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17 Creative Iot Startups That Made Millions

Startups Should Be Described As The Creators Of The World’s Most Original Ideas Because In A Situation Where Large Organizations Prefer Not To Enter Risky Markets Or Invest In Unknown Ideas To Save Liquidity, Start-Ups Go To Sea To Find A Way To Make A Simple Living For People…

Startups, If they succeed in this way, they will be very profitable. Their innovative solution will be used by millions of people worldwide, inspiring others and even receiving large financial offers from large companies or investors. If they fail, the capital they have spent on their project. They lose.

This article will introduce you to successful IoT startups that have invested and succeeded in original ideas.

Familiarity with these start-ups and the projects they are focused on will help you implement a successful Iranian model inspired by it. Implementing a successful model that can untie the knot of the problems of the Iranian society may be considered by the private and public sectors, and thus your project will be profitable.

1. Startup Armis Security

Founded in 2015, the startup focused on implementing the infrastructure and facilities to develop the IoT. The startup provides an Agentless IoT security solution so businesses can monitor and control any device or network.

To be more precise, this startup eliminates the IoT security blind spot. It allows companies to control devices and networks that lack security mechanisms and turn off the device whenever they see certain activity in the performance of the devices. Armis Security allows businesses to take a different approach to secure and secure access to IoT equipment.

2. startup

Startup was founded in 2013. The company provides an open-source SQL developer program to store, analyze, and manage machine learning models and big data and develop IoT platforms faster in factories and manufacturing industries. The open-source database can store and analyze data collected by sensors simultaneously.

CrateDB is an open-source distributed database that enables the scalability and execution of NoSQL databases with the power and ease of using structured colloquial language (SQL).

CrateDB Cloud in Azure IoT provides a ready-made data layer for businesses that provide cloud-based hosting services. It enables faster development of IoT platforms in factories and manufacturing units.

The company’s customers use the solutions provided by the startup for operational analysis, textual and spatial search, IoT device energy assessment in unemployment, cybersecurity and systems monitoring, fleet tracking, and marketing campaign analysis.

The company now has $ 17.9 million in assets. 

As you can see, you do not need to build a hardware product to enter the IoT ecosystem. Sometimes software solutions that provide a comprehensive analysis of IoT equipment are more profitable than hardware solutions. As you can see, you do not need to build a hardware product to enter the IoT ecosystem.

Sometimes software solutions that provide a comprehensive analysis of IoT equipment are more profitable than hardware solutions. As you can see, you do not need to build a hardware product to enter the IoT ecosystem. Sometimes software solutions that provide a comprehensive analysis of IoT equipment are more profitable than hardware solutions.

3. Dragos startup

Dragos startup is active in the security of industrial control systems and the Internet of Things (ICS / IIoT). Dragos Superstructure provides a range of application services related to data collection, asset recognition and automation, and the detection and warning of risky activities.

In addition, Dragos provides a Security Operations Center dashboard that provides dedicated services for identifying risky activities and suggests to businesses what measures to take to address threats to industrial control systems. Analytical reports provided by Dragos provide comprehensive information on vulnerabilities and threats to businesses. In 2018, the company managed to increase its liquidity to $ 37 million.

4. Drayson Technologies startup

IoT-based startup Drayson Technologies combines wireless charging technology with machine learning, creating smart sensors networks to save energy and reduce costs so businesses can manage energy. Investors have well received the company to provide innovative solutions to save energy, reduce costs, accurately analyze the power consumption of IoT devices, and help implement IoT networks optimally and cost-effectively.

5. Element Analytics startup

Startup Element Analytics soon established itself as a start-up company providing application services to the petrochemical, oil, and gas industries. The company’s platform helps industrial organizations easily use industrial data to improve product line performance and product quality. The company’s platform prepares and analyzes time series datasets to provide credible information to businesses.

The biggest factor that makes the Element Analytics platform successful is implementing an intelligent algorithm model that increases IoT devices’ reliability, efficiency, and operational stability. The startup has raised $ 22 million in three rounds of raising capital.

6. Startup Fog Horn

Founded in 2014, Fog Horn startup designs software used to perform smart edge processing. The Fog Horn software platform allows IoT devices on the edge of the network to analyze data without sending data to data centers.

The software, or more precisely the platform designed by Fog Horn, can allow IoT equipment to be used in the fields of water, electricity, oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, transportation, healthcare, retail, smart homes, smart city, self-driving vehicles. Perform some processing at the edge of the network. The company has raised nearly $ 47.5 million.

7. GEM Startup

GEM startups work to provide smart IoT solutions based on machine learning. By providing intelligent platforms, the startup helps manufacturing industries use Internet equipment more efficiently and recommends preventative solutions to organizations before the equipment is completely broken.

The above approach increases the overall effectiveness of equipment (OEE) and their service life.

The GEM Precare platform provides businesses with accurate information about IoT equipment’s performance and useful life by collecting real-time data and KPIs, MTBF and MTBA indicators, and data generated by their equipment and processing.

Figure 1 shows the performance of the GET platform and the location of GEM intelligent agents.

8. IoTium

IoTium startup has attracted the attention of businesses by providing proprietary tracking technology and implementing secure network communication mechanisms (NaaS) Network as a Service. The solution offered by the above startup allows older systems based in production units to be securely connected to cloud-based applications.

Important clients of this startup include CBRE, Emerson, Intelligent Buildings, Obernel, Rexnord, and Sunbelt Controls. IoTium noted that they are working to provide solutions related to the automation of buildings and industries, construction, transportation, and smart cities. The company has raised $ 22 million in assets.

9. InfluxData startup

The startup InfluxData has designed a text-based platform called InfluxDB with the Go programming language that analyzes secret data generated by sensors or IoT equipment. In addition, the platform can be used to store and quickly access time-series data.

The platform can monitor operations, evaluate performance metrics, analyze data generated by IoT sensors, and perform real-time analytics. The startup has nearly 400 customers, the most important of which are Cisco, eBay, and IBM. The startup has raised $ 59.9 million in four seasons.

10. Startup Karamba Security

Startup Karamba Security focuses on solving the security challenges of connected vehicles. The startup has designed a component called the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which is used to secure the communication of IoT equipment or IP-based devices. The mechanism provided by this startup can effectively protect IoT equipment such as automated machines from cyber-attacks.

11. MachineMetrics

Startup MachineMetrics uses artificial intelligence to improve product quality and performance on product lines where IoT equipment is installed. Describing the platform he designed, the startup says: “The most important thing for manufacturers is to provide functional products in the shortest time with the best possible quality. To achieve this goal, manufacturers must have accurate information about the product lines.

Accordingly, manufacturers large and small use IoT products in their product lines. The solution offered by the IoT platform MachineMetrics is to collect and analyze data generated by sensors and equipment. This platform can process information in just a few minutes and provide business-centric insights to businesses. The data processed by this platform gives companies detailed information about the performance of IoT equipment.

The company earned $ 13.4 million in three rounds of raising capital. Figure 2 shows the information provided by the MachineMetrics platform.

12. MagicCube startup

MagicCube is a device-independent IoT security platform that protects built-in IoT equipment, cloud infrastructure, and IoT networks from cyber attacks. The MagicCube solution can secure devices’ digital interactions when transferring data to and receiving data from the cloud without the need for hardware solutions or technical complexity. The startup has raised $ 10.7 million in two rounds of raising capital.

13. Myriota startup

This startup delivers its innovative achievements in satellite Internet of Things at the lowest cost to businesses. The Myriota nanosatellite was launched in December 2018 with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Myriota uses the detailed LEO satellite map of Low Earth Orbit to establish satellite communications. The company has raised $ 15 million in one round of raising capital. Myriota is a pioneer in establishing low-cost satellite connections that can be used in the IoT industry.

The information collected by this platform helps companies active in the field of sea or air transportation to be better informed about the current status of their goods. For this purpose, the Myriota platform can receive data sent by RFID sensors and inform companies about the location of shipments.

14. Particle Startup

Particle is an IoT platform that allows organizations to prepare powerful IoT communication channels for IoT equipment through scalable application software interfaces. Simply put, it allows organizations to develop applications themselves that are supposed to connect the Internet to network equipment.

In addition, it allows companies to create scalable, secure IoT solutions. Important customers of this startup include NASA, SpaceX, Venture, Root Ventures, etc. More than 150,000 manufacturers in 170 countries use Particle solutions for IoT equipment.

15. Samsara startup

The Samsara startup seeks to improve the performance of IoT equipment and IoT networks by reducing and reducing costs by collecting and analyzing data generated by sensors. Samsara customers, which include activists in the fields of transportation, logistics, construction, food production, energy, and manufacturing industries, have improved the productivity and performance of their work ecosystem with the help of these startup solutions.

The startup solution works by combining wireless sensors with telecommunications networks and cloud-based analytics to give businesses instant access to information. Samsara has raised a total of $ 230 million over five periods.

Figure 3 shows a summary of the information displayed by the company’s dashboard.


16. Startup  SCADAfence

SCADAfence provides solutions for securing IoT equipment so that ICS / SCADA operations can run smoothly. The solution offered by this company integrates best with the IoT equipment and allows organizations to monitor, analyze data instantly and secure production networks continuously.

In February 2019, the company expanded its business and gained customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and automotive industries.

SCADAfence allows businesses to have no particular worries about cyberattacks by providing a set of solutions that include continuous monitoring of industrial environments and intelligent security assessment tools.


17. SWIM.AI startup

The company offers edge-based software solutions that allow businesses to monitor data released by IoT equipment continuously. In addition, data analytics allows companies to make important operational decisions.

Thanks to its unique architecture, Swim Continuum solves the problem of delaying data return to databases and prevents network bandwidth from being wasted on certain activities. The company has raised $ 10 million in two rounds of raising capital. Figure 4 shows the model used by SWIM.AI.