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Laravel framework

Why should we use the Laravel framework?

PHP programming language is one of the top and most popular programming languages ​​in the field of web design. This programming language has many frameworks, one of which is Laravel. What sets Laravel Framework apart from other PHP language frameworks are the many features that I will discuss in detail in the rest of this article, Laravel Framework.

What are the features and benefits of Laravel Framework?

The Laravel framework has many benefits that increase with each update. Laravel is also the Wizard of the Web. Because many people believe that what this framework does in the web application development process is magical.

In Laravel, great things can be done with minimal coding and short commands. One example is the system for implementing Laravel membership and entry forms. This section is implemented in Laravel just by entering a command. Also, in order for the Laravel framework to meet our different needs, it uses Composer, which is exactly the same tool used to update Laravel. In the following, we will explain each of these benefits of Laravel.

Here are just a few of Laravel’s benefits:

  • Use MVC architecture
  • Being open source
  • Easy to learn
  • Increase project development speed
  • high security
  • Easy update
  • Make things easier such as like Authentication, Routing, and Caching
  • Use Remote Component
  • Dramatic increase in coding speed
  • Develop the program without compromising the previous features and code of the program
  • Restrict Eloquent using simple commands
  • Ability to perform multiple tests such as Unit Testing using simple commands
  • Easy access to Database by Migrations
  • Artisan Super Command Line
  • Ability to create different Packages‌
  • Use the auto-loading feature
  • Use the ORM tool
  • Using the Template Blade engine

Speeding up project development is one of the benefits of the Laravel framework

It is not without reason that the Laravel framework has become very popular among PHP programmers. One of the most important reasons why programmers choose the Laravel framework is to help speed up project development.

Laravel framework is Component Base. This means that users can easily add their favorite components to the application and speed up the development process. Also, if you use Laravel executive logic, writing a web application will be very easy.

Also, using the Auto Loading feature allows all requirements for Components, Classes, etc. to do it automatically. Another feature of Laravel is the use of migrations to create a database that facilitates the transfer and management of information. Laravel has several security systems that prevent all kinds of attacks, manage database query storage, and so on. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to increase the speed and speed of application development.

Support for various Laravel databases is one of Laravel’s benefits

Laravel currently supports MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL and SQLLite databases.

Validation in Laravel

Sometimes writing all the validation code manually can be very time consuming and tedious. But Laravel has solved this problem. Laravel has a strong accreditation system. So It is enough to specify how each field of the form should be. That is, specify the validation rules. After that, all validations are automatic.

The advantage of being able to sync emails in Laravel

It is impossible to imagine today’s programs without the ability to send or receive Email. Laravel is easily synced with all email receiving and sending services.

In addition to SMTP and PHP mail functions, Laravel supports many other email services such as Mailgun Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, SendMail and more. You can also send Nexmo‌s via Slack or SMS using Email.

Very easy to install and customize laravel

Definitely, to work with a framework, how to install and customize it is not a high priority, and many frameworks are difficult to install, but have many functions and advantages. That’s why we sometimes wish it were at least a little easier to install a framework with many benefits. Laravel is the same framework that, along with its many advantages, is extremely easy to install and customize.

Large Laravel Developer Community Benefits of Laravel

We have said many times throughout this article that Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. But how can this be an advantage? We must say that high popularity for a tool means more use of it and more use means a larger community of users who can help you solve your problems with that tool! It does not matter what the problem is with using Laravel! By posting it on one of the hundreds of Laravel websites and forums, you can get your answer in minutes. One of the most reputable Laracast websites and forums is the Laracasts website

Why is Laravel known as the best PHP framework?

More and more developers are becoming interested in the Laravel framework, and the number of users of this framework is increasing. Given the dramatic progress and growing trend of this framework, a very good future is expected. The great advantages and features of this framework and its advantages over other frameworks make it a very good option for programmers. Although the use of frameworks is quite tasteful and one of them can not be considered superior and more powerful than other frameworks, but without a doubt Laravel framework will be at the top of the most popular and best PHP frameworks.