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What kind of content is ranked in Google?

There are many sites where, despite the high volume of content production, the content published in Google does not have a good or favorable ranking or is not at the level of expectations. You should note that among the effective factors in content ranking, the content itself and its framework are very decisive. Following the principles, you can rank well in Google search results.

Items involved in the ranking of Google search results

According to available information from official sources, about 200 factors are involved in determining the ranking of Google results. These 200 factors can be presented in the form of internal SEO and external SEO of the site. Below is a set of general factors:

  • The strength and credibility of the site where the content is published.
  • The quality of the content and its usefulness for the site audience
  • The optimal and systematic structure of the site for easy access to different parts of the site
  • Internal and external links to the desired page
  • And dozens of other things…

The issue we are talking about in this article is all related to the content itself. In fact, we consider that all sites have the same conditions to compete in Google results, and only the content determines the rank.

What is the best content, according to Google?

To answer this question, two important issues should be considered. The first issue is that the content should be prepared for the user, not Google! Also, a series of technical requirements must be met for better access and understanding of Google’s crawlers on the site. The best situation is when the page’s structure meets the requirements, and the desired content is the most attractive and useful for the user. In the following, we will mention why user satisfaction is so important.

Why is customer satisfaction so important?

Any site is valued based on its visitors and audience. The result of audience feedback impacts the work results and increases the value and credibility of the site in the long run. For example, if someone republishes an article or articles from your site because of finding it valuable, this will be a natural link-building for your site, which has a very high value. Also, the user staying on the site lowers the bounce rate and makes the site more reliable for Google.

Getting a good ranking in Google search results

Keep in mind that the purpose of this article is to discuss the ranking of the site’s content pages, and we will not talk about competitive and index keywords whose competitive routines are different. Remember that the competition is formed based on your site’s competitors, and the better your competitors work, the harder your work will be. An ideal content should have the following conditions:

  • It should be comprehensive and complete and contain valuable information.
  • In terms of writing and spelling, there should be no mistakes in it.
  • H1, H2, and H3 tags should be used correctly in the title and titles.
  • The content should be long but not contain extra words and sentences.
  • Use keywords intelligently in the content.
  • Use images and elements for better interaction with the user.
  • The desired page and site should be structurally at an ideal level.

By observing the above and doing proper external SEO of the site, the probability of success is very high unless the site has other problems. If you have any questions, doubts, or comments regarding this article and the results of your site’s content in Google search results, raise them in the comments section so that they will be answered.