Step-By-Step Training To Recover Forgotten Gmail Password + Image

Step-By-Step Training To Recover Forgotten Gmail Password + Image

Have You Forgotten Your Gmail Password And Need It Urgently? Do Not Worry! In This Article, We Are Going To Introduce You To Different Password Recovery Methods.

The password can be considered as a gate that creates a distance between attackers and our information; For this reason, it is always verified to have a complex password; Because it makes it harder for hackers and profiteers to find it. What should we do if we forget the password for various reasons?

One of the worst things that happen to Internet users, along with system viruses or hard disk failure, is forgetting the Gmail password. Many people use Gmail as their most important communication means, making it doubly important not to forget the password.

However, don’t worry; Google has considered ways to recover forgotten passwords that can help users. In the following, we introduce several methods to recover a forgotten Gmail password, So stay with Zomit until the end of this article.

Gmail password recovery methods

Before trying to learn how to recover a Gmail password, we must say that making changes to the settings of the Gmail account recovery page is a critical issue. After creating a Google account, at the bottom of the personal settings, select the option related to changing the password and recovery settings.

Next, you will enter a new page that has several different sections. In the first part, you can introduce another email as a backup so that if you forget the password, you can use it to recover the account.

The second part is related to the phone number, which is very important. We recommend that when you create a Gmail account, you must enter your phone number for Google authentication and verification so that it can be used when necessary.

Gmail personal information page

You can recover your Gmail password without worrying about forgetting it. We recommend that you use passwords that, in addition to complexity, remind you of an important event so that you can remember it well.

Main page to select email recovery method

The last password is remembered.

The first way to recover a forgotten password is to use the primary option that asks you to enter the last password you remember. Whatever is left in your mind, write in the box and click Next. Google will then send a request to the registered device asking you to verify your identity. Please open it and tap on Yes, it’s me.

Enter the last password you remember

Then you have to wait up to six hours for Google to verify that you are the account owner and send a password reset link to your email. If you don’t remember your old password, use the following method.

Send confirmation to the pre-registered device.

While still on the account recovery page, click on Try another way, and Google will send an authentication request to your smartphone. On your phone, open the notification and tap Yes, it’s me. With this, Google will confirm the validity of your claim, and after six hours, you will be sent a password reset link.

Notification sent to the smartphone by Google to verify identity

In this method, sometimes a number is displayed to the user. He must choose the correct option among the three numbers he sees in the notification sent to his smartphone.

Numerical display in the middle of the screen for display on a smartphone

If you have not previously registered a device that can receive Google notifications, the following method will help you.

Send password recovery code to email.

Let’s say you set another email during registration to use in an an emergency, such as forgetting your password. Using this option, a six-digit code will be sent to you, allowing you to set a new password and regain access to the user account. Just check your alternate email account to see the associated code. Then enter it to get a new password.

A place to write alternative emails

Gmail password recovery via SMS

Another straightforward method of recovering a Gmail account password is to use a phone number. You can quickly recover your Gmail account password by selecting the forgotten password option on the main page of the Gmail website and by asking for authentication and sending a code to the specified phone number.

Increasing the security of your Gmail account

After you set your new password, Google will ask you to review the security settings associated with your account. If you have not already announced an alternate phone number and email for emergencies, do so. You can enter your Google account settings and upgrade your Gmail security settings by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.

Login to user account information

Next, you can review your email and phone number again. Also, viewing the last devices you have logged into your account is possible. With this, the status of logging in and out of the user account is determined, and if you see suspicious things, you can take protective measures.

Basic Google account information

There are other options on the login page that you may want to check out. Two-step authentication allows you to quickly receive a verification code instead of entering a password and typing it manually.

Google account security section

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to recover the Gmail password without a mobile number?

It is possible to recover a Gmail password without a mobile number. As we said in this article, you can use pre-registered email and smartphone methods.

Can we recover a forgotten Gmail password with a phone?

Yes, restoring the email password through the smartphone and the Gmail application is possible.

What should we do after forgetting the Gmail password?

If you forgot your Gmail password, don’t worry at all. Use one of the methods mentioned in this article to access your password easily.


Keeping your Gmail account secure is very important. Always try to set passwords for your Gmail account that you can easily remember. Still, in case of forgetting the password, the world has not ended, and it is possible to recover it with the three simple and practical methods mentioned in this article.