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MySQL and Mongo DB

What is the difference between MySQL and Mongo DB?

One of the most important parts of implementing an application or website is choosing the database. There are many databases that programmers use according to system needs and preferences, and in this article we are going to look at two popular databases. In this article, we take a look at the differences between MySQL and Mongo DB.

What is a database?

First, let’s talk a little bit about the concept of a database. Imagine filling in the phone book based on people’s names, numbers and other information. This phonebook is a database that contains entered information and you can use it based on letters or numbers when needed.

In software systems, a large amount of information needs to stay and so that, if necessary, it is accesible and in a variety of ways. A database has tables that store information in its rows and columns that meet defined standards. The structure of data storage varies in databases.

Relational Databases

There are many types of databases, the most famous of which are relational databases and NoSQL databases. Stores data relational databases in the table and the data is referring to the rows and columns of the table.

The standard SQL (Structured Query Language) language is for controlling and accessing data in relational databases. For this reason, they are also SQL databases. In this database, tables, rows and columns, primary key, external key, index, etc. are for working with the data.

NoSQL Database

NoSQL, which stands for Not Only SQL DataBase, are types of databases that work on a larger scale than SQL databases and deal with different data models such as key-value, graphical data, document-based, and so on. . These databases work with large collections of distributed data.

What is a MySQL Database?

MySQL is one of the most popular Relational SQL Database Management System, which is open source and is for building many web applications. An RDBMS can help you with the following:

  • Implement your relational database with the necessary rows and columns and the corresponding list.
  • Integrate rows of different tables.
  • Access and collect database data via SQL statements.

MySQL is powerful and fast, and is for large projects to work with large data sets. This system is suitable for any operating system and supports many languages ​​such as PHP and Java.

What is Mongo DB Database?

Mongo DB is one of the most popular No SQL databases with a flexible structure and is in projects with high data volumes. This database is an open source and free platform that works with the Document (Oriented) data model and it is on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The data is stored in the relevant documents in BSON format, which is similar to JSON but supports more data. These values ​​are used with two primary keys (Primary Key) and Secondary (Secondary Key). For more information about this database, you can read the article What is mongo db.

What is the difference between MySQL and Mongo DB?

Now that we have an overview of both databases, let’s look at the differences between MySQL and Mongo DB.

mysql has a 20-year history and has been used in many NASA projects, military projects, and companies such as YouTube and Netflix. Mongo DB has been around for about 10 years and has been used in major projects such as Twitter and Sony.

In mysql the data structure is in the form of a table and sql commands are for accessing the data. But in Mongo DB the data is in the form of documents that can have different types of data and these values ​​can be accessed with the key. It is actually a type of data storage (Key-Value).

If no data index is found, mysql will automatically search the entire table to find the corresponding index. In Mongo Debbie, all documents in a collection are searched to find documents related to the requested data.

Community This system is very extensive and accessible. Mongo DB, on the other hand, has fewer Q&A forums because it has less history than MySQL.

If you want to use relational databases, MySQL is a great option. But systems already built on these databases are not easily transferable to the Mongo DB database. On the other hand, Mongo Debbie can be a good option in cases such as content management, mobile applications.

Mongo Debbie has no tabular structure and is kind of Schema Free. For this reason, adding new structures or features does not affect other structures. While in mysql to add a new column, the whole database is scanned and there may be problems.


Each of these databases has its own characteristics and applications. We looked at the differences between MySQL and Mongo DB and found that relational databases seemed appropriate to support older systems and multi-line processing. On the other hand, the flexible structure of Mongo DB will allow you to store all kinds of data that may be needed to implement the project.