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Windows 11 Hosted File Sharing In The Android Subsystem

Windows 11 Hosted File Sharing In The Android Subsystem

Microsoft Has Made It Possible To Share Files In Windows Subsystem For Android. This New Feature Is Available To Insider Users And Will Be Available Publicly Shortly.

According to The Verge, the latest update of Windows Subsystem for Android, in addition to sharing, includes drag-and-drop functionality and improves camera performance while fixing some bugs.

Microsoft said in a statement that many users have been asking for file sharing to be added to the Windows Subsystem for Android.

From now on, users can share folders such as Documents and Pictures with this subsystem so that things like uploading photos to social networks or editing videos through professional applications can be done more efficiently.

Folder sharing is enabled by default for Insider users, and Android apps can only view or edit Windows folders with the user’s direct permission. These permissions can be revoked in the settings menu.

Microsoft says it scans all Android apps during installation to prevent malicious apps from being loaded.

The scanning process will be done by Microsoft Defender or antivirus on the system.

Microsoft has limited sharing to Windows user account folders and currently does not support system folders, external drives, or folders such as Program Files. This statement is for some formats such as exe. also applies.