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10 Practical Tips And Tricks For Better Use Of PlayStation 5

10 Practical Tips And Tricks For Better Use Of  PlayStation 5. In this article, we are going to mention 10 tricks of the PS5 console. 

Use the search feature

If you have a lot of games, then finding a title manually can be a daunting process. Now you can make this easier by using the search feature. While on the home screen, you must press the “Triangle” key to place the cursor on the search icon. Then you have to press the “X” key. Here you can search for games, apps, media files, other PSN games, as well as games available on the PS Store. You can also use the tabs at the top of the page to filter the content.

2. Content management of games

Your PlayStation 5 SSD has a capacity of only 825 GB. By going to “Settings> Storage> Console Storage” you can delete games, recorded files, and و and thus better manage the space. In the “Games and Apps” section, you can delete unnecessary game data. Games that install their sections separately support this feature, and of course you can see a “pencil” icon next to them.

For example, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has three separate sections, for example, you can delete the story section and play the remaining sections while freeing up storage space.

3. Select the default settings for all games

Another PS5 trick is the default settings. This way, for example, you can enable subtitles for all games so you no longer have to do this every time for a new game. You can find this feature in “Settings> Saved Data and Game / App Settings> Game Presets”.

4. Launch Remote Play

Remote Play allows PlayStation 5 console owners to access their PlayStation 5 library on PlayStation 4, PCs, or even smartphones. To do this, go to “Settings> System> Remote Play”, activate the “Enable Remote Play” slider, and then select “Link Device”. Next, you need to run the PS Remote Play application on your PC, phone, or other PlayStation device, and then enter the number that appears. Next, you need to take the necessary steps.

5. Control system notifications

Sometimes your console notifications are useful and sometimes they are just a distraction. Go to “Settings> Notifications” and look at the options. For example, you can turn off your console notifications altogether, hide their previews, change the display time at the top of the screen, and

6. Change capture and sharing settings

The PlayStation 5’s default settings are useful for capturing screenshots and video clips of the gameplay, but you can change them anyway. Go to “Settings> Captures and Broadcasts” and find the corresponding option. Under “Captures” you can change the function of the “Share” key as well as the default length of video clips related to your recent gameplay. You can also change the format of images and videos here.

If you are streaming, then take a look at the “Broadcasts” section. In the “Trophies” section, you can specify whether screenshots and videos are automatically taken when receiving trophies. Of course, keep in mind that these videos can take up a lot of space, so it might be best to enable “Save Trophy Videos” only for high-end trophies, or disable this feature altogether.

7. Personalization of the Control Center layer

By pressing the PS key on your console handle, you can enter the Control Center and access common function shortcuts there. Of course, you can also personalize this space to some extent. After opening the Control Center, press the “Options” key on your controller and then activate the required options check box and disable the rest.

8. Use the PlayStation app

With the PlayStation app (Android and iPhone) you can send messages, buy games in the PS Store, download games remotely to your console, check notifications, see if your friends are online, and…

9. Review accessibility options

Go to the “Settings> Accessibility” menu to see the convenience and accessibility of your console. Here you can access options such as transcribing voice chats, captioning, screen reader, zoom, as well as color correction. Under “Controllers” you can find the “Change Button Assignments” option and change the function of the keys at the system level.

10. Hide spoilers in shared content

Another PS5 trick is to share content spoilers. You may not want a portion of the game to be exposed to you while watching other people’s videos and screenshots. Go to “Settings> Saved Date and Game / App Settings”. Select “Spoiler Warnings” and then enable “Warn About Game Spoilers”.

By default, this option is set to “Only Spoilers Identified by Game Developers”, which we suggest you change to “Everything You Haven’t Seen Yet”. Of course, for this feature to be useful, the game you want must support this feature.