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Which Do You Choose: A Dream Job Or A Suitable Job?

Public Relations Manager Britney Larsen Talks About Her Experiences And Career Path. According To Him, Finding A Dream And Ideal Job Is Not Possible At Once And Requires The Passage Of Time And The Path Of The Right Career.

“I was lucky to be able to find a suitable job after graduating from university,” says Brittany Larsen, public relations manager. I started as the press secretary of a prominent member of parliament, and I was very excited to be in our new workplace. The idea was to work for a short time until I could find a better job.

A few months after graduating from university, I learned a lesson that I have put to this day, opportunities are usually the result of needs. After I started my job, the communications manager decided to leave his job and I had to do his job as well. While I was looking for a replacement for the director of communications, a member of parliament decided to promote me.

Less than six months after graduating from university, I became a communications director looking for a replacement for my position. Finding a great, ideal job after graduating from college can be stressful. In my experience, this fear does not go away even as you progress in your career.

Because you feel that your job should be justified in the long run, but this is not true. Here are some reasons why your future career should not be your dream job.

Knowing what you are good at takes time and may change your mind

In my current position, I often interview people who have just graduated from university. I like to ask them what they think they are talented at because I can get good experiences from the answers they give. To be honest, no one can say what benefits and value will be for the organization before entering the workplace. I am fascinated by those who understand that they must remain curious and never give up learning. As a manager, this is more important to me than the skills they describe in their day.

Keep in mind that you may know what you are talented at and what you enjoy. If you do not want to stay in your career path, do not think about what you are good at, focus more on how much you can afford. Be valuable in the organization you work for. But if both are coordinated, it is a good sign that you are moving in the right direction.


Finding the right job is more about the opportunity than the job title

I have worked in various organizations in positions that were lower than my capabilities, but I was finally able to find my career path among them. Instead of trying to figure out if the job title is right for you, look for opportunities to grow and develop. The proposed job title may not be very mouth-watering, but it gives you more options. Time and time again, it has been proven to me that focusing on what I can learn in new career plans is far more important than the title. Fortunately, good organizations recognize hard work, and the new title follows. Do not let the title or position prevent you from working for a great company.

Your profession is about you, not what people think of you

Ultimately, your profession is your own. I like to choose jobs that are ambiguous to me because they make my experience more diverse and more. When deciding on your career path, look less for the right position for yourself and try more to focus on choosing the right path, even if your work is not right in the eyes of others. Career paths are no longer linear and predictable. When I first started, I never expected to be in such a situation, and fortunately, I have to say that dreams can be changed.

How To Answer The Question “What Is Your Dream Job”?

A dream job is a profession and a job that brings you both happiness and a sense of job satisfaction. For some people, this job may be lucrative, while others prefer to have a job that highlights their individual skills and values. Of course, some businesses offer a combination of the two, both to display values ​​and to make money. In this article, we are going to help you find your dream job and provide tips that you can address in a job interview.

Before we get into the details, we must say that the MBTI test is one of the proven methods that will help you find the most suitable job for you. This may be your dream job and by knowing it you can be ready to answer this question.

What is your dream job?

To discover your interests and determine your dream job, pay attention to these points and follow them:

  • Think about what you enjoy. Think about your favorite hobbies and how they can form the basis of your dream job. Although not every hobby or interest may be directly related to your dream job, you can still consider a few key components and tailor them to your job. For example, if you enjoy listening to music, you can pursue a career in music writing and journalism.
  • Ask yourself important questions. Finding and discovering a dream job can reveal everything that is going on inside you. By asking these questions you can help yourself decide: What do I enjoy? Are my dream job and my choice related to money or passion? What are my core values? What am I skilled at? And What do I want to learn? How long do I want to study?
  • Do the job for a short time. This method is to find out in a short time whether you are interested in the desired profession and job or not. By doing this, you can gain an understanding of the tasks and job description of the job. This method works very well if you like to try out a job and have no idea about it.


How to answer the question “What is your dream job?” Answer in a job interview?

When an employer asks about your dream job in an interview, follow these steps to get the right answer:


1. Relate it to the job you are applying for

Before your interview, find a very good understanding of the job. Think of ways you can relate the job to what is ideal for you. For example, if the job position is such that you have to work in a team, you can say, “My dream job is to be able to be active and work in a team. “I realized that when a team starts, people can work better and get closer to their goals with the right knowledge and understanding of each other.”


2. Tell us about your values

Employers may ask this question in an interview so that they can learn more about your values. Use this question as an opportunity to share what matters most to you. For example, if rebuilding is important to you, you could say, “I love a job that gives me a chance to make a difference in the world. “That ‘s why I’m so excited to learn more about your company’s volunteer work.” You can also use your own values more job opportunities for employment in action, you connect. Understand the values ​​of the company you are applying to and think about which of these values ​​aligns with what is ideal for you.

3. Go for public speaking

Instead of discussing specific job titles, describe the responsibilities and tasks of your ideal job. Talk about the specific skills you want to acquire in this dream job or point out the items and plans you plan to do for the job. This answer should let your employer know what you would like to do in this job and you will be happy to do it.


Examples to answer “What is your dream job?”

When discussing your dream and ideal job during the interview, use these sample answers as ideas:

Example 1

I have been working in the field of advertising for three years now and I have been able to achieve good visibility as well as great opportunities in this profession. My dream job is to lead a team as a creative manager. I am currently improving my skills in design, graphics, and copywriting, both of which are essential for such a job. If I increase my design skills, I can both reach this job as a senior designer and I can increase my team leadership skills. What I like to do right now is work in this job for a while and finally, get to my dream job.


Example 2

My dream job is where I can make a real difference. I use my programming skills as well as my personal values ​​to create something that has a better impact on people. While in college, I designed an app to help low-income families connect with career counselors. I hope I can finish this idea or work for a company that is looking to complete this idea. That’s why your company is so valuable to me. The Developer Community Grant Company is an amazing opportunity for me, and I know that with the support of your company, I can develop amazing tools.


Example 3

Helping others to succeed is one of my hobbies, which is why my dream job is to lead and guide. I have years of experience in sales and this way I can understand the daily work of my team members. As a sales manager, I encourage my team members to achieve their goals and also to be trained in this area. My dream is to have a team and be able to support them, while also enjoying healthy competition. I have had very good managers in the past and this has enabled me to have a positive impact on the team.


Example 4

Although I have had good job opportunities, my main goal is to work for a company that has international connections. I think traveling is a lot of fun and entertainment because I like to get acquainted with new cultures and see people from different countries up close. I would love to spend some time in Europe as well, as I am fluent in German, Italian and French. Then I also know a little Dutch. If I can get this job opportunity, I would most like to go on business trips and missions that the company is considering. Adapting to new working conditions is one of the skills that I do well.

From these examples, you can get ideas and prepare yourself to answer the question of what is your dream job. But what is your dream job and what do you like to do in organizations and companies and which profession makes you happy?