main responsibility of SEO work

What is the main responsibility of SEO work?

What is SEO? What does SEO mean? You may have heard such questions. This is a normal issue. Because nowadays, SEO is one of the new and important things in the internet and electronic space. In this file, we want to say what SEO is and its responsibilities. You can read more about SEO work and which SEO work is in our other articles. Stay with us to know the main responsibility of SEO work in this article.

First of all, we answer this question: What is SEO work? It seems that it is right to ask what SEO is and whose work is SEO. SEO is said to be a set of activities during which, using optimization methods, a site reaches the most traffic and the number of visits it wants. In this way, site owners can get more subscribers or, for example, increase their product sales dramatically.

So SEO work is also the one that does these activities. He can maximize the optimization in different search engines according to the techniques in the field of SEO. There are many ways to optimize websites that are changing and updating daily. Here we also discuss SEO work’s main task and responsibility and examine its various dimensions.

What is the main task of SEO work?

SEO work is responsible for increasing website traffic by using important SEO tips. These sentences can be a general and comprehensive statement in response to the main task of SEO work. But to open this statement, we need to go to a series of important points in SEO. With various SEO activities, the SEO work reaches its main responsibility, which is to increase the amount of website traffic. So, we will talk about these points and activities in the following.

Before that, it is not bad to mention the types of SEO. We generally deal with two categories of SEO work. The first category is white hat SEOs, and the next category is black hat SEOs. White hats operate according to the current laws and regulations in the SEO field.

But the black hats bypass the searchers and act illegally. As a first step, you should note that an important task on the shoulders of SEO practitioners is to follow the rules and regulations of SEO to generate visitors and traffic for the site.

What is the job description of SEO?

Earlier, we considered site optimization as the main responsibility of SEO work. But how is this done? Here we have prepared a list to answer this question:

  1. One of the most important SEO activities is choosing, writing, and tracking keywords. The SEO expert needs the main and secondary keywords while writing his text. This issue makes the page on the web be displayed sooner, and subsequently, the website visits will also increase.
  2. Another step is that the content is not duplicated or copied. The SEO specialist proceeds by considering that search engines notice duplicate texts, and this problem interferes with site optimization.
  3. Choosing a good and interesting titles and subtitles is an important matter. SEO works note that after a certain number of words, there is a need for a subtitle. The title and these sub-headings must be creative and relevant. Also, keywords are used in them.
  4. Another important part of writing texts is visual content. Of course, the text loses its effectiveness without visual appeal. Therefore, you need to include photos in your content. The quality and beauty of these photos also help to visit your site. In addition, you should also set a title under each photo to increase optimization.
  5. Another point is about internal linking. When the audience clicks on a word in article A and goes to article B on the same website, the number of visitors to your site will increase. So linking should be done well so the audience can browse your site. Pay attention to where you put the links in the text and what words. This helps in optimization.

Note that some of the links are excessive and harmful. It is very important that SEO recognizes their work and avoids them.

  1. If you are working on a particular site, you should continuously upload competitive content and increase your activity on the website more than competing sites.
  2. In the SEO files, there is a table in which the main title and keywords, as well as the summary of the content, are placed. Pay enough attention to this table and fill it most concisely and optimally as possible.
  3. After performing these activities, you can control the status of your page using the Google search console tool. If there is a problem or mistake, it will appear in the Google search console, and you can fix the errors.
  4. One of the most important parts of SEO is to know the audience. SEO works in this field with psychological measures. It knows the audience and the customer and examines them. For example, local SEO is an attractive and significant phenomenon that SEO professionals pay attention to. This will help the audience like the content and be interested in browsing the site. Based on this, surely the number of site sales will also increase.

Some of the users of the sites may have left the site for a while and then returned again. SEO work at this stage can focus on these users. You can manage the site better than before by finding out why they return and attract more returners.


In this article, we tried to answer the question of what SEO work is, and then we talked about the main responsibility of SEO work. We found out that his main responsibility is optimizing the website for the most traffic. But to achieve this goal, observing and making some points is necessary. In the following, we have listed and explained these points. We hope this explanation was useful for you. We wish you success and victory.