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2023 Laptop Comparison: Asus vs HP

Along with the advancement of technology, we are witnessing increasing growth and prosperity in the laptop manufacturing industry. Many laptop manufacturing companies add innovations and valuable features to their products by acquiring new technologies. If you want to buy a new laptop, you have likely heard the names of the famous brands Asus (ASUS) and HP (HP). These two companies are among the most famous and well-known laptop brands that produce systems with various models and prices.

In this article, we examine the differences and similarities between these two big brands and describe all their capabilities and features. In this way, it will be easy for you to choose a laptop that suits your needs.
Asus laptop review

The Taiwanese brand Asus was founded in 1989 and started working in the field of manufacturing technology equipment. The first product of this brand was a desktop computer motherboard. Less than a decade later, Asus entered the field of laptop production and created a tremendous revolution in the market with its stunning products. These computers were the first generation of Asus computers.

Today’s Asus laptops are stylish, up-to-date, and equipped with Intel or AMD processors. In addition, beautiful features such as a USB Type-C port, Thunderbolt port, backlit keyboard, fingerprint recognition, full HD screen, and many other features are included in these laptops that help you get the best results anywhere, even when traveling. Asu’s laptop buying guide and introduction to all its series are here.


  • The price of Asus laptops is more suitable compared to laptops of other brands, such as MacBook and Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • The long battery life of this laptop allows you to use it all day without needing to charge constantly.

Weak points:

Asus laptops are more significant than other brands due to their long battery life.

Review of the HP brand

If we want to compare Asus and HP laptops in terms of age and history, HP will undoubtedly win this competition. HP company is nearly 100 years old and headquartered in California, USA. This well-known brand produced its first computer in 1996, which had a lot of weight, size, and limited tools.

The current HP laptops have a stylish and modern appearance, but their functionality and valuable features allow you to be productive anywhere. These laptops have two types of outstanding AMD Ryzen and Intel Core iX processors and provide great features such as a USB Type-C connector for quick file sharing and a Thunderbolt port.


The battery life of HP laptops is high.
It makes stylish and ideal laptops for employees and students.
They have a reasonable price.

Weak points:

Some models of this brand have a higher price than other brands like Asus.

Comparing Asus laptops with HP

1- Technical components

To evaluate the features and technologies available in two laptops, factors such as processor, memory, and storage space are among the most essential things that should be considered. The better these specifications are in a laptop, the higher its price will naturally be. Both Asus and HP produce excellent and high-quality laptops, But the Asus brand is more specialized in making low-end laptops than HP.

The general parts of Asus and HP laptops are the same. They use an Intel or AMD Ryzen CPU and an NVidia GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon GPU. Often, the cheap laptops of these two brands do not have dedicated graphics cards; Of course, this depends on the Intel Ultra HD graphics card used in them. Regarding the speed and newness of Intel central processors, both brands are the same and offer high-speed and new models.


The battery of Asus and HP laptops is almost always a three-cell battery. Regular Asus laptops have a 3-cell battery, but this company uses an 8-cell battery in its flagship laptops. In any case, it doesn’t matter if you choose the Asus or HP brand; in terms of battery, both provide you with high and good quality.



2- Screen Quality

Two things stand out the most when we look at a laptop: the screen and the keyboard. Asus and HP companies know this very well, fortunately, every year, they make the black frame around the screen of their products smaller.

Regarding screens, laptops of both brands are ideal options for content producers and video editors. Asus brand steals HP’s lead in producing high-resolution screens and transparent and accurate colors. In addition, Asus laptops are head and neck higher than HP regarding refresh rates. Asus screens have more color brightness and less black border.

Therefore, it can be said that the competition’s winner is the Asus brand, with a higher quality screen with a higher refresh rate and better color resolution.

3- Design, build quality and durability

In terms of laptop design and appearance, HP performs better than Asus. Although Asus also offers laptops with a perfect and personalized impression, HP is better than Asus in terms of product design.

The HP brand has a long and brilliant history of attracting different tastes and produces laptops with different designs and colors that have a unique appeal despite the simple exterior. Although Asus has high-end and expensive laptops with unique and distinctive designs, it lags behind HP’s visual design. If you don’t want to pay a lot for a computer and at the same time you want to have a stylish and beautiful laptop, HP is the brand you are looking for.

But when it comes to build quality, Asus is ahead of HP. Asus TUF refers to a group of Asus brand laptops that are specially designed and built with very high standards for gaming and allow you to enjoy a high-level gaming experience with the best quality. The body of the Zephyrus series of laptops and other high-quality Asus laptops is made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, while the HP brand only makes its first-class Specter business laptops from metal and the rest from plastic. They are made resistant.

If you are among those who keep losing your laptop and the price is not a problem for you and you are looking for high quality, we suggest you go for the Asus brand.



4- Everyday use

You must ask yourself, is Asus or HP laptop better for everyday use? Well, we must say that both these companies produce good laptops for daily use, with which you can watch movies and surf the web. Although everyday-use laptops don’t need to be equipped with the most advanced hardware and capabilities, they must be well made and reliable.

HP brand produces solid and durable laptops at different prices. So if you accomplish’t want to spend a lot, HP is your best choice. On the other hand, we have Asus, which includes impressive and very good features in its everyday laptops.

Asus Chromebook Flip C436 laptop with 1080p touch screen, high-speed memory and Intel processor, as well as Zenbook series laptops of this company with their metal body are good options to choose. Some laptops of this brand are equipped with beautiful OLED screens. Although HP produces cheaper everyday laptops, Asus is generally more worth buying.

Therefore, in terms of daily use, Asus stands at a higher position because of its high-resolution screens and creative design of its products, such as providing a screen pad.

5- Gaming

The best HP gaming laptops are OMEN series laptops. Despite their high quality, these laptops have a reasonable price. HP uses AMD processors, 10th and 11th generation Intel chips and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in making its own gaming laptops. These laptops are great for mid-level gaming.

On the other hand, you can’t ignore ROG gaming laptops from Asus. This model is one of the most powerful laptops in the Zephyrus series. The power of the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 laptop is taken from the AMD Ryzen 9 processor and the Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card, and all these things work together to make this small and lightweight laptop with high battery life one of the most wonderful and Of course, it becomes the most expensive gaming laptop in the market.

It should also be kept in mind that, in general, Asus gaming laptops with the same price as HP have much better performance. As a result, the winner of this episode is none other than Asus!


7- Innovation

Asus is known for providing innovation and creativity in its products. ScreenPad or the touch screen is one of the wonderful features of this brand’s laptops, which is very useful during gaming and daily use. This innovative feature is an alternative to the mouse pad and allows you to make the most of the screen.

Since Asus is the leader in creativity and innovation, there is no place to compare it with the HP brand. Asus is currently ahead of HP in providing the most advanced hard drives and RAM technologies. Of course, the HP company has also shown significant improvements in the manufacture of its laptops, but not as much as the Asus brand.

8- Variety of products

By offering a wide range of diverse products, the Asus brand leaves your hands free to choose a laptop for business, everyday use or gaming. ASUS ROG gaming laptop series has been well received by users.

HP also has a wide range of the best laptops with different prices and you can be sure that you will find the laptop you want. It doesn’t matter if you choose Asus or HP; Both brands offer a variety of products.

9- Price

In terms of price, HP laptops win this time. Laptops of this brand have a better and more suitable price compared to their performance. Asus usually doesn’t sacrifice quality for price, and that’s why its laptops are made of the best internal components, which increases the price of its products.

On the other hand, HP Pavilion laptops are almost always cheaper compared to Asus Zenbook laptops. So if we want to compare these two brands in terms of price, we have to say that HP wins by offering products that have good quality and performance at a reasonable price!