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What is the IoT and what are its uses?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another technological revolution that has progressed dramatically in recent years. The advent of the IoT, like other parts of technology, has been made to facilitate life and business, and it is possible to transform the use of all devices so that everything can be controlled remotely via the Internet.

The Internet of Things not only gives you a smart life, it also generates revenue and increases productivity in business. In this article, join us to introduce you to its applications in addition to the Internet of Things or IoT.

The advent of the IoT

Many factors, such as the spread of the Internet and easy access to it. Reducing connection costs and increasing the number of smartphones, created a lot of potential for new technologies. Eliminate restrictions.

The design of the IoT has evolved over time so that today we can see its entry into various sectors. The most common form of which can be in smart watches and bracelets. However, this can be considered only a small part of the application of this smart platform.

The impact of the IoT on lifestyle

How the Internet of Things can transform our lives is a question that may come to mind in the first place. There is a strange law in technology that says, “Anything that can connect to the Internet will be connected.” But what will happen to this connection? Let’s start with a few simple examples, imagine you have an important meeting and you are on your way, if your car is connected to a smart calendar, it can choose the best route for you on the day of the meeting or even if you are on a traffic route, to someone with He has a meeting to send a message that you will be late for the meeting!

Consider a simpler example: You wake up at 6 a.m. and have time to prepare breakfast. In smart homes, the tea maker works over the Internet and prepares the tea before you wake up. has done! This means saving time and an easier lifestyle than others!

The Internet of Things applications

In a simple definition, the IoT can be  as the connection of different devices to each other via the Internet or to a smart device that can control remotely. You have the opportunity to experience a new lifestyle in all areas, including smart health, smart transportation, smart centers, smart farming, smart homes, and more. In other words, this technology has not only affected your life but also changed your work.

The IoT can ease your mind about everything in your smart home by connecting everything from a washing machine, refrigerator, coffee machine, TV, etc. to a mobile phone or a smartphone.

Life in a smart world is so fascinating that it may seem like a dream at first glance. When you can control everything with a very simple device, it is definitely a dream without worrying that you are far away from that device!

On the other hand, the IoT can enter into all areas of your life and work, and in each of these areas will bring you many benefits. In general, common applications of iot in various fields can be as follows:

1- Save time

In the context of this technology, it is the objects that can intelligently play their role, which means that human interference in the physical control and use of many devices is eliminated, and this can seriously waste your time. Manage, because you do not need to be present to do your work and smart devices in parallel can meet your needs.

2- Energy saving

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the Internet of Things means energy savings. We enlighten your mind with an example. Has it ever occurred to you that when you return home at night, you see how many lights are on or have you forgotten to turn off the air conditioner ?! This is something that sometimes happens to each of us. The Internet of Things has come to our aid in this area so that we can control our home even remotely without worry.

3- Increase safety

The traditional security system has always had more errors, and many people today have learned how to break it. While a technology-based security system can give you 100% confidence.

4- Increasing productivity

If the IoT is in the workplace. It will increase productivity. As human intervention in part of the work will terminate and it will be possible to focus on key tasks.

Disadvantages of IoT

The use of technology, in addition to the many features it provides to the user, also has disadvantages:

1- One of the most important disadvantages is user security. Data in the context of technology is in a vast space. Which makes it more challenging for users and where there is a possibility of privacy violations. Although many security measures can be for protecting information, the existence of hackers you can’t deny. This is not always for personal use, and sometimes companies can make huge profits by stealing users’ information.

2- The second issue, which is one of the disadvantages of using the Internet of Things, is high dependence on technology, in other words, in the event of any defects in the devices connecting to the Internet, their ability to control is out of hands and the devices lose their efficiency.

3- The third disadvantage of IoT is the loss of job opportunities with the automation of devices. In this situation, most people should have enough knowledge and expertise. Simple jobs that are for the lower strata of society will somehow disappear and technology will replace it.


The Internet of Things will sooner or later enter all areas of our lives and work. As a result, despite the disadvantages of this technology. One should also look at its advantages and consider its undeniable role in facilitating life. And consider it an opportunity to have a better lifestyle.