use for 10 days.


3. Nitro Pack: Cheetah your site!

When you use Nitro Pack, it’s like putting your foot on the gas pedal! If your site is too slow due to the use of large images and complex codes, turn it into a cheetah with Nitro Pack!

This tool increases the page loading speed of your site through the following features and thus increases your SEO ranking:

  • Automatic image compression
  • Optimizing your site codes


4. Diib: SEO magic!



Diib not only automates SEO processes for you, but also allows you to compare your performance with your competitors. Let’s see what interesting features this tool, which also has a free version, offers you:

  • Smart search for the best keywords
  • Track your competitors’ rankings
  • Finding new ideas for content creation
  • Monitoring the website and notifying you if there are problems with speed and security
  • Providing a health score to your website on a daily basis to check the health of the website

5. Neuraltext: the key to providing the best content!

This tool helps you to automate the processes of content writing and keyword research. Neuraltext has fifty different formats for content writing: from blog content to Instagram captions and… To use this tool, just type a keyword; Then this tool will help you get the following information by checking the top 20 results on Google:

  • The best keywords for that topic
  • The best headlines
  • The most frequently asked questions about that topic
  • And…

6. NeuronWriter: Top rated buddy!

This SEO AI tool uses Natural Learning Processing (NLP) model to help you go one step further in SEO! (By using the following features that are free for 1 month.)

Producing textual content with artificial intelligence.
Provide good recommendations for internal links. (You don’t need to guess and fast for doubt!)
Analyzing competitors’ content and providing recommendations to gain an edge over them.

7. Pro Rank Tracker: Track your rank with artificial intelligence!

Evaluating your site’s rank by personal search is time-consuming, and at the same time, the result may not be exactly right. Because Google shows you search results based on your interests, records, place of residence, etc.; Therefore, the search result you see may differ from what is shown to other people.

This artificial intelligence SEO tool provides free services for 7 days and makes your work easier by providing the following features:

  • Ability to view SEO rank
  • Daily updates for your rank
  • Ability to track your site’s rank for different countries and languages

8. CanIRrank: Your consultant for SEO!

How about a free consultant to tell you exactly what to do to get your site ranking high in search engines? CanlRank is the consultant you’ve been looking for! Let’s see how this consultant will help you raise your site’s SEO level:

  • Provides customized and specific recommendations to improve your site’s SEO
  • It identifies which pages on your website have the most potential to improve and attract visitors
  • It provides you with the best practical advice for page optimization, content creation and link building
  • It analyzes your competitor’s websites and tells you how to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Are you ready to climb to the first page of Google? A smart suggestion!

We said that the first step is to learn SEO; If you are familiar with SEO and its techniques, you can easily make your SEO work much faster and easier with the help of artificial intelligence tools.