Whats is WordPress and why we should use it

Nowadays, having a website for different businesses has become one the basic necessities in order to achieve success. But this has not been possible for many people due to lack of technical knowledge and a lot of capital. But with the advent of content management systems like WordPress in the world of website design, the dream of these people to have a website without the need to spend a lot of money and coding knowledge became a reality. WordPress has grown a lot so far and continues to do so day by day. So if you are eager know about what the WordPress is? Why we should use it? How can we get our site up and running without coding? stay tuned for more on this article.

What is WordPress?

Matt Mullenweg officially released WordPress in 2003 with the goal of launching a blogging system. Many bloggers around the world initially acclaimed WordPress. WordPress has had a lot of updates since then. Over time, this CMS Has evolved a lot and has now become the largest content management system in the world.

WordPress is a free, open source, web-based software based on PHP and the MySQL database. If we want to introduce this tool in simple language, we must say that WordPress is a site building system that various websites can use it. such as online stores, personal system reservation systems and … in the shortest time. According to statistics, more 32% of all websites in the world have been launched using WordPress. But what make this system so popular?

Why we should use WordPress?

Now that we understand what WordPress is, we want to examine why we should use WordPress. As Mentioned, the WordPress system is completely free and the installation process is very easy. That is, it is enough to build a site, after downloading WordPress from its official site, we will go through the installation steps. The process of downloading this system will take less than 5 minutes, after which you will have a site. Next, to personalize your WordPress site, just change the appearance of the site and its content to suit your needs.

By default, WordPress meets most of the needs of users. But if users have specific needs and goals for their sites, they can easily use the thousands of plugins are easy to install with one click. These plugins provide users with a lot of features and it can almost can be acclaimed that many plugins have been developed so far more than 90% of the different needs of users.

WordPress for everyone

Therefore, users will not need any special coding and technical knowledge. However, if users do not want to use these plugins and need a special tool to personalize their site. they will need experts to do so. Of course, if they have programming knowledge themselves, they can easily write plugins and build WordPress themes.

As mentioned WordPress is open source. This means that you will not need to spend any money and get a license to develop and use it. Also, one of the important things in suing WordPress is benefiting from strong support and an active community in all around the world. For this reason, many sufficient and specialized resources are in many languages for this content management system. Therefore, access to its educational resource is easily possible and by using them, users can meet their needs in the field.

  • Being free and open source
  • Extensive developer community
  • Continuous updates
  • Easy to work with its management system
  • High flexibility for personalization.
  • WordPress sites are very suitable for SEO and are better SEO friendly terms.
  • Have a rich repository of free and non-free special plugins and templates
  • Benefit from many sources
  • various languages support

The most important benefits of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular system when it comes to content management systems. Of course, in addition to its many fans, has also had critics. Many of these critics believe that it is not the best option for designing any site. To see if this system is right for us, we need to be aware of its features, advantages and disadvantages.

In the following, we want to examine why millions of users trust WordPress to launch their website?

  1. Easy installation
  2. Flexibility
  3. Store site design
  4. Large and active community
  5. Updates and Security
  6. Easy management
  7. Build various Websites

Some of the sites that WordPress can Design:

  • Blogs or personal sites
  • News and information sites
  • Photography sites and portfolio introduction
  • Job Search and automation sites Online Stores
  • Social Sites and forums
  • Educational sites
  • And dozens of other types of sites


Using this system content management system, the process of building any type of site is very simple, fast and cost-effective. Because users no longer need to have coding knowledge, spend a lot of money and struggle with site designers. It is a great choice for beginners and users who do not have the technical knowledge to manage the site. Because this advanced content management system has a very simple user interface that does not create any complexity for them.

More than 80 million websites have been launched by this system CMS. This means that WordPress alone has a large share of the web market. As you can see in this article, It owes its success and popularity to the features and benefits it provides users. The most important advantage of this system is the simplicity in management and speed of implementation of sites. What features of this system caught your eye?

For this reason, any webmaster can easily use this system, without the need for technical knowledge. One of the most important advantages of it is full support for most of the languages. So choosing this system as a content management system is a wise and very good choice for those who want to launch their site in the shortest time. What do you think about it? Have you had experience working with this system?





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