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20 great sites to download free stock images and vectors

Stock and vectors are stunning photos and setups. They assist designers in any graphic design project, from illustration to motion graphics, and make the result of their work look much more gorgeous and experienced.

You can even use these free stock images and vectors known on the Internet in the landing pages of websites and give them a much better look. But one of the issues that have become a challenge for designers about using these stock and vector images is finding a site or rich basis of their types and accessing fast and free downloads of these functional images.

Introducing 20 great sites to download stock images and free vectors

Each website has distinctive features that may be useful to graphic designers separately in each project. For example, some of them, along with the vector image supplied, also provide the open layer file of that image design. These available layer files allow designers to make changes to the plan.

Also, if you plan to use these vector images in motion graphic projects, it will be easy and fast for you to access different layers and give them motion by using the open layer file. It is better not to miss this chance. Go to the introduction of these 20 beautiful sites to download stock images and free vectors.

1- UnDraw

Katerina Limpitsouni on this site has provided a vast archive of professional and practical illustrations for users. Stunning and quality designs and pictures of this website are in SVG format with the power to change the size. Changing the dimensions of the images downloaded from this website will not damage its quality.

2- Freepik

The famous Freepik website is a rich resource for downloading free stock images and vectors with over 800,000 experienced illustrations and graphic designs for users. In any subject and around any topic that you are looking for a vector, search for its title in Freepik to access numerous different vector images in that field. The significant thing about the Freepik site is that it also provides you with the Illustrator open layer file in addition to the image file.

In fact, with this website, you can access image files in various AI, SVG, or EPS formats. You do not need any complex mechanism to download images from the Freepik site. Create a quick account on this site and download the photos you want as quickly as possible. Also, to lower the volume of your downloads, you can save the icons, vectors, and images that have caught your eye, but you do not need them at the moment in the favorites section of your account so that you can access them later.

3- Pixabay

Pixabay is another rich website for downloading free stock and vector images. You can use this website to download various icons that you can use on your site or blog pages. Of course, this website has also used the images published on other sites in its archive honestly, which has led to the development of its image archive.

So users can easily search only on Pixabay to get the images they want, rather than scrolling through several different sites and getting the job done quickly. Downloading stocks, vectors, and icons on this website are free, and their use in advertising projects is unrestricted and legal.

4- VectorStock

More than 200,000 stock images and vectors have been put together for users in VectorStock. You can ask the site to categorize and display images based on the last time they were posted or categorize them based on how much more users are using them.

Downloadable forms for images on this site Like many sites, download free stock images and vectors, including AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG. Of course, the vector images that you download from this site are only permitted for use in personal and non-commercial projects, which has become a slight restriction for users in the field of advertising design.

Another unique benefit and feature of this site is the option of accessing similar images to a selected image by you. For example, when you are considering a stock image or vector of a zombie, with just one click, you can enter the image section of similar areas of this image, such as Halloween images.

5- Flaticon

If you want to enter a land full of different icons, Flaticon is the place for you. Millions of icons designed for various uses are gathered on this website and are open to users.

One of the unique ways to search for images on this site is to use the “Best Packages of the Month” option. Obviously, by doing this, you enter a part of the site where the best icons and images of the current month are displayed for you according to the download rate of other users. This site reaches a massive database of icons.

6- OpenClipart

This site has introduced itself as a showcase where numerous graphic designers design various images for your use. Therefore, any person as a graphic designer and being able to download items from this site. They can also upload designs following the standards of this site for the use of others. Another unique feature of OpenClipart is the presence of images and sketch designs.

7- Vector4Free

This site plays as a minor option in the list of 20 great places to download free stock images and vectors. This site has a lot of pictures and is similar to a small library compared to other sites introduced. But since there are many valuable and different icons in it. Users in graphics and design show a particular interest in it.

The search system on this site is based on tagging. You will come across many tagged icons related to that keyword. Also, some icons and images are grouped and presented in the form of a collection on this site.

Designers from all over the world have uploaded the stock and vector images on this site. From cartoon images to natural icons, various prints are available to users on this site. Another good thing about this site is that it does not require complicated rules.

8- The Noun Project

Another site home to millions of vector and stock images is The Noun Project. You can use the images on this site in many applications, even the Google software suite. The images you download from this site are free to use in personal and retail projects.

9- Vecteezy

With more than 100,000 stock images and vectors, this site is still developing and increasing its image archive. As a user, you can post your comments for the designer of any image you see below that image. Because of this case of posting user comments, many novice designers put their designs on this site to use their opinions to develop their design skills.

Many of the vector images you see on this site are suitable for wallpapers. Also, if you are looking for the correct UI elements and icons in the site design, you can use Vecteezy.

10- Brands of the World

If you are looking for a quick way to design a logo or are looking for images and designs suitable for website landing pages, printing on T-shirts, and similar uses, Brands of World is your site.

Suitable tattoo designs, professional logos for companies, and commercial uses are available in this website’s massive range of designs.

If you do not find what you are looking for, then ask.

To access more stock and vector images, you can also refer to the following sites and benefit from a wide range of designs available in it.

11- Iconmonstr

This site is beneficial for downloading PSD files.

12- Pixeden

One of the oldest in free download stock and vector images is Pixeden. It was created by a group of designers who needed to download pictures always for their projects. You can use this site to download mocap files.

13- Vector. me

Over 280,000 stock images and vectors on this site are easy to find. Like many other sites, this site has a list of 20 great sites for downloading stock and vector images and making the images available to users in different formats.

14- Drawing

On this site, AI and DWG formats are how stocks and vectors are presented to the audience. This site is very suitable if you look for different images and many designs of characters and people in various figures. In addition to the exciting name, they have chosen for it. The first page of this site uses beautiful paintings and fascinating stories, making the area more lovely.

15- Reddit

Here we do not come across a site that. It is an official source for delivering vectors and stocks like the previous examples. Reddit is a website where designers themselves upload various designs for public use. Therefore, there are no specific rules and no standards and frameworks to normalize all images and categorize them.

16- Free Vector

It is a great site to download free stock images and vectors containing various logos, icons, and designs. Any design that has not found its desired structure in the previous 15 sites will surely achieve its goal. You can download flat designs, 3D, icons, and many other items quickly and with the least hassle on this site.

17- Streamline Icons

A world of vector images and emojis! There are more than 780 emojis designed on this site that will make you happy to watch them. Of course, in addition to emojis, this site also has more than 3,000 vector and stock images in its archive. Various minimalist styles, geometric and the like are available on this site.

18- Shutterstock

One of the unique features of this site is the existence of an academic section to answer its users’ questions. The features of the other sites listed in the 20 significant areas for downloading stock images and free vectors are also valid.

19- 123FreeVectors

More than 100,000 vectors and stocks on this site are available for design users and can be downloaded for free. Wallpapers and images appropriate for landing websites are the prominent features of this site.

Images created with different brushes of Adobe Illustrator software and attractive graphic backgrounds can be seen among the categories of this site.

20 –

It is a professional site for those who want to download images and elements suitable for designing the website interface.