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Who Is The Green Hat Hacker?

Hacking is a trendy topic among people, so a lot of research is being done every day. In the world of hacking, the starting point of a hacker is the green hat. These hackers are very enthusiastic and are learning to hack. 

A hacker is anyone who can use their computer, network, etc., knowledge to circumvent security and infiltrate systems, regardless of their intentions or motives. Hackers are enthusiastic and determined people with unique talents. These people are categorized based on the color of the hat, their motivation, and their activity. In the following, we will talk more about Green Hat hackers.

Who is the Green Hat Hacker?


Who is a Green Hat Hacker?

Green hat hackers are beginners in the hacking world and have curious personalities, typical of different hackers. These people are very interested in learning and improving their level and are at a stage where they have no apparent motivation; they do not know what kind of activity they want to do as a hacker (for example, a black hat or white-hat hacker).

These novice hackers can inflict various damage while learning hacking tips, becoming a big problem. They may not be able to fix the damage they have done because they do not yet have much information about the hack.

They may not want to intentionally damage systems. Still, because they do not know enough about hacking, they usually do so while practicing and learning, and testing various malware and attack techniques. As a result, green hat hackers can also be harmful, as they are often unaware of the consequences of their actions.

The difference between green hat hackers and kid scripts

Other types of hackers are similar to green hat hackers and are known as script kiddies. Kid scripts are amateur and inexperienced hackers interested in hacking but never seek new hacking and programming techniques to improve their knowledge, preferring to buy malware, tools, and scripts online and use them for pressure. Put users to use.

These are often novice hackers who do little harm. Therefore, the difference between green hat hackers and kid scripts is that green hat hackers are severe and enthusiastic and learn the basics of hacking. On the other hand, kids’ scripts always take the easy way out and download or use malware, tools, and scripts.

Green hat hackers are often well-trained, go through various courses, and obtain certifications. But kid scripts find shortcuts like watching YouTube videos or reading online articles or community discussions. They like to do hacking and cyber attacks without proper training and complete knowledge of the consequences.