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Why Should We Use The Popular Brave Browser?

Brave Browser Has Become One Of The Most Popular Browsers With More Than  32.4 Million Monthly Active Users. 

Brave Browser is an open-source browser based on Chromium. Unlike Google Chrome, this browser is very focused on performance and user privacy. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is a trendy and popular web browser; But it has been almost a decade since its release, and with the advent of powerful browsers like Brave, the time has come to change.

There are currently several convenient alternatives to the Chrome browser available to experience a different approach from what Google offers. This browser is one of the most popular options. We will look at some of the reasons for its popularity and tell you why you should use the popular Brave browser.

Stay away from technology giants.

Internet giants have taken over the web by offering services and products. Although these companies always try to offer their best, users should have the right to choose between different options. Having competitors such as Brave prevents those who control the market from imposing their services and products on users.

Also, tech giants are often seen as anti-competitive, but by choosing Brave Browser options, users can create healthy competition between them and pave the way for further progress.

Respect for user privacy

Browsing time Your activity may track in any way. No user likes to share their personal information online. In this regard, Brave enforces a better privacy policy by not collecting data from users’ activities. Everything users do in Browser remains private on their devices and is not shared with anyone else. It also encrypts sync data to use the same browser settings and bookmarks on multiple devices.

Faster browsing experience

Chrome is a user of system resources, which is especially evident when you do many different things with your browser. Brave Browser provides a faster browsing experience for users by focusing on greater resource efficiency. Brave claims that it requires 33% less memory than Chrome and has less impact on system battery life. This may vary depending on your system configuration; But in general, Brave is a faster and smoother browser than Chrome.

open source

Google Chrome browser is a proprietary project based on chromium, But Brave is a completely open-source web browser. Therefore, anyone can check the source code and evaluate the browser security if necessary. It goes without saying that another advantage of using open-source software is the possibility of community participation to add new and needed features.

Open source browser

Dealing with content censorship

Because most of the web is centralized, the resources you access are usually stored in a central storage location. It integrates IPFS protocol to allow users to access the decentralized web. Brave allows users to network with the help of Hmtabhhmta using IPFS access to resources; Therefore, no one can control or restrict access to a resource.

By integrating this feature, Brave Browser can be an effective tool for overcoming web censorship. With the help of IPFS protocol, they can easily distribute without worrying about server resources or costs and increasing resource availability.

Tracker Blocker

There are several types of tracking technologies available to track Internet users. While some tracking can help make the web more useful, others may collect any data from your online activities.

Brio Tracker Blocker Browser

Detectors can block with the privacy feature of Brave Browser. This feature in Brave Browser eliminates the need for users to search for Chrome privacy-focused extensions.

Detectors can block with the privacy feature of Brave Browser. This feature in Brave Browser eliminates the need for users to search for Chrome privacy-focused extensions.

Get rewards by seeing ads.

Users usually support their favorite websites by not preventing ads from being blocked. Brave Browser has created another way to help website builders through Brave Rewards. Using Brave Rewards is completely optional; But if you use it, you can get tokens when you visit and spend time on websites.

Received tokens will store in the wallet integrated with the Brave browser, which users can donate to help their favorite website. They can also add any currency they like to their wallet and use it to support publishers listed on Brave Rewards.

Use the tour network.

To increase privacy, you should use the Tor network, which is the easiest way to use it through the Tor browser; But this browser is not user-friendly and efficient. Fortunately, in Private Browsing mode, you can use the Tor connection. It is worth noting that this mode is not a complete alternative to the Tour browser; But in it, the network is used as a proxy to hide the original IP and location.

Firewall  and VPN for iOS devices

Apple iOS is an integrated operating system. Brave is trying to go one step further than iOS by offering a browser-enabled firewall and VPN service; Of course, using this additional option is possible for a fee. If you want to use Brave Browser on your iOS phone, VPN can help enhance your digital privacy.

Integrated services such as Brave search engine

Brave is not just a simple browser; Because with its help, a solution can find for private advertising, the decentralized web, etc. The brave search engine is another impressive feature. This search engine is independent and focuses on providing search results with privacy.

 Brio search engine

Although the Brave search engine can be used in any other browser, using it in the Brave browser will be a smooth and enjoyable experience that is an attractive offer for users.


Currently, Brave offers better features than the Google Chrome browser. Since most of us rely on web browsers to get things done, we should always look for better and more efficient browsers. Brave is now becoming a popular browser for desktop and mobile phones. This browser is constantly evolving, and there will surely be more reasons to use it in the future than what you read in this article.