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5 Interesting Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Everyday Life

5 Interesting Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Everyday Life

Artificial Intelligence Is Very Popular Today And Can Be Used In Many Aspects Of Life, But To Use Its Tools Better, You Need To Have New Ideas.

You can use artificial intelligence in many aspects of life, but with tools like ChatGPT and the AI ​​image generator, it can be hard to understand what you can do with it. Here are five of the most exciting methods that can be used to dramatically improve performance and quality of work.

ChatGPT is an excellent research tool.

Researching a broad topic can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Some cases are particular, and although you can use search engines like Google to find sources for your research, sometimes it’s hard even to know where to start. This is where a tool like ChatGPT can come in handy. You ask it a question and then research the answer it gives you.

For example, you’ve just learned that the Korean writing system Hangul has prevented Pokemon Gold and Silver from being released for the regular Game Boy console due to technological limitations.

While in the West, users could play these games on a regular Game Boy console; only the Game Boy Color had the vRAM required to display Hangul. It’s hard to google the reasons for this, but you can ask ChatGPT what causes Hangul display to consume more computing resources.

Although not everything ChatGPT says is reliable, it can give you a good starting point and more ideas to search using traditional search engines. Then you can research the reasons for the answer.

Data analysis can be much easier.

As you might guess, this Chrome extension allows you to use ChatGPT in Google Sheets. This tool can help summarize data, generate slogans and other text-based content, sort lists for you, process data, and many other features.

If you find yourself doing a lot of data analysis, you may be able to use GPT for Sheets. You need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to get an OpenAI API key, but it’s worth it if you process a lot of data.

With this Chrome feature, you will no  longer need to use Grammarly

If you are writing a long piece of content like a thesis, checking all of your text can be challenging. This can be long and tedious, and when you’re dealing with a lot of text, it’s easy to miss some errors. Fortunately, many AI-based tools use ChatGPT to proofread your text.

This tool is excellent for providing unbiased third-party input when writing your dissertation. This is done through a Chrome extension called editGPT, which the author shared on Reddit. As you can see from the image above, this tool is not perfect and will have trouble changing the word count, but it will only show the difference between your text and what ChatGPT shows you.

Create visuals for your role-playing game.

If you play role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, you know that you don’t need a lot of visual tools to play the game. You can use sites like Incarnate to make your maps if you want to get technical or use Foundry to act as a virtual gaming table, but after that, if you want to make character art, for example, there aren’t many options. In previous games, players used stock images or their images, but using the power of artificial intelligence, players can create their ideas.

For example, my friend produced the image above for his campaign. In the past, he’s used stock images to convey information to players in his movements, but AI has allowed him to add more to his character. Other players are also starting to use their images designed using tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

This is another set of images my friend produced for himself and his friends in his campaign. These images are unique to them and increase their connection to the game and their characters.

Take up a new hobby or improve your health.

Tools like these don’t have to be all about maximizing your productivity. You may need help playing the guitar, running, or your meal plan. For example, I asked ChatGPT to plan a week’s worth of tasty, affordable, and quick dinners, and the bot responded with some exciting ideas.
I may not be interested in all the suggestions it gave me, but the fact that you can go from basic ideas to a weekly planner with a shopping list is incredible.

Tools are what you make them.

These tools can do a lot, but they rely on your input to help. They can’t do anything for you on their own, but if you have an idea you want to implement, it’s worth looking at the vast array of AI tools on the market that you can use to achieve your goals and improve. Of course, better versions of GPT-4 are also on the way.